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Sporasub EVA Board Spearfishing Float $399 + $15 Delivery or Free Pickup @ Adreno


Product description

Sporasub's Eva board is constructed in EVA using injection moulding. The huge volume and large size of the float makes it perfect for shore diving when you don't have a boat, especially with the array of available accessory attachment points. Straps designed to hold up to two spearguns allow you to take out a spare, which is useful if you damage any components of one gun.

Sporasub have aimed to make the paddle out as easy as possible in this design. The float has a boat shape and features which help it to glide through waves. Under the bow is an extended area of volume which acts as a shield to waves and reduces the surface area in contact with the water. The same is done at the rear where two careens assist in steering, reducing friction and help with balance.

The float comes with a specialised reel to attach dive line to which runs through the bow. A rotating flag can be attached at the front or rear to improve your visibility. For storage of other accessories or your catch, a large nylon sack with zipper closure is centred on the float.

Eva board Features:
-Built in EVA using injection moulding
-Perfect for shore diving applications
-Capable of holding plenty of gear and is easily towed
-Shield underneath the bow for smooth movement through surf
-Catamaran style careens on the rear to elevate the board, assist steering and prevent capsizing
-A reel is included on the bow (without line) that extends through the bow
-Rotating flag
-Large volume red nylon sack with a zipper closure
-Various attachment points for other accessories such as spearguns

My notes

I have a couple of this class of float - cargo float. One is a polypropylene double wall float (like a kayak) and this one is pressed EVA (like a shoe sole).

EVA is more buoyant, stable, and lighter.

This product in specific also comes with many attachment points pre-assembled. Very useful points but the speargun straps are just wide enough to fit big teak style guns. Easy modification to remove the problem and actually improve on the design.

The reel is decent. Holds enough line for any foreseeable shore application. I have mine with 3mm nylon rope terminated to a SS shark clip. I clip it against one of the attachment points to use as a backpack pre and post dive. Clip it to the gun to tow whilst scouting, clip it to a small grapple anchor to tie hold stationary, clip against cray nets/bags to pull big loads up.

Comes with a flag so that'll save a few bucks.

Downside is the bag is quite small. I only use the bag for gear and will bring a net to clip against the float as my catch bag.

Overall, it is my float of choice when launching from shore/rocks. Not useful for launching from boats or kayaks.

I paid $599. At $399, that's two dives out worth of food.

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  • At $399, that's two dives out worth of food.

    You manage to come back with $200 worth of seafood? What are you catching?

    • Ha ha yes also interested to know where you are spearing and what you are catching?

      I'm lucky if I come out with $20 worth of food lol

    • Abs + Cray = $$$

    • Two crays, 5 abalones, a few big leather jackets and as much mussels and sea urchin as I feel like having straight after the dive.

      • Care to share the rough location? ;)

        • Abalones are anywhere with rocks. Most recently, I was near St Kilda and they're everywhere about 100m from the rock banks.

          Green lips are a tightly held secret.

          Crays are marked on my GPS. There are particular rock formations that encourage crays. If you find one, you can keep going back because the biggest male will occupy the space. Again, these are secret.

          Mussels are also anywhere with rocks that have an hour of dry time at low tide.

          Sea urchins are in plague proportion. They're encouraging destroying them yet have a bag limit of 20 I believe.

  • Is it a toy or a boat ?

  • Umm that's technically a scuba flag not a spearfishing flag.
    (not allowed to spearfish with scuba gear except in WA)

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