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ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1660 OC Edition, 6GB $279 + Shipping / Pickup @ Scorptec Computers


Found on Scorptec Facebook, price is 100$ off compared to standard. Card is similar to gtx 1060, much more recent and a little more performance. People into streaming or recording this comes with the newer encoder featured in the rtx series cards.

  • ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1660 OC Edition (Boost: 1830MHz)
  • 6GB GDDR5 (8002MHz)
  • PCI-E 3.0, DisplayPort 1.4
  • DVI-D, HDMI 2.0b
  • 3 Year Warranty

Ends after 50 units sold

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Scorptec Computers

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  • Ohh wow, they've finally come down to the right price rivalling rx580

    this is a better pick over rx580 at similar price

    • I bought one and am selling my rx 580, that thing is so power hungry and hot.

      • +25

        Like a young Margaret Thatcher.

      • thats a common theme with amd cards

      • Did you pay freight on the video card purchase ?

        Scorptec Computers refunded my Paypal a/c the $13.00 freight I paid as any purchase of $250.00 + is freight free.

        • I paid 15$ for my StarTrack express do I ring them

          • +1

            @Understandable: I would go into your A/C in Scorptec Computers Current order status and see it shows a credit there also click on the order #…. it will take you to order summery where down the bottom you can send them an email.

            This is the reply that I received
            'Your order is eligible for the free freight promo for the orders that are more than $250. We'd like to know if you would like to have a refund for the $13, other option that we have is to convert it into store credit that you can use for your future purchase with us. Cheers, Kriz'


            • +1

              @chrisie: Thanks :) just sent an email

              • @Understandable: Let me know how you got on, also they expect the video cards in tomorrow hopefully as they have no stock.

                • @chrisie: Have you received yours, mine came this morning as I ordered on Thursday morning and the card is amazing

                  • @Understandable: No haven't received mine as they have run out of stock and hopefully will get new stock in Wednesday.

                    "card is amazing" really looking forward to getting mine.

  • Very good price. Though not the Ti edition, it is still about 10-15% better on average than a 1060 6GB based on benchmarks and I don't recall that card being around this price in recent history.

    Last time I saw a card hover around this price was the Gigabyte 1060 3GB for ~$250 from PCByte (which I currently have. The temptation to buy this is overwhelming..)
    My only gripe would be the single fan set-up. Not sure if it'll play nice especially with the headroom on these cards for overclocking using MSI Afterburner, etc..

    • -1

      It's not 10-15% better, it's at least 10% better, rising to as much as 40-50% in titles that support the new architecture better, as they will over time.

      • -1

        rising to as much as 40-50% … as they will over time

        You mean when Nvidia decided to nerf / cripple driver performance for last gen by not optimizing support for new games, unlike AMD Fine wine?

        • -1

          No, when they tip in resources and time to developers that AMD don't. Prior NVIDIA hardware didn't deal well with async compute, so of course they're going to try and rectify that at a driver level where it offers the end user an advantage.

          NVIDIA do not drop support for hardware readily, and there's plenty of driver benchmarks that prove your statement to largely be wrong (sometimes bugs are introduced, of course). I mean Fermi only just got retired last year…

      • even better, wew

    • its a bit higher more like ~20%:

      decent price, i wouldn't call it 'similar to gtx 1060', its a new architecture after all

      • +1

        It's similar in that it take a similar position in the lineup tbf

    • I bought a 1660ti for $384 2 weeks ago and it is superb. However, I would rather save ~$100 and bought this one.

      • you are better off with the Ti

  • Scorptec website is down

  • +1

    I had no issues placing an order.

    • +10

      Link to the $279 2060?

      • +1

        569 for 2060

      • -2

        never said there was a 2060 for $279

  • Deals Over, must've gotten the last one.

    • Just bought one. Just follow the link.

  • wonder if I can use this with the Razer Core X….not listed in the compatibility list on Razer's site…

  • Very tempted to swap out my GTX 960 for this….

  • Also worth noting they have as part of the same sale the MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z for $729.00.

  • Single fan is cool enough?

  • missed out - just created a scorp tech account - went to add it to cart and all gone….

  • Was limited to 50 units. All gone

  • Wow this even looked like a mini itx edition which is just awesome

  • You can still pre order at the same price - should be instock 24/04/2019

    • Link?

    • You must be mis-reading the $379 (normal price) as $279 (deal price).

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