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[VIC] Islamic Clothing Shop 20% off Opening Sale @ Tugba (Braybrook)


Hijabs from $10
Dresses from $39
Skirts from $19
Blouse from $20
Abayas from $39
Pins from $3
Pants from $30
Jumpsuits from $40
And much more

Make sure to follow our social media for future sales and discounts

All products made in Europe


📍Level 1, Unit 8, 6-12 South Road Braybrook VIC

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      Can you please clarify what do you mean?

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        First you need to have website working, second advise how it's bargain price..

        If sole purpose here is to advertise your brand than you are at wrong place.press self destruction now.

        (Can discuss about stitchup later?)

        It's ozbargain, some ppl here can be harsh but in critical way .. that's for your good if you are keen to improve.

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    Official Instagram store. Lol.

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    No real reference prices. Seem to 20% off a number pulled from thin air.

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    Alright don't start with your views on Islam because nobody cares. Leave your opinions to yourself.

    MOD - please keep an eye on this thread please.

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      Does that standard also apply to the free bible deals where many commenters take the opportunity to bash Christians?

      • Be nice if it did

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          I'm not arguing for censorship. I'm against double standards. The comments section should be open, people should be able to disagree while being respectful - though, maybe that is a social skill that is becoming increasing rare and where some feel that all discussion on certain issues must be suppressed. alz comment being a case in point.

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    This is advertising for a new store, not a bargain. Perhaps belongs in the forums but not under “DEALS”

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    A load of from's and no real definitive items or prices…..

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    Please move this to forums or delete it as this doesn't belong under Deals. More like a marketing itself than a deal.

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    Not a deal, more like an advertisement

  • A nicely designed jumpsuit is always nice to look at. What textiles are they made off?

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    Let me start an ad with 20% of $48.75 is $39. Sounds reasonable, for an ad. This post does not belong here. It's an ad.

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      These are rounded of figures 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • This is OzBargain. Cents matter. So do specific deals.

  • Hey lads,

    Though the websites is under construction these prices are 20% off from there retail market prices…and only till 27/4.

    Thus it is a genuine sale not advertisement.

    By the way these aren’t traditional clothing… once you see the images you may get a better idea thx

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    You could have made a gazillion in NZ a few weeks ago.

    • too soon…

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    Wouldn't it be professional OP to advertise when website up ?

    All I see it pictures and no prices even after clicking a link !

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