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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2s 10000mAh $17.99, Power Bank 3 Pro 20,000mAh PD $67.79 Delivered @ Shopro


Greetings everyone, Shopro have brought this deal back again, an excellent deal for this power bank.

I believe this the cheapest price since the previous deal.

Shopro have also advised me that they have recently acquired stock for the Power Bank 3 Pro 20,000mAh with 45W Power Delivery:

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000mAh USB-C Two-way 45W QC3.0 Fast Charge Power Bank

I believe this is the cheapest local price for this so far and will ship quickly.

Shopro have also recently added a flash sale for the:

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro 10,000mAh Type C for $29.95 Delivered.

I've personally experienced some great service from Shopro in the past and am happy to keep bringing deals to everyone.

As always, enjoy!

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  • cheapest, these guys are Melbourne based.

    • isnt 20,000mah $20? this look expensive

      • +7

        The 20000mah has USB-C PD which is used for laptops, etc.

        • So it's better?

        • +1

          How does one know if a battery pack can charge their laptop? i.e. i have a hp spectre x360 - older 2018 model but i notice the power block is 65w? if this is only 45 w does that mean you can still charge via the thunderbolt PD port but at a slower pace? As long as a battery pack has PD does that mean it's compatible?

          Same question I guess as when I was looking at thunderbolt hubs to expand my thunderbolt into USB A and HDMI ports out etc , wasn't sure with power delivery through the hub ("power through" tech or whatever they call it) whether you can gauge if it will be compatible with your laptop??any ideas?

          • @SaberX:

            if this is only 45 w does that mean you can still charge via the thunderbolt PD port but at a slower pace? As long as a battery pack has PD does that mean it's compatible?

            Yes. You may get a warning that you have a slow charger attached to your laptop, but it will charge.

            • @cwongtech: Can this charge a non type-C laptop?
              I.e using a adapter cable (type-C to laptop plug)

              My laptop charger output = 19V, 2.1A

            • @cwongtech: Hi @cwongtech - thanks for the feedback. It seems the prior hp spectre x360 models were 45w chargers from what I can see online? It seems my late 2017/early 2018 model (not the most current gen that just came out but one above) now uses a 65w charger.

              Is it still applicable that this could charge despite only offering up to 45w? There seems to be a bit of "google chatter" that hp have locked the PD to be proprietary to work largely with their own internal products as opposed to other manufacturers who allow 3rd party hardware?

              • @SaberX:

                There seems to be a bit of "google chatter" that hp have locked the PD to be proprietary to work largely with their own internal products as opposed to other manufacturers who allow 3rd party hardware?

                I've never owned a HP laptop before..

                It definitely will work on my Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1

                I have a Xiaomi ZMI 820 which is now discontinued.. can also output at 45W for USB-PD:)

  • can't sign in with email, facebook, google…

    • Can you message me the detail, we will check.

      • I have signed in via Google but when I try to add to cart, it takes me back to log in the screen.

      • +2

        It was went to error page after sign in however, I found the way to sign in and ordered now. Thanks

        • Still working on it,may i know how you solve this.

        • how did you manage to sign in? I had the same issue with the facebook sign in and received a 404 error screen

          • @vandite: I tried to sign in then went to 404 error so went back to main page.
            Somehow, I got welcome email.

            I tried to log in from mainpage then it logged in.

            If I click the deal link and add to cart or buy it now - tried to log in and it failed

            So I went back to main homepage, log in then went to flashdeal, clicked powerbank then add to cart. It worked for me to checked out

        • This worked for me:
          - Go to login page
          - Click "Forgot password?"
          - Follow steps to reset password
          - Login using email & new password

        • All good now,, please try again.

  • Hmm they sell quite a lot xiaomi products but not mobile phone. Any clue doweyy?

    • Not too sure unfortunately.

  • I'm in Melbourne. How long does it take to ship?

    • +2

      I’m in Melbourne and picked one up last deal. It took 3 days

  • It is handy for travel but Do you guys know if this portable charger will not damage mobile phone battery? What is your experience? Sorry if I am asking in the wrong thread. Thanks

    • +6

      It will not. It charges the same way as if it were plugged into the wall.

    • +3

      No damage risk. Modern smartphones don't draw more than they can handle.

      • +1

        This will be my 5th Xiaomi power bank. Never had ANY issues. I'm only buying a new one because I'm going backpacking for 2 months and I want to know the cells are new, not that I have noticed any degradation on any of the other xiaomis. Other brands all failed me quickly.

  • How does this compare to the Samsung power bank they were giving away?

    The Samsung one has the following specifications which seem terrible for high Voltage use:

    Normal typical 6300 mAh (5V 2A) 31.5 Wh
    Fast typical 3100 mAh (9V 1.67A) 27.9 Wh
    Fast typical 2300 mAh (12V 1.25A) 27.6 Wh

    Is Xiaomi's one similar?

    • +1

      Wouldn’t call them terrible - you’re bound to lose a few Wh from efficiency loss (stepping up the voltage from the 3.7V at the cell to 9/12V). My Xiaomi bank gets quite warm when fast-charging at the higher voltage. *The “actual” capacity of this Xiaomi is quoted as 6500mAh.

  • I live in Vietnam and this is much cheaper than what I can find locally :-(

    • +3

      Yes its even cheaper than Banggood etc.Good for us.We get local stock quick delivery and warranty etc.

  • +1

    Is it possible to do local pickup? Going away over easter so keen to buy an extra power bank.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP. Just curious - the description of the post says "2S" but the link to the post only says "2". Is there a difference?

    • 2 is single USB output. 2s is dual USB and a bit taller.

    • +2

      Yep it's the 2s, seems like the description on the listing has been changed to just say 2, but it's definitely the upgraded model with dual USB.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Had already purchased but got confused.

    • +2

      Here's a graph for comparison

      Note: 2i and 2s are the same

    • @bigbadboogieman,

      Physically Power Bank 2s has 2 usb ports and can charge 2 devices at once.

      Power Bank 2 comes with only 1 usb port.


      • Thanks. Doweyy clarified the discrepancy above.

  • +5

    couple dollars cheaper $67.99 from this ebay seller after using the current 20% off code "PEACE". 99% positive feedback, ships from Sydney


    • +8

      Shopro have just beaten that price, thanks for pointing it out.

      • +2

        nice one!

  • I've had the Comsol powerbank and it's faded badly. Doesn't even charge my mobile completely anymore after about 30 recharges total. Anyone had this for a while and know if it keeps its capacity?

    • +3

      I have the older regular 20,000 Xiaomi (2 of them in fact) and love them. The first one was used daily during my travelling for 6 months, each of them are still used a few times a week. The original one seems to have faded slightly but is still going very strong. Perhaps lost 10-15% of its life at a guess?

      • Thanks I'll buy one

    • +5

      These hold capacity. My 3-4 year old Xiaomi 5k is still fine.

  • Yeah I am trying to log in with Google to purchase and it won't let me log in, just keeps looping back to a 404 page… sigh I really wanted a Power Bank 3 Pro too… oh well.

    • Still working on it, looks like some customers have this problem now. Will fix ASAP.

    • All good now,, please try again.

  • +1

    yep same. want to buy but can't login with facebook, google or my shopro account. disappointing.

    • All good now, please try again.

  • wow so expensive in Australia

    I just bought the inductive model for $30 in china lasts week.

    • +4

      Lasts a week?! Great tech over there. Unbelievable.

  • Hi, do you know if there any deals soon on the 20,000mah 2C?

  • +1

    Are there any 10,000mah power banks worth buying with USB Type C charging?

    • +1

      The original Xiaomi Powerbank Pro 10000 mAh. It is a very old model by now though.

      • +1

        I have this.Type c is only for input though.Also its twice as expensive.

    • +1

      I bought the TQKA 10,000mah USB C power bank off ebay for $16 shipped recently. Works well (USB C is only for input but at least it means i only need to carry one cable with me to charge it and get output out of it).

    • +2

      Looks like New Model is out.

      [AU$51.05]Original 2019 Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank 3 Dual Input Output 18W Two-way QC3.0 Quick Charge for Mobile Phone Power Banks from Mobile Phones & Accessories on banggood.com

      And even a qi enabled powerbank.

      [AU$79.41]Xiaomi PLM11ZM Power Bank 10000mAh Fast Wireless Charger with USB Type C for Mobile Phone Power Banks from Mobile Phones & Accessories on banggood.com

      • Cheers all.

        Hopefully the 2019 one will go on sale soon. Will definitely pick one up, if not I will go for the TQKA.

  • This is cheap. Even cheaper than offical Xiaomi stores in China where they were about $11 each.

    • +6

      $17.99 < $11.00 🤔

      • LOL Misread the post + misinterpreted the photo and thought it was 2 for $17.99. Nevermind. I found that RRP Official Xiaomi Store stuff was about 50% cheaper than online stores. Bought 8 of the WiFi sockets at about $10 each while everywhere online has them for $20+

      • Probably meant US$11 would equate to AU$15.38 as per the conversion Google is showing now. Adding shipping would likely push it past AU$18.

        • +1

          Sorry I'm just an idiot and misread the post AND remembered incorrectly. Went through my photos from China back in March (took a lot of photos of items to see if my brother and dad wanted anything from the store - I ended lugging heaps of Xiaomi products back) and they were 79 Yuan which is about $16 at todays exchange rate.

  • Will it work with Macbook pro 15” 2016? TIA.

  • -2

    I need one very urgent. How many days to get it delivered to Sydney? The eBay one takes one week.

  • +4

    Ordered one. Not really sure why. Got a power bank for free on my phone plan and have never used it so far lol

    • +2

      They come in super handy for those times your phone is low/flat and you want to keep using it away from power point, long journey on bus or plane, camping trip, even a power outage.

      • +5

        I was so excited when we had our first power outage after getting my first one of these. I ran to my room in the dark and grabbed it like a heroic household provider and saviour! … unfortunately I'd neglected to charge it since I last used it

        • Haha, sounds like a riveting true story,….exciting, believable, sad ending lol. I'm sure your not the first, and won't be the last.

          PS. Today's lesson; try to re-charge ( 70%-100%, preferably between 80%-90% ) as soon as possible after use :-)

  • Does anyone know where the payment processor is for Shoppro? Looking to avoid the 3% credit card fee if they are based outside of Australia.

    • Any reason you don't want to use Paypal ?

      • I don't have a Australian registered Paypal, mine is linked to EU. Would prefer to use credit card if possible

    • 20c more than this deal.

  • Great price. Thanks Doweyy.

  • Purchased.. Thanks for the bargain

  • Purchased, thank you OP!!

  • Also, Aldi have 6000mAh powerbanks on sale from tomorrow:

    • +1

      Dual output on 6000mAh is an odd feature. On 20,000 and maybe 10,000 sure but… Oh well it's decent value for a brick n mortar store I guess.

      • The aldi one is listed as 6000mAh but perhaps that is at 5V?

        That would compare to this Xiaomi 6500mAh/5V 10000mAh/3.7V

        The Aldi unit looks much cheaper - and almost same capacity.

  • cheers Op . Got one each

  • Thanks OP. Bought one last time for ~$21 so will gladly get another for $18. Not much heavier than the smaller 5k varieties either.

  • Thanx OP, have got sliver one for the Mrs, now a black one for me.

  • Excellent very fast charger. Bought about 7 in the last year, cheap present and useful.

  • Will the 20,000 Power Bank 3 charge a Lenovo Yoga 730 (that has a 65w adaptor)? I realise the Wattage is less, but not sure how these things work :/

    • Only if the powerbank has power delivery

  • I would love to see a smaller capacity (less weight) high output PD USB-C battery pack. Something like 10,000mAH.

    Would love to be able to give me phone and MacBook Pro a top up charge through the day when travelling.

    This one at 20,000mAH is ~400grams which I think is too heavy for short one day business day trips.

  • I got one of these last time and when I use a charger it takes a day or so to charge and even then I can't get it past 3 out of 4 lights

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