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Sony MDR-Z7M2 $649.97 (50% off) @ Addicted to Audio


Ozbargain exclusive deal!

50% off this high end Sony headphone, offering great sound quality now at under $650!

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Addicted To Audio
Addicted To Audio

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  • +6

    Can’t afford it but good price indeed!

  • +13

    In before the “but it’s not even wireless” comments.

      • +30

        Not only is this not wireless but it has 2 wires from the photo. Im definitely not happy!

        • ;)

        • 2 plugs (one wire on each side) usually means the headphones use balanced cable/connection or are at least capable of using balanced cable/connection.

          • -7

            @thebadmachine: Are you Captain Obvious by night, Marge?

            • +12

              @longhaul84: You may find it obvious, but there are many users who own wireless (XM3’s etc), so they may be clueless to what a balanced connection is (some may think you can just buy a single ended balanced cable for any headphone and forget about the connection wire going through the headphone itself).

              Explaining the advantages of going balanced would have been a more productive comment.
              (You could have shared knowledge, instead of trying to suppress it)

    • +15

      The best audiophile headphones like this are not wireless. You can never get that sort of sound quality from Bluetooth.

      • I’m aware of that. That’s why I own the headphones I do.

        Edit - I didn’t neg you. Not sure why you were negged, you’re correct,

    • +12

      Not worth risking to save $10 vs losing $60

  • Hi OP. Any 50% off deals with Focal headphones instead? Thanks.

    • +8

      Yes, 50% of everything while we're at it

  • 50% off he1 who says no

  • +6

    But how do these compare to the QC35 and 1000XM3? sarcasm

    • +10

      This is better because it has wires.

  • +7

    My car is worth that much money

    • +1

      Where the hell are you buying cars for 650 dollars?

      • +2

        Worth not paid ;)

      • depreciation bruhh~!

    • +1

      I would buy ten cars from u at that price

  • +5

    We need discounts for QC35 and 1000XM3!

    • Eagerly waiting for the 1000XM3 sale….

  • +14

    Grabbed one, will compare it to the aldi headphones I bought today.

    • +1

      Post a comparison review please.

  • Thought these were the ZR1 model. Instabuy if so

    • +17

      I already have, my psychiatrist said I need to get myself a Sony MDR-Z7M2

      • Can I get in touch with your psychiatrist? I think I need Focal Elear or Sennheiser HD800 for my therapy… Need solid evidence here…

  • Saw in your header that Perth is mentioned predominantly.
    Do you have a physical location? Would love to pop in.

    Nevermind, found it! looking forward to the trip.

    • All of their stores are listed on their website

  • +1

    Curious who the target market is for headphones this exxy? Assume you need a proper studio set up to make the most of the capability, i.e. plugging this bad boy into my phone to listen to spotify is a complete waste?

    • +5

      The target market? People who enjoy high quality gear, similar to buying a nice leather sofa instead of something from a Super Amart catalogue, or buying a DSLR camera instead of using your phone.

      They're 56ohm so a phone would probably drive them well enough, but they would certainly benefit from a good quality audio source.

      • I think it’s important to know that they are rated 56 ohms @ 1khz.
        The headphones have a range of 4hz - 100khz and the impedance is likely varied across this range
        Every headphone is different and will differ in drive-ability.
        Measurements such as ohm/sensitivity are just measurements, you will have to experience to know how it performs/sounds in the real world.

        The location at where you are will also affect the perceived volume (quiet indoors / outdoors / on a bus) and may need you to require more headroom.

        • Not that you can hear below 20hz or above 20khz

          • @idonotknowwhy: Yes but the headphones are still producing @ 4hz-100khz (meaning potential for higher-impedance at those frequencies).
            192khz sample rate buyers would be impressed with the top-end (96khz peaks).
            Although if they can actually hear that high is highly unlikely.

            These headphones would be lacklustre for the DSD crowd (in the MHz range).

    • The only popular phone that can push it (relatively) well is from LG, like V20, V30, G7 and so on…

      • +1

        That's true - they are 52ohm, I'd say the Samsung's would get plenty loud as their DAC is usually decent. However, if you talk about sound quality and not just amplification, doubt any phone would beat LG.

  • -3

    does this headphone use gold for wires?

    • If it did, $650 would only get about 30-50 grams of Gold on the market price. Which make this an absolute bargain

      • I think he means the plug itself. Otherwise its beyond stupid

      • Life of thee parteeeh

  • -1

    OP, any other deals on high end headsets? Have actually been looking around to buy one to use in my mini home studio. Will be mostly mixing jazz piano via my Apollo Twin interface.

    Would this be suitable? Was originally looking at the Audio Technica ones given their good reviews. This is almost 4 times the price. Is it in a different league?

    Or is this one of those “if you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t buy them” type product? I’m no audiophile. Just want to get a setup that’s future proofed so I don’t end up wanting to upgrade every year.

  • If i like open headphones, because of unexplained qualities. Do you think I'd like this more? than say 300 dollar open headphones like HD 600

    • For unspecified reasons………. maybe.

      Read some reviews and see if you can work out what you like, if it's a wide soundstage then it sounds like these may not be for you.

  • Awesome deal! I'm really tempted to buy them but obviously they are pretty expensive. Can you let me know when the deal ends so I know how long I have to decide?

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