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Audio Technica ATH-M50X Blue Limited Edition Studio Headphones $161 Delivered @ PLE


Been searching for a set of these for a while. Seems to be a good price, usually retail @ $199.

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  • Kinda liking that blue color.

  • For those wondering, I have had a set of these for around 3 years now and they've held up beautifully, have only had to replace the ear-cups twice, great value.

  • That's a great price for fantastic headphones.

    I'm still using the previous version (ATH-M50s) and they are going strong after more than six years.

  • best with an amp or good straight from a phone? Interested to how they compare to ozb fave the sony wh1000mx3 (minus the noise cancelling obv)

    • A good amp will give them a slight improvement but straight to phone or computer is fine as they are only 38 Ohms.

    • Good enough straight from phone, an amp will give you a stronger bass response (disclosure: not an audiophile).
      Great headphones but I only use the wh1000xm3 these days for ease of convenience, wireless connectivity is nothing to be sneezed at.
      Can't be arsed sitting down with my k712 chained to an amp while I can just pop the sony on and walk around the house doing stuff.

    • +2 votes

      An amp is pretty pointless with these.

      I prefer the sound of the 1000XM3s, the bass is a bit tighter, plus music is much more enjoyable when you can't hear the people around you.

      • Disagree there was a huge difference for me with an amp, I used the Fiio range improved the headphones alot.

      • It depends heavily on the headphones. These do have some improvement which is surprising for a 38 ohm headphone, but not a massive improvement.

        Headphone amps really just give it more power for the drive so realistically they shouldn't improve anything under 50 ohms, but they do sometimes.

  • These are some of the best value headphones you can get for mobile listening. They also work great for gaming headphones, but you can get some open back ones for around the same price that are slightly better (depending on your preference), but with open backs you bleed a lot of sound so they're not great for using on the bus or in a quiet environment.

  • I heard the clamp effect is quite strong on these, are they ok for ppl with big heads?

    • I have a big head and the previous version of these (ATH-M50), I believe the only difference in design is a detachable cable. Although I do find them comfortable they are quite well pressed against my ears and do make my head a bit warm at times. I have been using them daily for years and am happy with them, so you do get used to it

    • i have a big head, & biggish ears, find them very uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time (2hrs+). They sit on your ears, not around them. Also after a couple of years, the pleather on the earcups & headband starts to peel away.

    • Never had an issue myself and I have a decent sized head. If it does get problematic then you can get Brainwavz HM5 earpads that are much softer and make it much more comfortable to wear for a long time.

      • +1 for the brainwavz - might slighlty change the cound but makes them considerably more comfortable especially if u have big ears

  • Anyone know of any Bluetooth converters for these? Had black ones for years, kind of over cables.

  • The m50x's do great with a bit of EQ - https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/9o2f5n/psa_orat...
    You need to install Equalizer APO and Peace GUI but once that's done you can just forget about it

  • Damn! Must have just missed this one as there's no buy/cart button for it :(

  • Shame it's not wireless.

  • I know the M50’s have been the standard for a good while, but I have read that the newer-model/cheaper m40x’s (one model down) are actually better sounding all round than the new M50x’s.
    Especially with a change to a particular set of cheap pads. Just something to think about.

  • damn missed this deal, guess I'll wait again :s

  • Nakano Miku