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ASUS RX580 8GB STRIX OC PCIe Video Card $269.10 + $15 Delivery (Free for eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Pretty good price for the STRIX model of the RX580 (large heat sink and 3 fans design)

Lowest otherwise I can find is $329 from Umart + Shipping

Original PEARL 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • That's a steal for that price, good find!

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    I don't need it, I don't need it..

  • Fantastic price. These heatsinks are amazing and worth the extra you usually pay for the Strix model. At this price it is a steal.

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      This is still a very loud card, I had one and swapped over to a Sapphire NITRO+ which runs a bit quieter than the Asus.

      • I own 3 ROG Strix cards. This one, a 1070 and a 1080 Ti (3 different computers).

        None of them I would refer to as 'loud'. Easily my favourite SKU of video card.

        The 580 does have much more evident coil while though, but that's just luck of the draw.

  • this or a 6gb 1660ti?

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      Cheapest 1660ti is $449

      So not really sure why you would ask that..

      The 1660ti is +32% faster but you pay %40 more money at $180 extra.

      Navi is supposed to be $350 at the same performance of a RTX2080 that costs $949 all while using less then half the power on 7nm

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        Navi is supposed to be $350 at the same performance of a RTX2080 that costs $949 all while using less then half the power on 7nm

        Sounds good, but I'll believe it when I see it :)

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          The shoddy performance of the radeon VII is not helping that rumour all all. Odds are top of the line NAVI will probably be at radeon VII level ( or like 5-10% better) but at a cheaper price using DDR memory (probably 8gb) instead of HBM.

          • @Ghosteye: How is the Radeon vii's performance shody?

            • @Major Mess: it's a flagship that only performs as well as the 2080. Simple as that. It's on a 7nm process that NAVI is literally going to have.
              You can't refine a process and eke out 20-35% performance in one cycle, it has never been done before.

              Just for reference they took 1 year to refine the 590 on the same chip and it's at best 15% better.

        • for the PS5 Sony have already stated they are proving 60FPS at 4k rez for ALL games as a starting point. So thats 60fps 4k minimum.

          You need a RTX2080 to get that performance today.
          and that will be a low powered navi in a console.

          Put it on a Desktop with max power and it will be a monster. .. so we know how bad it will perform. That's [email protected] But we don't know how good it will.

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        2080? Wasn't it supposed to be 1080? I haven't really been following, but Navi isn't supposed to be competing on the high end is it?

        2080 performance at that price is a bit unrealistic, hell 1080 at 350 is almost too good to be true.

        • Apparently that was the word, and the top AMD Navi card won't be seen until next year. Tho the latest rumours have indicated we may see the Radeon vii replacement this year(ray tracing was mentioned again). The planned releases are to be extremely cheap competitors to the lower range. If they keep Crossfire support they could be an interesting option(especially with the PCIE4 support).

          We will know more in 3 weeks.

      • +3

        It won't, lol. Even I, as someone that loves AMD, would be blown away if that happened.

        I'd be betting on a tier up for the same/less money (so vega 56 for 580, 64 for 56) - with some power usage banked thanks to 7nm.

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      Looks like the 1660ti performs much better than the rx 580 but the price increase matches the performance increase. I've got an Asus RX580 running on a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU with a 60hz 1080p display (I don't play multiplayer games) and pretty much everything I've thrown at it plays at full frame rates on ultra settings.

    • I bought the 1660ti from them for $384 2 weeks ago and it is superb, so I would wait until such(or even better) deal is back.

    • Depends how much money you have, or if you want to give 1440p a chance.

  • If 7nm AMD Navi wasn't coming out soon i would be all over this deal.

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      If 7nm AMD Navi wasn't coming out soon it wouldnt be this price.

      • How far are we realistically from Navi?

        • No idea. Its expected this year, but we'll likely hear something from computex.

          • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Ahh bugger. Vega pricing is shit right now and Polaris isn't quite fast enough to jump to. Waiting is killing me. That and Zen2/Ryzen 3000.

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      If 7nm AMD Navi wasn't coming out soon i would have not upgraded to a rx 580

  • My one of these runs a bit noisy - has anyone had any luck replacing the stock fans?

    • Noise gradually got worse? Out of warranty? Possible 1 in 1000 faulty.

    • zip tie some noctua 92mm fans to it, it'll run sweet.

    • Yeah my bros 580 has got some decent coil whine and the card runs a bit too warm on factory OC settings for my liking. doesnt seem to bother him though

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    I bought a rx 570 last night for the same price, everytime I buy something expensive guaranteed somebody will post a deal beating my purchase, Every GOD DAMN TIME

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      doesn't THAT just PI$$ you off huh. :)

    • I share your pain :(

    • that is why I only purchase ebay plus item if new and gumtree for second hand

    • RX580's have been this price for a while now. Sapphire RX580 Nitro version, and a the other I don't remember.

    • Rx 570s have been consistently below the $200 mark.. what made you pay this much for one?

      • To be honest I haven't seen a 8GB RX570 under $200 at all. I needed a new graphics card that can play UHD on my new 75 inch, as my Radeon HD7850 2GB OC couldn't keep up anymore :'(

        • Ohh sorry mate the 570s under $200 were always 4gb. My bad

  • I'd advise going sapphire if possible, but this is a very nice price.

    • can you please explain? I thought rog represent the best quality

    • The Sapphire cards run hotter tho. Do they still have dual bios?

      • Yeah.

        Have looked at reviews, ASUSs card was a lot better then I thought. Mind that, difference is fairly minimal (wish toms hardware woulda done a review on both).

  • tnx

  • I need to get a new GPX for a new build but don’t game much anymore. Should I get this or is this way more than I would need? Seems like a good price

    • This is priced really well if you want to stick to 1080 60hz gaming.

      • I game at 1440p with this card. Usually 80+ fps, depending on the same. AC: Odyssey is about 60fps at high. I do understand it won't keep going at 1440p with newer titles though. By that time, navi should be out.

        • Peak fps maybe, but definitely not a 1440p card. My crossfire RX580 setup makes 1440p OK at High settings, at best.

  • Thank you!
    I was looking at a used one for 250 just yesterday.
    I was about to buy it, but I am so glad this popped up today!

  • will this be suitable to a replace a GTX570…. from a 7 year old desktop?

    • Yeah, would see a huge performance increase.

    • You might need a more powerful PSU.

  • RX 580 8GB is still a great card for 1080p

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