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    For anyone that has the AMIRO O-Black Smart LED Rechargeable Makeup Mirror, can you comment on quality of it?

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      I have this. It's well made, sturdy, lights are bright, tilts and angles fine. The fatal flaw is the vanity mirror. The rubber material on the back of the vanity mirror picks up dust and dirt. The vanity mirror sticks directly on to the middle of the O Mirror so then when you need to take it off it leaves a dirty imprint dead center of the mirror. Such a silly design.

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    The AMIRO is at Costco for those that have membership for $99.


    Xiaomi 3 Pro or ZMI QB820?

    I'm not worried about the physical dimensions or the weight or even the cost, just looking for a reliable powerbank and wouldn't mind paying a little extra for it.

    The main difference I can find is that the Xiaomi 3 Pro doesn't officially state USB PD support (even though the output values seem to align with that of the official PD specs) while the QB820 does.

    Edit: Looking at comments on OP's old posts, seems like ZMI also doubles as a USB Hub.