Sydney to Tokyo $698 Return via Qantas


From Sydney to Tokyo via Qantas for $698
Travel from 10 June to 16 June 2019

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    hot season

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    $770 with ANA, arguably a better experience than Qantas.


      iirc, ANA also have awesome baggage allowances as standard (40kg pp?)


      I thought Qantas is really good - what's your experience?

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        Depends. Economy, getting worse by the day. I remember over the last few year it has deteriorated in the following order:
        1. Reusable cutlery disappeared
        2. Leg space decreased with the new Recaro seats
        2. Food no longer served on reusable bowls/dishes
        3. No longer comes with a tray.
        In short, Qantas is trying hard to beat budget airlines in their offering. Where as the Japanese and some other Asian carriers are maintaining their leg room for econ.

        Business class… they are okay. Just okay. Definitely does not industry leading… i recall they used the reverse herringbone on the new a350 and refurb a330 where many airlines moved to suite-like cabin with more privacy.

        To top it off, hyper inflation in QFF points making long haul biz extremely hard to come by. Inflated QFF status and free lounge pass makes QF lounges pack like a food hall.


          All excellent points. Completely agree.

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            @vetopower: Yes. They have a monopoly position here. Most government/corporate have Qantas as their "preferred" airline. Whilst it can be more expensive than others, not the key deciding factor and people still book QFF.

            I have given up. They were once my favourite airline.

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