Any Good TV Shows?

Wondering if anyone could recommend any excellent TV shows. For reference, I just finished watching Better Call Saul, and very much enjoyed the style of storytelling. Also really liked Silicon Valley.

i'm currently watching parks and rec, and finding the humour a bit forced.


    • my tv is not connected to local channels

    • I haven't had a tv connected to free to air since 2007, I've still seen most of these shows.

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    Love Death & Robots - A collection of stories set in the future. Great animation work.

    • agree animation is great

      though…some stories are just so random
      Mixed bags of odd sorts

      ps NSF material

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    Black Sails
    True Detective
    American gods
    Mr Robot
    Ray Donovan
    The Wire (The Bestest)

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      Ray Donovan - forgot about that one! Great show.

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      Atlanta is excellent

      • good enough to set my beef with childish gambino aside? i hate what he's done to rap just as much as i hate with lil pump has done to it

        • Lol. Gambino isn't the problem with rap. He's just exploiting like every other Lil out there. Gotta respect that he's a writer, comedian, rapper etc He's hanging up his boots anyway so your beef can be put to rest. And to answer your question, Atlanta is very well written and delivers each episode. No news on when he's writing season 3 as he's too damm busy.

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      Fargo is great. Might check out these other shows

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        Black sails is awesome if you like pirates

      • Fargo season 1 is great. Season 2, meh.

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      +1 for Black Sails. It didn't ever get promoted very well - I discovered it after reading some article on "X best TV shows you've never heard of". Bloody good.

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    So many good ones already thrown up, a few more (mostly Netflix cause I'm a simple man):

    Master of none
    True detective (S1 is excellent)
    Dirty john
    13 reasons why
    Russian doll
    The OA (warning: pretty out there, got to look past the weird movements they do, really changes up is season 2)

    Crude but funny cartoons:
    Paradise PD
    F is for Family
    Rick and Morty
    Final space (bit slow to start)
    Big mouth (bit more hit and miss than the above)

    • Currently watching The OA - first couple of episodes are a bit yawn but I have been told to push past as it gets better!

      • It is a slow build and some real weirdness but worth it, keep it going and you will be going WTF in no time :)

        • I'm currently watching the second season and I can't shake the feeling that they're flying by the seat of their pants. They're trying hard to tie it all together, but they just feel like they're making up more shit whenever they hit a snag. I'm not really sure that there's a real end game to it. The fact that it's created and written by the main character probably doesn't give me hope.

          • @macrocephalic: Man, wait till you get to the last episode then. My eyebrows are only just starting to return below my hairline…

    • Final space was good but Paradise PD?
      Got through 1 episode and friend who is a big Family Guy fan, didn't even make it through 1 episode.

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    Billions. Highly recommended - much better than Suits with a strong cast. It's about rich, dodgy and powerful hedge fund managers vs. also borderline corrupt and politically motivated federal lawyers.

    Season 4 just started so you'll catch up easily.

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      A+. I loved Suits, but Billions has a fantastic cast and fantastic acting.

    • ps - sorry for the neg :( no idea how I did and I can't remove it now!

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    The Duece
    The Wire
    Its always sunny in Philadelphia
    The Norm Show
    Hello ­Ladies
    Silicon Valley
    Eastbound and Down
    Mr Robot

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      Eastbound and down - binge worthy and really goes off with a bang first episode, no warming up to it's style like some shows.

      • +1

        The worst thing about the show is that it finished :(

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      Man I gotta finish East Bound & Down! Is it streaming anywhere, or shall I fish out me eyepatch?

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    Santa Clarita Diet
    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    • +1

      Based on their preferences, they wont like any of those shows very much.

      • frasier is great. watched it a long time ago - before i had internet. brooklyn 99 gets a lot of love on reddit, but im not sure if thats just because US redditors love terry crews or not.

        • If your against parks and rec, its of the same vein of forced humour. I love it personally.

          • @Kill Joy: I agree with this and don't like either that much.

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    Wild wild country on netlix

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    American Gods is good

  • +2

    Kenny vs Spenny

    • Awwww nostalgia

    • (watch the full episodes on YouTube)

  • If you like David Attenborough, I can't recommend enough David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities. It's absolutely fantastic and you learn some really weird shizen.

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    I thought narcos on Netflix was amazing. There's 4 seasons atm. 3 in Colombia 1 in Mexico.

  • British comedy 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Would I lie to you and something different Deadwood.. SBS has great shows on I-view

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    Family guy
    Rick and morty
    Sherlock - benedict cumberbadbatch
    The haunting of hill house
    Amercican gods
    The unit

    Tired.. here you go

    • Cumberbadbatch?

      • LOL - Maybe Benedict prefers Cumbergoodbatch.

  • +2

    Arrested Development -seasons 1,2,3 - I think it went downhill after that.

    • Like a lead balloon! I struggled through a couple EPs of season 4 because I just couldn't believe how bad it had gotten…

  • Grimm
    The Blacklist
    The man in the High Castle

  • These are on Netflix
    Queen of the South
    Animal Kingdom
    Dirty John
    The OA

  • The Expanse

  • +3

    Peaky Blinders (on Netflix)

  • +2

    Sex Education

  • +2

    Last Kingdom on Netflix

    • Loved the books - really enjoyed the series.
      Can't wait for the new season.
      Go Uhtred.

  • +1

    Friday Night Dinner

    You're welcome.

    • Reminded me of Friday night lights, that was a good show!

    • +1

      This is the only show that appeals to me out of this whole thread thus far. Fantastic sitcom, which actually features real, plausible characters as opposed to the 2-D pastiche characters you find in American sitcoms.

  • If you love TV series and always on the look out, checkout the app TV Time.
    Has great recommendations based on your TV series interests.

    I'm loving The Umbrella Academy currently

    • unfortunately i dont have the time or the patience to try out shows. the only reason i started watching silicon valley was because i first watched it with subtitles on someone else's screen on a plane when i couldnt sleep. the acting, characters and plotlines are fantastic in it and i cant even choose a favourite character.

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    As you enjoyed Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad, you may also like Bloodline. Took me a few episodes to get into but really enjoyed how the series evolved, becoming quite tense (but slow) in the final season.

    • although breaking bad was great, it was painfully slow at times and the character development was lacking on the supporting cast. id give it a 7 or an 8 as its far from perfect.

  • +2


    • Except that it ends badly and in a hurry.

      • At least it's wrapped up. Still worth watching IMO.

  • If you want to try something different, give 'Resurrection Ertugrul' a shot, been described similar to GoT (G version) its slow start but u get hooked in quickly theyre now in 5th season, 150 episodes each 2 hours long

  • I really enjoyed Westworld but noticed in the comments above that you already watched that.

    Some others that I enjoyed:

    Kingdom (Korean series on Netflix)
    Sex Education
    Orange is the New Black
    The Good Doctor - I watched the US remake, not the Korean original it was based on however.

    • +1

      westworld is awesome. only one or two average episodes from memory. orange is also highly enjoyable and one of the few with an almost all female cast, which keeps things fresh. it even has budget chris pratt in it.

  • +2


    • +2

      Great show. Season 1-4 anyway.

      Unfortunately I think it started to go downhill after a certain character was no longer on it.

      • yes he was awesome, i agree the first 4 seasons rock

  • +3

    The Umbrella Academy

  • +1

    Real Humans. Great Swedish series.

    • absolut!

      • hej!

  • +1

    The Littlest Hobo

    • +1 for most random pop culture. I see your Littlest Hobo and up you a Small Wonder.

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    We're in the most saturated period of television in history, with more great and good shows than it's even possible to watch. Yet you still feel the need to ask? Even the most cursory google will give you dozens of up-to-date lists.

    Anyway, how has nobody mentioned Orphan Black yet!? Or Utopia!? Or Broadchurch!?

    Edit: Bonus, the one good Australian show I'v ever seen (other than All Aussie Adventures of course), Underbelly season 1, basically our Sopranos, just that season though was brilliant.

    • +1

      Orphan Black is definitely worth watching.

    • +1

      the problem is the saturation. we're spoilt for choice, which means i have much less time to consume all good things while they're contextually relevant. did you ever watch pizza? pretty decent comedy without too much crap in it. kath and kim was also pretty good.

  • After Breaking Bad and Saul everything is going to be a letdown in comparison IMO

    My list, American Gods, Falling Skies, Star trek discovery.

    • +4

      The Wire is better than Breaking bad and Saul
      Black Sails right up there as well

      • Haha no. Different yes, better no. They're on the same level.

        • +1

          Lets agree to disagree!

        • +2

          lol The Wire was definitely better. A lot more realistic/believable, with a better (and more thought-out) ending that went full cycle. I truly loved Breaking Bad, but the way that the big bads in the last season came out of nowhere was pathetic.

    • +1

      bob odenkirk absolutely makes saul goodman happen. without him the show wouldnt be worth mentioning, even though the other actors are very believable. i find the plotline much more logical and entertaining than breaking bad, too. jesse pinkman irked me a lot.

      • Also way less filler

  • Some of my favourites from Netflix…

    Peaky Blinders
    The Umbrella Academy
    Black Mirror
    Love Death + Robots
    DC's Titans

    On Freeview..
    Cleverman (ABC)
    Das Boot (SBS)
    Handmaid's Tale (SBS)

    • On Netflix also The Kingdom (Korean Zombie series)

  • Any good wider international series? looking to expand my interest & view points of the world

    • Green Door is really good (Taiwanese made in mandarin).
      6 episodes available on Netflix.

    • if you can handle anime, both attack on titan and death note are great.

      • Yay! An attack on titan fellow! Go check out some of my recommendations. Have you tried Psychopass yet?

  • Star trek - the next generation

  • Aussie stuff on ABC/SBS
    Newtons Law
    The Time of Our Lives
    The Gods of Wheat Street

    I also love UKTV
    Cold Feet
    Silent Witness

  • +1

    Parks and Rec
    Brooklyn Nine Nine
    A Moody Christmas
    Flight of the Conchords
    Its always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Old School
    Rock & Morty
    Silicon Valley
    The Following
    The League
    The Orville
    Upper Middle Bogan

    • The League is so good! Together with Happy Endings those two shows kept me happy for a while!

  • Here's some from the past couple of years that I enjoyed and haven't seen mentioned yet:

    Half and Catch Fire
    Castle Rock
    The Terror

    Sci Fi
    Channel Zero
    Altered Carbon
    The 100
    Dark Matter

    Bojack Horseman
    Who is America
    Impractical Jokers
    Our Cartoon President

    • +1 for both Altered Carbon and The 100 - top sci fi!

  • Netflix only TV show recommendations:
    Narcos (only season 1 and 2, 3 is where they sell out)
    Brooklyn99 (classic)
    Stranger Things (classic)
    Black mirror (duh)
    Maniac (takes 3 episodes before you know what's happening. Really good ending)
    Magic for Humans (best)
    End of the F****** world (weird but good)
    Limitless (watch the movie, then the series, then remember that the series is cancelled)
    Everything Sucks (it's good, I promise. Praying for season 2)
    Fargo (season 1, the others can be ignored. Fight me on this)
    Altered Carbon (questionable ethics and morals - the TV show)
    The good place (more like great place)
    Umbrella Academy (slow but good - great action, weird story)
    Happy (you either love it or hate it. Dark, definitely out there, but overall good)
    Archer (garbage American Animation that gives you too many opportunities to quote it)
    Chill with Bob Ross (as described)
    Suits (definitely good)
    Dirk Gentleys (what is going on, I don't even know. I love it. It's not coming back.)

    • stranger things is fairly good. nothing groundbreaking, but easy and fun to watch.

    • Did you watch all of Fargo? S2 starts out week, but it actually gets really good. I agree with S3 though, what a waste.

      Also, high five for Dirk Gently! Worst cancellation ever =(

      • +1

        nah, i watched a few episodes and was let down. I've given up on it.
        and yeah - it left it at such a good spot to lead into a 3rd season.. broke my heart. I don't regret it one bit.

        • Go back! Season 2 ends up getting quite good, but yes the first few episodes are a let down.

          I keep hoping Dirk Gently will come back, it was so well set up for the 3rd season! You should check out Killing Eve and The Good Place. I think you’d like them :)

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