G.SKILL Trident Z RGB (For AMD) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 Memory for $211.16 Delivered @ Newegg AU


A mate was looking for some RAM and found a deal here for the 16GB of 3000Mhz Corsair.

I upped him one and found this, yes it costs more but it's a faster speed and more importantly it's RGB

I have a set of the 3,000Mhz version of this kit that I got around 4 months ago for $199. I'm not mad because mine clocks for 3,900 with ease. Arguably the best looking RGB DDR4.

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    You could have bought this though.


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    RAM capacity in title


      Good call and apologies for not doing this, thank the mod/admin for fixing that.

      Literally found this with 2 minutes left on my lunch break.

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    whats the timing of it? CL14 or CL16?

    Ah. CL18, not worth the money.


      it’s 3000 mhz …..would be lucky to find cl14 or even cl15 ….


        There is a 3200 MHz cl14 of trident z.

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          Yeah, but it's double the price. This is 3600MHz anyway. People usually only measure true latency against equal frequency RAM anyway as it's basically always going to beat out lower frequency RAM even with a lower CL. In this case, this RAM is still better so your argument is invalid.


            @Jay-rad: That's not RGB and an insane price and totally not worth.

            As for the latency vs speed thing, yes CL18 is average but it is 3,600MHz and still quite fast.

            I am certain that you could back down the timings and reduce speed; however for most applications the pure speed matters more then latency. I.E Not compressing zips/rendering all the time from my experience with DDR2 and DDR3. I can only assume that DDR4 is the same/similar.

            I can run my 3,000MHz CL16 (which is 16-18-18-38 2T stock) at either
            3,900MHz @ 16-18-18-38-1T
            OR i can run something like this, I could probably drop it further if I'm honest.
            3,200MHz @ 16-16-16-38 1T

            It all comes down to the luck with what memory chips you end up getting, paying for more expensive RAM (like this) gives a greater chance of getting Samsung B-Die which is what you want with the low-mid priced RAM.


              @Matt86: the ram I linked ARE B-die, im not sure if the ones you linked are or are not.

              The ones I linked can guarentee 14cas rating with people going up to 3600 @ 14.

              As you said, it comes down to luck/lottery also personal pref with how much money you want to spend for what 'tier' of that lottery you want to enter…. atleast how I look at it anyway. GL with that ram, I'm sure it'll be good!

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    for AMD*


      It'll work on either. It's just marketing to say that AMD CPU's support this.

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        Various RAM does not work with Ryzen.


          Yes, but I assume to some capacity that this will.

          You can say "for AMD" to denote that this will work. What I am saying is that it will work with AMD based off that, in addition it will work with Intel.
          I.E it's not AMD only.


    Sorry about the average quality post; I posted this in 2 mins on the end of my lunch break before going back to work. Thanks to the moderator/admin that fixed this up :)

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    Not all AMD systems/motherboards support this memory, and it's really poor to suggest overclocks such as 3900MHz, that are likely unstable on most if not all AMD boards.

    So no, this is not "for AMD".

    This is budget ram and you'll likely get what you pay for on Ryzen. 3600MHz at cl18 is also slower than 3200MHz at cl14. Ryzen benefits from lower latency, not raw throughput.

    If you want memory for Ryzen, refer to your motherboard's QVL and choose something supported. Keep in mind, low latency is key for Ryzen. You can calculate latency here. Don't gamble with this average higher latency stuff.

    This is a good read for Ryzen owners.


      I am saying that I got 3,900mhz with my 3000 kit saying that your milage may vary.

      I also meant that the "for AMD" thing works for AMD as well as Intel and that someone with an Intel chip won't have issues.

      As for the latency, you learn something new every day..


        I don't know much about Intel systems with RAM, but I can almost flat out say that 3900MHz is not possible on Ryzen. Certainly not with stability and performance.

        The RAM is also not certified nor built for AMD motherboards. GSkill Flare X RAM is an example of something designed for AMD or Ryzen. If the Trident Z works in certain motherboards, great. But again, it's not AMD memory. There's no shortage of motherboards that RAM won't operate in at 3600MHz.

        The reason latency is important is due to AMDs infinity fabric. Low latency allows the CPU to access different chips at the same time. With low latency, it allows the CPU to increasingly use this feature, improving performance.


          Yeah that does make sense.

          I'm interested that this says "for AMD" yet it won't work with all?

          Intel Systems love ram speed. The faster the better in almost all cases.


    Hi all
    Interesting info here re latency and timings by ppl who know what they're talking about. Recently I went to a new build Ryzen 2600 aorus B450 mobo and Corsair 3200 memory. System works fine runs cool on stock cooller does what i want.

    Here is my latency timings from Aida 64 extreme and details on ram timings etc
    Wondering if the stock timings are good? Also don't understand the diff from C1 to C2

    Running at XMP in bios

    Module Name Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16

    70.7 ns
    Ryzen 5 2600 3842 MHz Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
    B450 Dual DDR4-3200 16-18-18-36 CR1

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      Your ram is doing good hitting stock averages latency and stable with XMP.

      If you want some extra umpf have a look at the ryzen dram calculator and with some tweak I think you can hit 68ns and below.


    They have now listed a 32gb variant of the RGB 3000MHz CL16 version which comes to $296.98 Delivered Here, so $149 per 16gb stick, seems pretty good.

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