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Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB $888 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($843.60 w/ OW Price Match)


Greetings everyone, Amazon have got into the price war game and have dropped the pricing on this popular phone!

All 3 colours available on time of posting, 5% price beat available at Officeworks or further cashback available also at Amazon.

These are full Australia stock with 24 months warranty.

5.8" Full HD+ Infinity-O display for an immersive movie viewing experience
Dual camera with new Ultra wide lens for professional-grade photos.
The 3, 100 mAh battery is powerful enough to charge other devices.
Intelligent battery management allows you to live more and charge less.
Made for Australia. Certified Samsung Electronics Australia products give you the performance, features and coverage you expect.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Get in quick before OW match Amazon price =(

  • I've been on the lookout for an s8 but this is very tempting too

  • -1 vote

    Is this Snapdragon chipset or Exynos chipset?
    Exynos is just a bit better than Mtk.

    • Exynos

    • If it is Australian stock, which you'd hope so being Amazon AU and having a big 'Made for Australia' warranty logo on the ad, then it's Exynos.

    • No Snapdragon is the better one

      • Yes, but melblover is saying that Exynos is barely better than mediatek (MTK).

        The two statements are consistent.


          In general(at least i believe)
          Snapdragon > Kirin > Exynos > MTK

          • @DisabledUser186043: The current kirin on the p30 can't shoot 4k 60 fps video and the current exynos can. Maybe for still photography the kirin is better.

          • +4 votes

            @DisabledUser186043: You're generalising there bud

            Single Core performance: Exynos 9820 > Snapdragon 855 > Kirin 980

            Multi-core performance: Snapdragon 855 ~ Exynos 9820 > Kirin 980

            GPU: Snapdragon 855 > Exynos 9820 > Kirin 980

            Efficiency: Snapdragon 855 > Exynos 9820 > Kirin 980

            Note: Kirin can perform similar to Exynos in certain GPU benchmarks that make use of all the 20 GPU cores.

            Also, Kirin is still crazy efficient, it's just not as efficient as 9820 when performing heavier tasks

          • @DisabledUser186043: It's interesting that for the GPU, MTK have started including IMG (after Apple booted them), which may raise them a little.

      • What's the reason for the difference with Samsung phones? Never read into it.

        • They have to pay Qualcomm for SD chips, whereas Exynos is made by Samsung so there is cost savings to the company. Additionally they also do it for the sake of stock management. Samsung usually gets the first lot of the latest SD chips from qualcomm, but then qualcomm also has to supply their competitors so they might not be able to keep up the supply required by Samsung if they relied solely on snapdragons.

          As a side note, previously Exynos chips in the same level were considered better than (or at least on par with) SD chips in terms of processor (the Adreno GPU in SD kicks the crap out of mali used in Kirin and Exynos, however). However in the current generation, the 7nm SD855 is basically strictly better than the 8nm Exynos 9820. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward, and whether Samsung can catch back up.

          Additionally, the Exynos version tend to have better support from the development community as it comes with an unlocked bootloader (because it is their inhouse chip) whereas the snapdragon does not. Conversely, it is much easier to port apps (such as Gcam) from other SD devices to the SD version.

    • It'd never Snapdragon..

    • Exynos is far better than Mediatek

  • Was considering 10e for 670ish with trade-in promo n 200 off couple days ago, finally giveup due to the Exynos and the battery life.

    • Where was that deal?

      • 4/4-7/4 $200 off on samsung AU, and they are doing trade in promo until 30/4 which is $200 extra value for any eligible old phone. therefore RRP 1199- 200(4 days promo)-200(trade in min)-your phone's trade in value=MAKES THE DEAL. depend on what phone you are trading in. one mate tradein his note 4 (broken) value at 0. and pay 799 for the 10e

  • Literally bought it this morning for 882 from ebay mobiciti argh!

    • But you could use discounted eBay giftcard, another 5-15% saving!

    • Cancel your eBay order and buy it from OW

      • Just looked up and OW has no stock near me anyway. Still the savings could have bought a case. Really need as asap so OW would have been ideal if they had stock. I'm hoping mobiciti will be able to ship it quickly…

        Edit: wow just looked at out of 8 stores, no store has stock of any colour s10e.

  • Awesome. A new phone will ease my existential anxieties

  • Man i'd totally pounce on these if they were Dual Sim

  • Oh my, this phone just released a month ago is dropping like nuts!

  • Hmmm cash back would prob be better from the point of view of a higher value receipt to claim trs… And I just pulled up into the Officeworks carpark around the corner.

  • +1 vote


    Rucky phone

    • that reminds me of LG bootloop


      888 wont help their sales as not many Chinese will buy Samsung. (Their market share in china is less than 1%.)

      • And you assume only mainland Chinese likes anything associated with number 8. Plus there are also non-mainland Chinese you know.


          It's not just mainland Chinese. Chinese in overseas like 8 in general.

          • @DisabledUser186043: So you assume just because Chinese in mainland china don’t like Samsung, therefore overseas Chinese don’t like Samsung too? There are tens of millions of Chinese diaspora living in South East Asian countries, I’m pretty sure they like number 8 and they don’t care what mainland chinese think of Samsung.


              @Jackfruit: It's kind of culture shift and life circle for a brand.

              Just witness with ur eyes, the fallen of Samsung in general is inevitable.

    • Rucky phone

      Japanese don't consider 8 lucky.

      Only Chinese do. And chinese don't use Rs to replace Ls, because they have Ls in their language. Might want to educate yourself a bit on that.

      • -1 vote

        I had a Chinese neighbour for 10 years. His son was called Liam and his daughter Lily. Trust me, he could not say his L's. He was an awesome bloke and taught me a lot about China and his culture. I think I'm adequately educated.

        • Lol, I’m pretty sure it’s just your neighbour’s tongue. All Chinese that I know with surname like Lie, Lim, Lauw, Liao, etc have no problem pronouncing their surname.

        • That's definitely specific to your neighbor or their dialect.

          Ls for chinese are like Ls for anyone else.

          There are actually dialects like Cantonese where people in Hong Kong overuse L words by using them when they shouldn't be (should be N words).

          I think I'm adequately educated.

          Spoilers: You're not. The fact that you thought they replace Ls with Rs already tells us you are confusing them with Japanese (who actually don't have L words), because you know.. they "all look the same," right?

          I studied Chinese, so I would know that they can pronounce Ls. I don't speak it well, but I know it enough to watch films and the actors don't have problems with L either.

          You most likely knew someone from a remote countryside village who can't pronounce his own language properly (aka a bogan). I know a lot of Chinese and none of them have difficulty with L, either speaking in english or in their own tongue.

  • Since when did 5.8 inches constitute an immersive movie experience :) good price though

  • just bought one! its a sweet deal with OW price beat

  • Nice find! :)

  • This or S9+?

    • S9+ is huge, this is smaller. Compare S9 against this and it's a bit closer size wise.

      This is obviously better as it's newer, but not a huge upgrade. Go have a feel at a local store if you can.

      • How does this compare with pixel 3? Thanks

        • Tell me what things you are concerned about.

          Example, if camera is literally the only thing you care about, then Pixel 3.

          If you NEED security updates the very second they are released, or you NEED Operating System updates ASAP, then Pixel 3.

          If bigger screen in smaller size or better battery life or better/louder speakers or 3.5 mm headphone jack or reverse wireless charging or dex desktop support or UI customisations etc etc then go S10E.

          • @onlinepred: Thanks. Been using the pixel 3 since a month..Camera is excellent..but..the call quality is shit…no one can hear me..internet is littered with complaints about this issue. I have sent it to Google for a replacement..I am not sure if the replacement will solve the problem (seems like a software problem!)..I was wondering if I should sell the pixel 3 and buy this..

            • @stockastics: I have had all Pixels (XL versions), and they are all very bad at call quality both sending and receiving. I use S9+ for work and the second I switch to it (as some clients can't hear me well), then tell me it sounds miles better. I'm buying S10e because my Pixel is getting slower with every update, and has more glitches and bugs in it day by day. I've gone through too many RMA's, and my wife currently doing her 2nd RMA. I think Pixels are still developer focused. I even noticed bluetooth reception and quality are much better going to S9+. Very strange. I miss the camera though, not a lot, but now and then.

              I am selling my Refurb P2XL and buying this S10E.

    • I'd personally lean the s9+ for the bigger screen. The other differences with a lower model are probably minimal in day to day use. Atleast a screen is appreciated all the time.

  • Dual SIM and Snapdragon or GTFO.

  • Just purchased a black one at office works successfully. It will be replacing my iPhone 6 which is starting to freeze and slow down quite a bit. Thanks OP!

    • A replacement battery last year on my iPhone 6 gave it a new lease of life, along with GTFO processor upgrade. I plan on riding this for another couple of years.

      • I actually got my battery changed last year after I smashed my screen. But I am starting to see a real dip in performance now in just general use. Any basic application will drain it hard. 5 years of Iphone 6 ownership is a great haul. Now its getting a bit dodgy when it comes to relying on a phone all day when traveling overseas etc. Very excited to go back to Android!

        • Sounds like something else is wrong with it.

          Unless these are new apps designed for newer processors, your phone shouldn't suddenly crap up for no reason.

      • Can I get the processor upgrade without the battery replacement?

  • This or pixel 3? Suggestions anyone? Thanks

    • Get Pixel 3 only if night time photo quality and latest Android updates are important to you. For everything else, this one.

    • Pixels for better software and android experience

      Samsungs for wireless charging and face unlock

    • Pixel 3!

      All Samsung phones I've owned start lagging after a while, including my S8 Plus (I'm a power user). Only a reboot fixes it for a short while. This is my last Samsung phone after being faithful Samsung fan for the last 10 years.
      My missus' Pixel 2 XL does not miss a beat. It's so fast, feels faster than S10 which is two CPU generations ahead. You can't beat pure Google Experience!
      BTW, Telstra is clearing their Pixel 2 XL stock on a $49, 15Gb plan. Fantastic deal!

      • Pixel 3 only has 4gb of ram. S10e has 6gb on top of a newer processor on a smaller die. There is no world in which the pixel 3, let alone pixel 2, is faster than the s10.

    • S10e is better in every way except for camera and software (subjective).