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Optus BYO SIM Plan $40/mth (12 Mths) Unlmt Int'l Calls 35 Countries 80GB/mth + 4GB Roaming Zone 1 Countries (New Services Only)


$40/ month for 80GB + unlimited overseas calls to 35 countries with 4GB roaming + Unlimited Standard internation talk + SMS (excluding MMS) to Zone 1 Countries. 12month Sim only plan

Discount offer: New & recontracting services. Not available with other offers. Ends 05/05/19, unless withdrawn earlier.

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Included countries for international calls

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • Mainland China
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • USA
  • Vietnam

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  • what does roaming while overseas mean for the deal? does it mean you can roam with your included monthly data for free without paying extra roaming service prices?

    • +1

      If you actually open the link, it'll say that you get 4gb per month when you roam in a Zone 1 country. The 80gb is for Australia use only.

      • do you have to pay for a fee while overseas to use this data? Like vodafone, you have to pay $5/day to use your plan data while overseas?

        • +2

          I don't know how they can be any clearer about overseas roaming.

          You get 4GB included (for free) every month, while overseas roaming (in relevant countries, as above).

        • No

      • oh I see…. Sorry I misread 4GB as 4G, as in 4G service while roaming.

  • +2

    Is this can combine with Flybuys 10000 points deal?

    • i think that is targeted

  • The chat agent Hugo just applied the discount for the next 24 months for me.

    • Does that mean that you're also tied into 24 months contract? Or still 12 months contract (where you can leave after 12 months), but you're still getting the same discount by staying for 24 months?

      • +2

        Just answering my own question above, so I also got 24 months discount, but contract only stays for 12 months. So on month 12 - 24 it's still $40 pm but I'm free to go / re-contract. On month 25 onwards will be $50 pm if I do nothing.

        Also the rep on Optus online chat also offer 20% on other new phone/sim only phone plan contract if I sign up on the spot or within the next 24 hours. It was a pity the discount is not available for the mobile broadband / data plan I'm after :-(

  • Wow this deal is pretty sweet with the international roaming!
    I wonder if the international roaming is pooled also? hmm

    • Optus rep online told me international roaming is not pooled

  • +2

    I contacted Telstra chat to mention Optus plan and their response:

    I can see here that your current plan is the Mobile BYO $59 with 25gb of data. We can upgrade that to the Mobile BYO $49 with 30gb of data.

    I understand that Optus is giving you an offer which is cheaper than the promotion we have and we respect that. However rest assured that if you stayed with us and grab this plan you will still get the best and fastest internet connection of your mobile within Australia.


    • Are you out of contract with Telstra?

      It's pretty impressive that they would offer you a cheaper plan if you are in contract.

      • Out of contract, correct. But realistically anyone under contract for less than 3 months should be chased pretty hard to retain business…

    • +1

      The lack of data pooling kills it for me with Telstra.
      Points though for them not charging excess usage fees on most mobile plans now though.
      I'd never pay more than $40 a month for mobile plans (preferably $30) but with Telstra that means almost zero data and excess fees to boot.

    • I got a very similar response:

      John Francis: How bout getting the $49 BYO with 30GB?
      Anyways, to change the plan now and exit the current contract will cost you $***** on your next bill.
      John Francis: If you prefer to change now, I'll waive the $***** for you so you can get that BYO plan activated now.
      John Francis: What do you say?
      You: Is that the only legitimate offer Telstra has for existint customers at the moment?
      John Francis: Yes, if you do get it now, I'll bring it down to $39.

      A M A Z I N G B A R G A I N

      • So you got $39 for 30g on Telstra with a 12 month contract via chat?
        Any clues appreciated

  • -2

    I am with optus now and they said I need to pay the early termination fee which is $175. I have been with them for less than 3 months. current plan is $30 for 30 gb I really need to upgrade this without paying the termination fee :(. there is no way around this is there?

    Thanks op.

  • The included zone1 4GB roaming data is good value for expensive countries. I've been looking at sim options for Canada and it's one of the few countries that is more expensive to get a local sim than a travel sim. To put it in perspective it's ~CAD$45 for 3GB plan from one of the big 3 telcos in Canada.

  • i just signed up yesterday, do you think i can cancel the plan or change to this?

    • You can but ask. I've heard tales of nice customer service agents helping brand new members out.

      • i am with the online chat now, have to cancel the existing order and place a new order.

  • Recontracted. Had 1 month left on BYO Sim 12 month contract, no cancellation charges. Thanks OP

  • I plan to move on to one of their device bundled plans, just have not made up my mind about which device I would need, wondering if I can opt for this plan now and move to device plan in future, any thoughts?

  • Great post. Thanks OP

  • Where did you get the list of zone 1 countries from because when I look on the website and type in a country i.e Israel it comes up as zone 2

    • List of countries with free international calls and roaming zone 1 countries are different. The OP has the Zone 1 countries linked.

      • I was wondering the same thing. OP link is only to a map, but not an actual list of zone 1 countries. Some zone 2 countries are included in the calling list (eg. Brazil - missed from the OP list), but there does not seem to be a list of zone 1 countries anywhere that I can find.

  • Soon we can ditch home NBN.

  • +3

    After my 4th online chat with Optus, they have allowed me to change over to the new $40/80GB plan from my existing $52/80GB plan that expires in August - with no cancellation fees. :)

  • Funny Australia is not a Zone 1 Country. So if i'm in a zone 1 country say China and I call within China its free. If i'm in China and I call/text a number in India its free. But If i'm in China and I call/text a number in Australia its charged?

    • +1

      Spoke to a live chat agent and he has confirmed Australia is also a zone 1 country.

      It's just Optus has terrible documentation skill.

      Look at Telstra's matching plan and how crystal clear their CIS is.. https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/mobile-...

      • Yeah, I had this confirmation too.

    • I was told that if I was in a zone 1 I will only get 4gb of data and not free call/text within zone 1. Its different from what you mentioned?

  • Does anyone know whether the $10 Bundle (broadband) discount still applies to this deal?

    • Apparently not - asked via online chat. The rep said they will not apply any other discounts. However I will try the call centre as they seem to have greater power/access.

  • My chinese student friend will appreciate this deal! His jaw dropped when I told him about it last time

  • Will this plan be available to those coming off a Virgin plan 6 months early? Ie they waive the Virgin fees and allow to sign directly to this deal?

  • Just went to the store to get the plan. When the rep was scrolling through his list to find 20% discount, I saw 25% for 24 months. Asked him to apply which he did and confirmed it will be working for 24 months. So I got it for $37.50 per month.

    • How can I get other reps to do this? I tried this on online chat and at 2 different stores…each time that they claim that no such option exists, that the lowest they can do is $40 per month for the 80gb deal. In the shop they didnt even scroll through lists, they just pointed to the optus web page open on their computer

      • Tried to do the same - they advised the 25% is for a second sim or handset only. You're also stuck in a contract for 24months and if a better deal comes along, you are stuck on this plan.

        • Online chat would not give any further discount to me for 2nd, 3rd mobile numbers. Said was already discounted 20% to $40. Might try again

  • Can anyone confirm if the calls/sms, whilst u are in a Zone 1 roaming country, are also unlimited/free? I understand the 4gb data whilst in a Zone 1 roaming country is included, but the wording doesn’t say the calls/sms are also included.

    If the rates, whilst roaming are $1.50/min and 50c per sms, then that’s a concern.

      4GB data & Unlimited standard international Talk and SMS (excl MMS) to Zone 1 countries

      Sounds like you can call from any zone to a zone 1 country for free.

    • Quoted from the CIS "If you have the $50 plan, it includes international roaming data
      as described in the table at the start of this summary. You can
      only use your international roaming data inclusion in selected
      Zone 1 countries. You cannot use your plan’s other call, text and
      data if you are overseas."

      Doesnt this mean you can't?

      • Skysurfer - I brought this up in the live chat. Apparently it's all good. I assume it's standard language, referring to the "international calls/texts" for when you're within Australia. However, this plan does offer it, so no need to worry. To be safe, confirm it with whoever signs you up.

    • According to the live chat who signed me up - you can call and sms back to Australia for free (when in a Zone 1 country), in addition to unlimited calls in Zone 1 countries.

      • I came looking for this specifically…. CIS document does not mention this… I got onto chat and Agent said only for use in Australia… I sent her (Pamela) the weblink, noted the section, but she referred me to the bottom of the page "All for use in Australia"… I don't think she really knew.

        Anyway, conflicting - it's in the webpage but not their CIS document…. I've taken a screenshot of the webpage just in case (i'm overseas at the moment and signed up to this plan)

        • I'd definitely jump in the chat and try and get confirmation. That way you've got two screenshots to fall back on if something goes wrong

  • Thanks OP! I'm taking the leap and switching to this plan from Telstra ($40/month 15GB). I added the $0 music streaming add-on. Not sure what the catch is.

  • I was on the $35 plan - and used the live chat feature.

    First operator said it was impossible, and was trying to charge me the early termination fee. Although he did say I could avoid the termination fee if I were to change my number (?).

    Just reconnected to a new operator and was no problems with the next one, so no problems recontracting.

    • Hi snoopydoop. mind if i ask how long you had left on yout $35 contract. My contact is due in mid August and the first online operator asked me to pay $67.50 for changing over from a $36 sim only contract.

      • Not sure exactly. However, I'd say longer than that - my charge initially was around $120. Keep connecting to different chat operators and you'll be in luck!

        Also, apparently some others note that there's a deal available for 24 months for 25% off the $50 plan. Just say that a staff member mentioned it in-store or something. Also if you're really struggling with the chat operators, just say to one of them that you were talking to someone in your Optus store and they let you know you could recontract without the termination fee.

        I've recontracted about 5 times in the past couple of years!

  • Did anyone else manage to get the 80gb for $37.50 per month?

  • Does any of you know if the International calls are for landline AND mobile numbers?

  • This is a cracking deal. My contract expires wih Telstra next month, which is when I'm also off to Singapore/Bali & London. All Zone 1 :)Definitely would like clarifcation on the int calls and texts made outside of Australia in the 3 said countries.

    • +1

      I’ve been on this plan for one week now and used it in zone 1 countries. Have made several calls back to Australia and so far no international calls have come up in my Optus app under usage. I spoke with customer service who confirmed that unlimited calls and sms back to Australia are included when you are in a zone 1 country. As others have pointed out, this is not clearly documented

  • Has anyone had experience with Optus changing the free add-ons mid way through your contract?

    I'm a bit worried about this phrase in the T&Cs: ""By signing up to a streaming or entertainment option, you agree that it is subject to change at any time. We will try to give you 21 days' prior notice of a change, however, this does not entitle you to terminate your plan. Streaming or entertainment options can be cancelled at any time; you just pay for these charges until the end of that bill cycle and your plan will continue for the rest of its term."

    A big part of why I am keen on this plan is because Optus Sport is included (worth $15 month, otherwise) - if they decided to start charging during the 12month term then suddenly it's not worth it for me. (Better to go with Kogan and add Optus Sport separately).

    • +1

      I think that’s more for if they lose the rights or something, then it will cover them for removing that add on from being available. Not for deciding to charge you suddenly before 12 months is up.

      • Ah yes that does make sense. In case they lose the rights. Thanks for your input. I reckon I’ll take the plunge!

  • I’m currently on $30 15gb plan which gives me a $10 discount off my 4g mobile broadband with optus. Does anyone know if the same 10 off would still apply. Store rep wasn’t sure and I recall something about this not working for all plans?

    • I'm on that plan too, hesitant to switch to $40 since I don't use all that data. But then again, they cut off my Optus Sport subscription.

  • Switched to this and student discount from my last plan is still applying…? Neat.

    • what kind of student discount are you getting?

      • Generic 10%, paying $36 total

        • thats awesome, i tried getting it but they said no such thing applicable.

          • @morpheous: Agreed, tried the same and they say can't be done.

          • @morpheous: Yep, same here.

            After changing the discount from last plan stayed though.

            Seems they may have processed wrong though, I've got "20% off for 24 months" when the original deal is actually 20% off for 12+ months (contract length) as far as I know.

            • @DisabledUser126516: thats cool, will try with different chats to see if this can be applied in any way

              • @morpheous: You'll maybe be able to get the 24 months, wouldn't expect the student discount though. This was undoubtedly a mistake.

                Chat specifically said student discount can't be applied with either current deals - there's no option on their end to apply it for you. In my case I already had student discount and seems to have just stayed on after switch.

    • Can you let us know did you switch to this plan via live chat, phone or just the online shop.

      • Live chat

  • Signed up for $37.50pm via chat, told them long term customers where being offered 1-2 months free or 5% off for recontracting, rep asked supervisor gave an extra 5% off, worth a try if your resigning up

    Just remember it’s $1024 per gb if you go over the 4gb roaming data while overseas, disgusting but overall inclusions to good to pass up

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