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Nokia Android Sale: Nokia 5.1 Plus $239.20, Nokia 8.1 $559.20, Nokia 7.1 $359.20, Nokia 6.1 $319.20 @ JB HIFI


Credit to AusDroid for this deal:

HMD Global have announced that their entire range of smartphone and feature phones are 20% off the retail pricing at JB Hi-Fi tomorrow (Wednesday 28th March) until this Sunday, March 31st.

Nokia have become a firm favourite within the Ausdroid office and with readers, mostly due to the Android One and Android Go as their software. When HMD announced this discount we thought it was too good to miss.

Nokia 7.1 at $359.20 is probably my favourite, but Nokia 5.1 at $239 is great value.

If dual SIM is important, I'd check before purchasing.

Disappointed that Nokia 9 with 5 cameras on rear hasn't been released.

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  • "Finnish authorities to investigate Nokia-branded phones sending data to China"


    • So did they finish investigating…

      • You china be funny?

      • I prefer Fairy over Finish for my dishes.

      • Responding to the report, HMD Global — which manufactures Nokia-branded phones under license from Nokia — admitted that the breach occurred, and said that it was caused by “an error in software packaging process.”

        While that's still a load of bullsh!t to ever happen; at least the acknowledged it without being dragged over the coals first.

        That's much more trustworthy than OnePlus!

    • According to HMD admits the Nokia 7 Plus was sending personal data to China it was a single model and an update has been released. Not brilliant, but AndroidOne is a big selling point.

      According to NRKBeta, HMD has already said, "This error has already been identified and fixed in February 2019" and that "all affected devices have received this fix and nearly all devices have already installed it." Presumably that means any Nokia 7 Plus owners running the "March 2019" Android security patches should have the update.

    • what do u fear the Chinese government will do to you now that they know what u do and do not buy?

      • I would rather the Chinese government knowing what i am doing than the Australian government to be honest, since china really has no bearing on me…

        • googles terms and conditions state they they can track and collect your data from radio tower locations, so even with location services turned off you are tracked …..

          i read the fine print after noticing location specific ads even with location services turned off.

          • @garage sale: there is no escaping big brother google

          • @garage sale:

            i read the fine print after noticing location specific ads even with location services turned off.

            Your configuration must still be allowing connection to google servers.

            Decent VPN time? Me thinks so.

            • @MasterScythe: vpn doesn’t skew tower locations and you need access to play store so no free lunch from google…….you can’t beat google or they’d offer you a job.

              • @garage sale: Why do I need access to Play Store? My APK's work fine without it.
                And no, my service provider can always track me, there's no way to use celular service, and not be able to triangulate my location.

                But if Googles servers are blocked, how are they receiving this data?
                It's surprisingly easy to 'beat google'; don't use any of their services, and block their IP range.

                Can I have that job now?

        • since china really has no bearing on me

          Not yet.

  • u can also get the nokia 8 for $360. is the 7.1 better?

  • Thanks OP. I need a few burn phones for my clandestine operations

  • Price match at OW to get it even lower (except the nokia 7.1 as i don't think they have it).

  • which of these has band 28? nokia website tech specs doesnt list the frequencies.

  • 6.1 & 7.1 only 3GB/32GB version available, very disappointing :(

  • Why did they stop selling the 7 plus?

    • It's been shifted up a number. 8.1 is the 7 plus. 9 is now the flagship.


    • The 7 Plus is superior in most respects to the 7.1

      You can still find the 7 plus here and there for sale. I picked one up recently myself for a decent price and I think the 7 Plus is a great value phone.

      • i own the 7 plus , android one one is great, band 28, nfc, wry happy with it, bought last year from jb and was $500 at the time.

        • I just purchased the 7 plus from Harvey on their 5 day sale on the wknd for $429. Now it's back to $599….prices fluctuate lile the stock market….

          Seems like a great phone for the price, doesn't feel cheap at all either, coming from a 950xl

  • So Nokia owns Nokia right? Seems like original company from Finland bought it back.

    • Nokia licensed it to HMD is which run by many former Nokia execs and management.

      • lots of brands are owned by chinese companies now …..nokia, motorola, to name just a couple.
        keeps foxconn busy.

        googles move to android one was intended to allow manufacturers to focus on hardware and less on software, and overcome some of the criticism of lack of timely updates and security patches.

        • I've made this mistake previously but to be clear HMD (Nokia manufacturer) is a Finish company not a Chinese one. Though like almost all tech these days I'm sure phone is actually built in China (or Taiwan).

          • @ndenham: HMD was literally created for the purpose of simply being western lipstick for the Nokia brand. The phones are designed and manufactured by FIH Mobile (who in turn is owned by Foxconn, who own the Nokia IP). The Finnish company HMD are simply in charge of the marketing and providing renders of proposed model designs… Make no mistake - these are Chinese phones in a similar fashion to Asus, Oppo, etc.

            • @Tyrx: Incorrect Foxconn are NOT chinese in fact they are Taiwanese.

              • @DEvok: Foxconn was founded in Taiwan, but it cannot be considered a Taiwanese company anymore. They moved their headquarters to China, their CEO is Chinese, and their board is chock-full of Chinese Communist Party officials. The only Taiwanese aspect of the company left is that it's still registered there.

            • @Tyrx: You need to do a bit more research regarding the partnership between Nokia, HMD and FIH Mobile, the full extent of their respective roles and who owns what.

              You are partly right but there are also some inaccuracies in what you said.

  • From what I have read, the Nokia 8 is better then Nokia 8.1

  • Mayb if nokia plays their game right this time they should top Apple, then Apple will be where they are and be bought by Microsoft.

    • apple innovate and have their own os, i have a nokia and am happy with it because it’s android one and great value but only real competitor for apple sales are samsung in apple price bracket.

  • Nokia 6.1 at Catch from TechWarehouse (DWI) for $229. It's a grey import and different model number. I got mine a couple of days ago and can confirm it has B28, NFC and Dual SIM.

    • Great deal there for a solid phone at old Xiaomi prices ( today's prices are usually more these days ). This is the cheapest I have seen the 6.1 new.

      The T1043 is the international 3GB/32GB dual sim model so yes, has all our most used Australian bands and NFC, just don't get

      Australian plug and Australian 2yr. warranty.

  • surprised nobody has asked nokia 7.1 or poco phone ….
    with pocophone fans replying “don’t need nfc, or band 28 or 2 year australian warranty or australian charger”

  • Which have NFC

    • Nokia has NFC so can use with Google pay or as Myki replacement for public transport in Melbourne …poco no NFC …..

  • I bought a 6.1 (2018) a few months ago, and it's fine. Not as good value as buying from China, but local warranty, pickup, etc..

  • Damn, just bought the 7.1
    I can vouch that it is a really great phone for the price. Expandable storage, AndroidOne, good camera and headphone jack were main selling points for me

    • What is the difference between Android One and Oreo? Pie?

      Sorry, not an Android release expert.

      • Android One is a program where it runs basically stock android and is guaranteed to get at least 2 Android version updates (ie. Oreo -> Pie, Pie -> Q).

  • I want to buy one with NFC,only 8.1 has it?

  • Have just purchased the Nokia 7 Plus, think it is a great high end mid range phone, Andriod One seems good. There were a number of updates when setting up.
    But the so called sending information, they worst they are going to see from me are my Pornhub preferences :-)

    The screen clarity is excellent and the camera works well, overall pretty responsive for the few games I have loaded on.

    Only downside, no FM radio built in.

  • These guys once ruled the world. Their phones were the most expensive. Now they make lower and mid tier phones. And were forced to go Android like everyone else. They resisted that move for years.

    • Who are you, the narrator?

      • [Trailer narrated in a deep husky male voice] "In a world where dumb phones once ruled, Nokia was king. Until one day, 2 new threats will rise, Android and iOS, and they will change the world. Now Nokia must embark on a journey, as they struggle to adapt and remain relevant. From the creators of 'The Social Network', coming soon to theatres near you. If you only see one Finnish corporate downfall documentary this autumn, make it this one."

    • Nokia 9 coming out soon, although a pity its going to release with last year's 845 SoC. Although I've read that Nokia may release an updated version of the phone later this year with the 855 SoC (probably a 5G phone).

    • They lost market share to Blackberry (another corporate downfall) waay before the rise of ios and android.

      I also remember worker disillusionment when Nokia in it's infinite wisdom decided to back Microsoft and Windows phone.

      • Their CEO jumped over from Microsoft. Then he orchestrated the sale to Microsoft, then jumped back to Microsoft.

        Then was let go.

        I don't know if any of that was coincidence or not. It was a questionable move at best.

        • In 20/20 hindsight, Nokia should have joined Google's Open Handset Alliance in November 2007, switched their smartphone handsets to Android when it was first released in September 2008 (making high end and mid range android phones - would have made a killing with their quality and brand and excellent cameras), and let their dumbphone business gradually run down until it was no longer profitable, possibly switching the dumbphone business ~ 2014 to low-end Android phones with minimal features and long battery life and low price points and good reliability (all the things that made their dumbphones so attractive).

          Instead they wasted effort on the Sybian and then Symbian^3 mobile operating systems (both predate Elop), wasted effort on the MeeGo mobile operating system (which also predates Elop), and then in Feb 2011 with Elop as the new CEO they hitched their wagon the the Windows Phone / Windows Mobile operating systems (which Microsoft subsequently abandoned in 2017) which was also a wasted effort.

          It speaks to their dominance & incumbent market position that they were able to waste time and effort on 4 different mobile operating systems; most companies never get that many chances to get it wrong. They were finally bought by HMD, who shipped the first Nokia Android device in Jan 2017.

          But in the 9 years from Nov 2007 to Jan 2017 Nokia were on the wrong side of history and were producing handsets on the wrong platform. It's easy to say this in hindsight, but at the time it would have been far less obvious what to do during the transitory Nov 2007 to early 2010 period. Switching to Windows Phone was clearly silly even in early 2011 though - it has less than 2% market share at the time, and the most it ever got in was around 3.2%. By May 2010 Android had a 33% market share in the US (which has only increased since), and Apple don't license iOS to other manufacturers, so from around May 2010 onwards it was clear by default that switching to Android was the right approach for Nokia. So most of the blame must fall on Elop for not doing this, but also on the Nokia board for hiring an ex-Microsoft manager, rather than an ex-Google manager (massively increasing the chances of backing the wrong mobile operating system), and for letting the MeeGo effort continue.

          • @nickj:

            wasted effort on the MeeGo mobile operating system

            Maemo pre-dated MeeGo and feature-wise was competitive with iOS / Android at the time. The change from Debian based Maemo to Fedora and also a change from GTK+ to Qt meant too much time wasted spinning wheels. When Elop arrived he promptly killed the linux based OS, ending the chance for a third OS. Sailfish OS is the successor, but I doubt we'll see it on Nokia phones.

          • @nickj: Ah I remember Meego. At the time, I thought, what the hell were they thinking? Another OS no one uses. Was it just to be different?

            If they had just done what everyone else did at the time (with no access to iOS or Blackberry, Android was the only OS worth considering), they would have maintained their dominance and I think stayed ahead of Samsung even today, who at the time were a small player. All the Chinese didn't get in on the action until relatively late also.

            In the end, they threw their dominant market position away and now are barely even talked about.

  • I'm more than fine with my 3310, but I have been waiting on one of those banana phones to be sub 50 for well over a year now and it's just not happening. Cheapest was around 80 once. (profanity) ridiculous.

    • I'd pay $80 for it if they made one that pops out Matrix style.

      • 10/10 also would.

        tbh I want a Nokia slider though. I want one of the old slider phones, where it's the same layout as a standard mobile, but the keyboard is hidden away, slid under the screen. Makes the thing nice and compact, gives me even more nostalgic value personally (I had a bunch of button phones, but the one I held onto longest was a Samsung SGH e250 slider, loved the thing), and I just like the slide up to answer style. I don't know if the Matrix one actually has slide to answer and if it doesn't then what's the point. It's effectively a slightly taller 3310, flattened about a bit, with a plastic key cover for protection. Not worth OVER 100 STILL when I got my 3310 almost 2 years ago now for 30 odd bucks WITH 30 credit as well.

  • Do any of these phones have Qi wireless charging? 7.1 looks good to me but as far as I can see, it doesn't have Qi.

  • I just bought Nokia 5.1 from ALDI .. :(

  • Interesting how many smartphone models Nokia is actively developing. There is series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. There are also several Plus model variations.

  • Hopefully you kept the box and receipt.

    Bought one myself, but while 5.1 plus is faster and more ram, it has a lower res screen and glass both sides.

    Otherwise probably jump up to 7.1, then the proce difference gets pretty big.

    There isn't much of a discount on 6.1.

  • I would stay away from the Nokia 6.1.

    The screen on my first Nokia 6.1 became unresponsive after 4 months which means JB Hifi sends it to a third party repair shop Solvup.

    After waiting 3 weeks without a loaner phone, I get the phone back and it has damage on it from the repair shop so JB gives me a new Nokia 6.1.

    After 3 weeks with new Nokia 6.1, the top of the screen becomes unresponsive so I exchange it for a Huawei Nova 3e. After using the Nova for a day, I realized what a crap phone the 6.1 was, especially the fingerprint sensor.

    • Dealing with Solvup is a nightmare and is one reason I don't consider the warranty from JB Hi Fi a huge plus anymore. My LG G4 replaced a second time by JB Hi Fi (WIFI, bluetooth failed on both, not the famous boot loop). After a month of waiting, Solvup was waiting on parts but kept telling me the repair was progressing. The only reason I found out they were "mistaken" was that the last time I called they thought I was JB Hi Fi staff following up. When I confronted JB staff with the issue, they replaced my phone but not without stuffing up my contract (without my consent) - the manager insisted it was the only way to get a new phone supplied. In the end I got the new phone (though I had to chase it up at another store to avoid further waiting) and they put me on a better contract since they couldn't reverse the contract change at Telstra. All in all I must have spent 10+ hours dealing with this issue and driving back and forth to stores.

      That's the last phone purchase from JB I have made. I'd buy again potentially. I like their 90 day no lemon replacement (if they're still doing that) which my first phone (with the same issue) was replaced under. Phone number 3 came from outright stock and the only issue I had with that was buttons going funky, which I fixed myself with a scaple. I only upgraded my LG G4 this week and received my phone literally last night.

      I posted about my JB Hi Fi nightmare on the forums when it happened so if you're curious let me know and I'll dig up the threads.

      I have no idea why some fool down voted this. It is valuable information. JB Hi Fi warranty repairs can be the absolute pits.

  • I want them to make a revision upgraded version or a 8210 or 6230, imagine it had all capabilities of an iPhone/galaxy touch screen. I can’t wait to see nokia true innovation for tablets, bring back old phones and true nostalgic audiences will sure to make purchase like in the old days and the rise of Nokia will be on the top 3 selling phenomenal piece.

  • bought a N3.1 some time ago and can confirm that it has just over 3 brain cells. Seriously the weakest phone ever. Bought a Windoze version about 5 years earlier for $46 (Nokia by Mickeysoft and it was so much better. Most r made by wei wei so everybody in China knows how many undies you have…

  • How does the LG v30+ at $430-$480 stack up at a mid-price between the 7.1 and 8.1?

    • No android one. (May less updates).
      Front camera only 5mp.
      Otherwise v30 much better value imo.

      • Hmmm No Android One is a bit of a deal especially with LG's update record.


  • I love my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X except that it lacks NFC. Which one of these Nokias would be the closest match?