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Samsung Galaxy S10e $200 off 24/36 Month Contract @ Woolworths Mobile



Came across this deal when looking for an upgrade on my aging S8+…

May interest some of you out there….

I've been using Woolworths Mobile and not had any issues myself…

Up to 36 months contract

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    In 36 months we'll all be on hoverboards and communicating with telekinesis…

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    Still seems expensive

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      $71.60 per month on the 24 month plan, includes;

      • 10GB data per month
      • 15GB once off welcome data
      • 20GB bonus data every 3 months
      • Data rollover up to 100GB
      • Unlimited talk and text (national)
      • $50 cash back with Cash Rewards

      Doesn’t seem expensive to me, seems like decent value if you’re after the S10e.

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        it works out to be 1718.4 over the 24months the 10e is 999 outright https://www.samsung.com/au/smartphones/galaxy-s10/buy/

        so essentially you are paying just under $30 a month for decent amounts of data

        Im not sure if Woolworths mobile coverage is any good but it cant be worse then Amaysim so it looks like a pretty good deal if you need a new phone…

        However it wouldnt surprise me if in the next 2-3 months you will be able to pick up a 10e from 3rd party sells for under 800-900 out right


          I just bought the $31.50 optus deal with 30gb for my mum. Given you can claim TRS on the phone if you buy it outright, it ends up cheaper just following basic OZB right? If you only need 15gb a month, then yes this could be good I guess

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        If you value the S10e at $987 then you're paying $30.48/m for above on Telstra MVNO.

        Boost (claims full Telstra network) 12 month pre paid works out to $25/m.
        Unlimited national
        Unlimited to 30 international destinations
        3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations

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        im S10+ with 200gb/m data with Bonus 4G Tablet for $83.75/m


            @Krish89: Optus over the phone dude


              @ADGRM: Is this because you had another plan with them so you get an extra $10 off /mth and any coupons (such as student discount)? Lease or own?

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                @Popo: Chat sent me to the store with a special offer, store sent me to chat because they had not heard of such deal, chat denied it all and sent me to operators, operators sent me to retention, retention read the transcript and agreed that said deal was offered but doesn't exist do she offered me 25% off any plan I wanted. It was a nightmare but in the end the deed was done. Wasted about 1.5hrs of my life

                To answer your other question, Na I had that $10/m discount applied to my partners P30 preorder… Chat said they'd offer me the same for my plan so left notes but nobody wanted to honour it. In the end the $10/m discount turned into ~$26/m discount

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    They had the free galaxy buds for the S10/S10+ on launch which was much sweeter.

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    Ozbargainers, do not by Woolworths mobile, their customer service is horrible, i had a very bad experience with their customer service, had issues with phone, and network at my place and after numerous complains, they didnt do anything about it. You can never have your issue escalated, they treat you like 2nd class. After my experience with woolworths mobile, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

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      Just wondering which area did you experience the poor network mainly?


        I lived in Mooroolbark and I always had trouble on the train, now I am in the North in Mernda and its shocking.


      Not sure which one has a good customer service. Telstra is the worst I have come across. 3 times I have asked them to disable my voicemail, and each time they enabled "international day pass" instead while leaving voicemail enabled. They promise a callback which does not happen. They charge for data roaming (minute amount, $0.11 in a week) when your phone does not even have data enabled overseas, and their solution is "if you don't want this to happen, we can disable roaming completely to prevent it".

      Seriously, out of the scores of phone and internet providers I have been with, maybe 1 or 2 were worth communicating with.


        Agree, but i feel the quality of the people working at WW Mobile is very poor and they dont escalate, so you will never speak to a senior CS rep. The person who contacted me post ombudsmen complain, called me once and never again, all items discussed over the phone were up in thin air.


    15 GB welcome bonus only for new customers…not when u upgrade

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    aging S8+…

    Starting to get wrinkles?

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