expired Virgin Post-Paid HTC Incredible S 50% Off For The First 5 Months!


Absolutely amazing bargain IMO. I had a go of this phone the other day and I loved it; high quality screen, great 8MP camera with Dual Flash and Android 2.3
Definitely best phone on the market at its price point… and with 50% off for 5 months you cant go wrong!

Phone starts at $0 handset repayment on $39 Easy Cap/$49 Smart Cap.
Check out the link to see what plan is best for you.
Don't forget to put in the coupon code of dub to get the 50% off for 5 months.

HTC Incredible S specs are available here

Here's the fine print for anyone interested:

5 Months' 50% off: ^Offer only available online. Offer valid until 26 May 2011, unless extended. Credit only available online on selected phones when connected to any Smart Cap, Easy Cap or Topless 24 month plan. You will receive 50% off your monthly access fee for the first 5 months applied as credits to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th bills respectively. Not transferrable or redeemable for cash. Cancelled services forfeit offer. Offer applies to access fee only. Any charges for additional or excluded services will still apply. New customers only, not available on iPhone, Big Cap, or BYO plans.

Other phones available on this 50% off for 5 moths offer but the HTC Incredible S is the cream of the crop!

Check here if your looking at another phone on this offer…

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    Normally you get 3 months free on 39/month caps for android phones.
    Optus tried to pull a 2 months free on a 29/mo recently. Possibly fair for a cheaper plan.

    Personally I'd say this is half a month cheaper for virgin. Unfortunately for them, I can do math.

    I'm with virgin and points to note:

    1) My internet consistently doesnt work. I'm in Perth metro. The last couple weeks its finally been working each time I needed it, so hopefully that crapola has stopped. Phone calls always worked.

    2) Being internet only, you'll get a new phone number. I did manage to get 3 months free and keep my old number by buying over the phone and mentioning the deal, the catch was I had to call back each month to get the bill zeroed.
    Dealing with their phone service technicians for that was a mixed bag. Some great, some bad. If they tell you that you need to wait two weeks for their accounts department to approve it, thats rubbish, if they dont do it there and then its going to cause trouble.
    Doing that 5 months in row is a pain not worth suffering.

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      1) Have you tried using the Optus YesInternet APN?
      Many people have reported that that is far more reliable than the Virgin APN.
      I should also note that I've never had any issues with Virgin/Optus data in Adelaide.. (but I don't work in the CBD which may help)

      2) For my Galaxy S, I managed to merge my existing account with my new account (therefore keeping my number)
      as a bonus, the Off-contract status of my old number was retained in parts of the system (I've tried to cancel my account but obviously somewhere in the system it indicates I'm still on contract..).
      As a result, I have been able to drop from the $39 EasyCap to the $29 SmartCap (more Data, less Talk value, but free SMS to anyone). I lost the 3 months free by doing that, but over the course of 24 months it's cheaper, plus I use far more Data than Calls so it works better for me as well!

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      why would anyone want to come up with plans that will self sabotage their own call center with excessive calls? from my experience with their mobile broadband service, i would not use them even if you paid me to.

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      I had the same issues with virgin mobile broadband. Had to call them to get my half price deal. When they refused, I had ti sick the tio on their ass, and got out of the contact. Thankfully, because the connection was terrible.

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    So overall payments are:
    $39 EasyCap = $838.50 = $34.94/month on average
    $49 SmartCap = $1053.50 = $43.90/month on average

    HTC Incredible is not rooted as yet (or at least wasn't last time I checked about a week ago), so buyer beware if you plan to hack, it's not yet possible and may be a pain to do even when/if it is possible like the HTC Legend was!


      just remember you don't have to do it on only the $39 easy or the $49 smart… these are just the points at which there are no extra repayments for the handset. see the main link… you can do the phone on a $19 easy cap but there's a $10 handset repayment. and don't forget you can go higher too… you could do the phone on the $89 Timeless cap and get the 50% off for the first 5 months too!


        No matter what 24 month plan you choose, the saving is constantly sitting on (5x50%)/24 = 10.4%. It can be worse on plans with the repayment, as I reckon the 50% free doesn't apply to repayment right?

        And I don't see why one would like to take 5 months half price than 3 months free ??


          the 50% free doesn't apply to repayment right?
          Correct. It applies only to the "Access fee", not the repayment fee.
          Agreed, 3 months free is better = 6 months half price.


    how does this compare to galaxy s? I heard galaxy s has faster CPU (Hummingbird)and GPU (some power GX chip - faster than iphone 4's)…

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    First, definitely a good deal and bargain.

    However, I must strees that current CPU is at it's last leg… From this point onwards, you will see more and more dual core CPU phones, such as the SS Galaxy S II. Just remember this is the main reason for the decrease in price ;)

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