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Florsheim Shoes 40% off Sale + Extra 10% off [Free Shipping on Orders > $100]


After 7 years my trustworthy Florsheim shoes decided to die. Went to the shops to get them repaired and was looking at $80! Decided to look online and they are having a 40% off sale, however after a quick search there is shoes @ 40-60% Off. Also an extra 10% off with code JUST4YOU. Plenty of sizes / styles / colours for all! Don't forget to add shoe polish / laces / socks for to bring your order up to $100 to qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Some absolute bargains here for high quality, long lasting fashionable shoes!

Some examples:

RYAN: $49.80 down from $149.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121371-001.html
DEAKIN: $49.80 down from $139.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121321-001.html
CADDICH: $79.80 down from $199.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121383-233.html
NEWTON: $79.80 down from $249.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121397-207.html
STRAUSS: $99.00 down from $249.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/131145-001.html
VERDI: $80.00 down from $249.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121416-001.html
COLE: $99.80 down from $249.95: https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/121396-207.html


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  • Wow 7 years. You must walk around in bubble wrap.

    Quality on these are atrocious

    • Have to agree with you. They are lucky to last a year alternating two pairs. Good if you travel on carpet only.

      These are good prices though.. Not sure I could pull off these in the office :


      • you fellas must be packing a bit of weight. I've been wearing a pair for two years and it's still in great condition.

      • Customer: Give me that Christmas clove ham look.

        Florsheim: Say no more Fam.

      • Which shoes last more than a year worn regularly. Not many. Clarks are one. Pair I wear 4-5 times a week for lasted 3 years and still sole hasn’t had a hole develop. It come down to how durable the sole is. When u buy shoes I always look at this. Leather or thin soles won’t last 6 months

        • I've worn ASOS shoes well over a year almost daily (Mon-Fri). I alternate between two and they are still in great condition. I put IKEA shoe trees in them and give them a bit of kiwi colour shine every couple of months and they're renewed again. I walk on carpet in the office but walk a lot outside as well.

      • All cheap shoes have junk soles designed to wear out. I wear mine 20 min a day walking on concrete footpaths and take them off in the office, I only get about 6 months from them. I get them replaced by the manufacturer when the sole wears through within 12 months.

        It's your legal right and the manufacturer does this on purpose. Make them pay.

        Interestingly I had one manufacturer say Perth is worse as our footpaths are rougher (slip resistance). No idea if true.

    • +4 votes

      Yeah wow 7 years! Last pair of florsheims lasted me about a year and a half.

    • +2 votes

      Agreed, and the chances of getting these resoled are nill. Cheap crap glued rubbish. I'm looking at loakes which are cheaper than allen edmonds but can be resoled without any issue. They are of course more than a $200 par of florshiems

    • My last pair lasted 18 month. Switched to RMs after that.

    • Not at all. Just didn't wear them Mon-Fri 8-5pm.

      If you want a shoe that lasts daily for 7 years, go buy an RM.

    • I thought it was "just me".


    • I logged in just to upvote this comment. Agreed!

  • +4.9% off with cashrewards. Shame I spotted a model but not in my size :-(

  • i do the lady thing now ….cheap shoes to get to work, put on good shoes at work ….put cheap shoes back on to get home.
    cheap being $120, good shoes typically $200.

    • I just slowly dropped my dress standards over time - I've left now, but started in suits, slowly got down to polo, jeans and asic sneakers. Strongly recommend!

  • How often they have 40% or more off in a year?
    Are they that good compared to let's say Rockport or hush puppies?

    • The "quality" of leather shoe is generally determined by the type of sole it has, and the grain of the leather.

      Florsheim shoes are often regarded as a lower quality shoes because they have a cemented sole, meaning that the sole of the shoe is basically glued onto the top part where your feet go in. The result is that the sole cannot be repaired or replaced, the shoe goes when the sole goes. Hush Puppies and Rockports (and most shoes you'll find in David Jones/Myer) are generally all cemented and therefore also considered as lower quality shoes.

      That said, the cemented shoes, although having a drastically shorter lifespan (due to inability to repairs the shoes) can be more comfortable to wear during their life as the sole can be more flexible.

      So which is better? Just depends on your budget, priorities and needs. Try them out, if you like them and are happy to replace them every two years or so, then it's a good purchase.

      • Thanks, you seem to know a lot about shoes! What brands would you recommend trying? I don't want to break the bank, but I want a decent set of shoes that will last.

        • check out r/goodyearwelt for a comprehensive list and varying price points.

          If you're in Perth i can recommend specific shops.

        • I think the key really is to look into the construction type of each shoe, and determine what is in your price range. Otherwise ignore the brand names - a $50 cemented shoe will generally be as durable as a $1000 cemented shoe.

      • You can resole Hush Puppies, Rockports etc. shoes provided you take them somewhere where they are competent.
        I have had these type of shoes resoled and I used to consult with a business that resoled them with no problems at all.
        The only time it is impossible if the sole actually comes of at the point where you describe but then this would be the same if stitched soles come loose.
        However, if a sole is just worn down and needs to resoled and/or reheeled and rebalanced that is very well possible with Hush Puppies and Rockports.
        I even had a new sole put on a boot where there was a full length horizontal crack on the sole - it all depends on who does it and how well they know their job.

        Hint: If you have your shoes resoled, make sure it is glued, not stapled (which is faster and cheaper but in the long run can ruin floorings you walk on).

        • Here is a handy website to help you out:


          You may wish to consider the following within that article, which appears to contradict your statement that every shoe would have the same issue as cemented construction shoes regarding resoling:


          The Cons – It is a cheap, quick way of attaching the sole, affecting the durability of the connection between the upper and the sole. It is also a method that completely prevents any resoling. Once the upper begins to separate from the sole or the sole itself is damaged, the shoes need to be replaced, rather than repaired.

          Blake Welting

          The Pros – Because it is a simpler construction than a goodyear welt, it is also less expensive. It is a process that allows for resoling once the outsole is worn or damaged.

          Goodyear Welting

          The Pros – The two-level stitching makes it incredibly easy to resole a goodyear welted shoe.

          • @AlanHB: Mate, that is totally irrelevant.

            If by resoling you means taking the whole sole off the shoe, then the article will be relevant

            There are other ways of resoling though - an article is irrelevant to me when in practice (read: real life) I had cemented shoes resoled just fine and after checking with the former client, he confirmed he is resoling cemented shoes every week, namely resoling by adding a new layer to the sole after rebalancing the heel if necessary.
            That can be done several times as long as there is no hole or the shoe is so worn there is absolutely no sole left.
            However, this might never happen if you are careful and in my experience before it does, the shoes become unwearable for other reasons.

            The point of my comment was to make clear that Florsheim, Hush Puppies etc. can be resoled in the way I described and really there is no need to spend extra money if one is happy with those brands.

            • @Lysander: Oh there was a response.

              Yes, if by resoling you don't actually mean replacing the sole, but keeping the original sole and replacing the bottom part of it, yes, you can easily "resole" a cemented shoe.

        • How much can one expect for the cemented sole replacement? Can you recommend someone in Melbourne?

    • Hush puppies are rubbish. My last pair the leather peeled. Probbaly wasn’t even real leather. Never again

    • I wear rockports most days because I walk 20 minutes to the train. Since they're owned my Adidas they're basically runners with leather uppers.

      I bought some Florsheim shoes about 3 years ago in a sale like this, thinking I was getting a bargain. Totally not worth it. Quality was terrible, but also had flat soles so no grip without getting it added, took a lot of wearing in to be comfortable but then fell apart. Hush puppies and rockports are at least comfortable and wearable from day one.

      • Rockports are not owned by Adidas - they are owned by the Crescent Capital Group.
        Adidas sold the brand a while ago.

        • Huh, did not know about their last few years of turmoil, seems Crescent don't own them either anymore, as of mid last year some group called Charlesbank Capital Partners does.

          They still make comfy as hell shoes those, so I'm going to stick with them until that stops.

  • Holy crap, most of them are hideous. People actually pay over $200 for some of these?

  • Is this online only or in store as well?

  • +12 votes

    Thanks OP. Bought some of these to wear while driving my taxi. https://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/111044-240.html

  • Worth noting for returns;
    CLEARANCE ITEMS: For Change-of-Mind returns on clearance items, we only offer Exchanges of Store Credit (unless faulty).
    NOTE: Clearance items will end in $0.80.

    • What if the size is misrepresented and can’t supply a new size. Full refund should be provided.

        • They sort of are they are docting “sale” price 20c less to enforce $10 charge for shipping.

          No they aren't, you are assuming that the sale price was $100 and that they took off 20c so you don't get free shipping.

          Look at their sale prices and they all end in

          The shoes were never going to sell for $100. They were going to sell for
          $99.00 or $99.80. Because they are a clearance price they end in 80.

          Or maybe they were going to sell for $109.00 or $109.80 (and then you would get free shipping but also be paying for the shipping in the price) so the price is the same if you only want 1 pair of shoes.

          Most shops would honor free shipping.

          No store will give you free shopping when you are 20c away from getting free shipping.

          so u can add an item for free and pay less.

          That's how it works on every website that gives you free shipping when you spend a minimum amount.

  • Anyone in Canberra want to share an order to avoid shipping?

  • Try using code "HURRY" instead for 15% off

  • These guys used to produce some of the best dress shoes back in the day. They've really gone downhill in the past 20 years or so.

    • That downward trajectory seems to be an unwritten law in the fashion industry (eg, MJ Bale, RMW). Not sure why.

  • Sadly Florsheim went the crap quality route. Back in the 80s they were good quality….

  • I have 2 pairs of ballads (black and brown), I'd say they lasted about 2 years of wear for everyday attire in corporate environment.

    I also found the sole wears any grip away quickly so need to be careful on metal or smooth concrete after the rain

  • Only if there was size 5 :(

  • Thanks OP! Missed out on the RM turnout suede deal so got these instead for $126.65. Quality won’t be as good but the reviews are promising for the non leather variant in terms of comfort and half the price.

  • I had Florsheim’s… they lasted one year.
    I’m now onto a pair of Italian made Aquila’s which just hit their fifth year of Monday-Friday wear. They’ve had one resole and a repair done during that time that only cost about $100.
    Quality definitely pays itself off. The Aquila’s were $400.

  • Myer has a sale on mens shoes at the moment finishing today. Got a pair of wild rhinos for $119 when most were $200 RRP.

    I can't imagine having to wear these types of shoes to work everyday. Im going to cry wearing these to a wedding.

  • Thanks OP. Got a shoe and 2 x shoe polish for $101 delivered

  • Thanks OP, picked up 2 pairs

  • Picked up a pair of the Luigi and the Bernstein (bears), no complaints about my last pair.

    I've a pair of Ovations I bought back in 2012, shoe itself I still wear every now and again but the soles are getting a bit thin. A good sign.

    Speaking of crap shoes, I often buy hush puppies as they have the extra wide sizes and generally lasted well enough. Last pair though had the color peel off the leather in under 3 months. I managed to tease out of their team that they whilst technically they are leather, its crappy split leather sprayed with a PU coating. This came off in a matter of months. As they arn't labeling their shoes as having the dodgy PU coating I'm not going to take the gamble on future pairs of hush puppies.

  • Try code “HURRY”
    I was able to get an additional 15% off with this.

  • Anyone got any suggestion dealing with parcels sent from Toll Priority?

    Apparently Florsheim use them!

    • Hi, do you know if this was overnight toll priority delivery? how long did the shipping did it take to reach? The website say 5-7 days but i think if it is toll priority it probably is a bit faster?