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20-60% off Storewide @ Supercheap Auto


Edit - sale extended online till 21/4.

Just received this deal by email.

Also 20% off special orders.
30% off synthetic engine oils
30% off Century UHP batteries
60% off multi tools, levels, loading ramps
40% off jockey wheels, driving lights, air compressors
30% off floor mats, waterproof car covers, plastic storage boxes

*20-60% off storewide available in store and online 20th April, 2019 or unless sold out. Store Stock Only. While stocks last.

All savings stated are off the full retail price. 20% off special orders available in store and online 20th April, 2019 or unless sold out. Excludes gift cards, tyres, services & shipping & handling charges. Illustrations, photos and packaging are only a representation of the products advertised - variations may occur from store to store. All products were available at the time of send. Supercheap Auto will not be responsible for the lack of stock due to supplier problems and reserves the right to limit purchases to normal retail quantities. Rainchecks not available.

6.3% cashback (was 2.1%) @ Cashrewards.

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    would "plastic storage boxes" include their Tool Pro Pelican cases? Would be nice if it is so :)

    • +1

      Sounds like minimum 20% off everything?

      • Sure hope so!

      • +4

        Yeah, after they mark it up first.

        I nearly bought their manual tyre machine during a 40% off sale in Sep 2018, which reduced it to $79.98. I've been watching it since then, waiting for it to drop to that price again. Anyway, the usual price, which has been the same since then, is $139.97. Then a few days ago this sale was announced - and I went and checked if there was anything about the price being reduced in a couple of days time. There wasn't, but it HAD suddenly jumped to $159.99.

        It's currently $119.18 on sale. That's only $20.79 cheaper. So the REAL discount is about 14.85%, not 20%. Businesses that do this should at best be shamed. And if the price goes back to $139.97 they should be fined for false advertising. (Unless they can prove in court the same item sitting on the shelf for 6 months suddenly cost them more - then cost them less again somehow.)

        • Yes true that. The prices don't look like they've dropped at all.

          • @Zenith2k3: Well, I have sour grapes over that one item. ;-D It's for others to check the items they're interested in. But I have begun the habit of keeping emails or notes in text files listing the sale history of items I want to get - so I can refer to them in future sales. Otherwise businesses could (and obviously do) claim anything they like after a price adjustment ('lie' as far as I'm concerned).

            The percentage-off of this sale sounds good at first, until you check historical prices using old emails or your own notes, only to realise they've had other sales that easily better this one.

            For example: that tyre machine has been on sale several times since Sep 2018. But in this seemingly-huge % off sale - it's the most expensive it's been of all those times, LOL! Just a few months ago it came down to just under $90. So I don't know why they've started this deceptive practice. (Or maybe they always did it and I wasn't aware of it.)

            • @GregMonarch: A similar happened to me with Kogan. They recently had free shipping storewide, and I had been keeping an eye on an exercise bike for some time before this. Come this promotion and the bike magically goes up by a $100. So it was going to cost $50 to buy and ship even with the free shipping promotion.

              • @Zenith2k3: Kogan at least has 4 cycles as far as I can tell:

                1. Price & shipping the usual price
                2. Price lower, shipping the same
                3. Price up, shipping free (like you said)
                4. Price lower, shipping free

                Number 4 was when I purchased a microwave. I knew I wanted it, so I tracked the price/postage for months until the fourth option came round again. ;-)

                • @GregMonarch: That happens alot places. Kings/4wd supacentre do that continuously.

        • And if the price goes back to $139.97 they should be fined for false advertising. (Unless they can prove in court the same item sitting on the shelf for 6 months suddenly cost them more - then cost them less again somehow.)

          Why would they have to prove it in court, are you going to take them to court? Because if you're not they won't be there. They will just say that the price on the shelf was discounted and the 20% was off the regular price and this is assuming that anyone even bothered to act on your complaint.

          • @Maverick-au: [Sigh…] Where did I say it would be an individual taking them to court? I said it SHOULD BE that way: fines. Fines are not decided by judges in court cases brought by individuals - they're enforcement of written law. And if it was LAW, I can assure you - they'd turn up to court alright.

            Let's face it - it's DECEPTION to mark up a price just you can inflate the amount of discount you can claim - and deception should be illegal. Otherwise they could multiply the usual price by TEN (fully intending to drop it again after the sale) then have an (up to) "90% off" sale!

            That's effectively what they've done here. If one SHOULD BE illegal then the same thing just with different numbers switched in SHOULD BE too.

            Businesses that do this are proving that if they could get away with deceiving and thieving in dozens of other ways - they would do it in a heartbeat. Deception and thievery is their 'default setting'. Scum like them are WHY we have so many government laws, that results in other businesses and manufactures going out of business because it becomes so incredibly difficult to meet them all, that many go under - or never open in the first place.

            • @GregMonarch: They do this routinely.

              a Nanocam+ reverse camera system is usually $100. the price wis $109 before the discount, and the 20% applied brought it down to $83.

              today, the price is still showing $109 with no discount, despite being 20% off yesterday.

              Supercheaps prices ALWAYS jump just before a big site/store wide sale.

              • @Laserface: Ah, ok - thanks. I didn't realize because I've only been noting the final price, not checking their percentages.

                • @GregMonarch: they are now running a 25% off reverse cameras sale, and they are still at the same retail price of $108 with the $16x price listed as the retail price and crossed out.

                  they also removed some models from the website that get better reviews than their store branded products.

    • Be watching out for them too

    • +2

      Did you hear about the Pelican? It's beak can fit more than it's belly can

    • Did you find anything good?

  • rola roof trays? what % would they be dscounted?

    • 30% just got email

      • Do you know if (any brand) roof basket is also included? Thanks.

        • Call a supercheap store and ask

  • Also, you can get 10% off gift cards via Suncorp Rewards.
    You qualify if you have insurance with AAMI, GIO, Bingle, Apia, Shannons, etc

    • Just tried .. but ut errors out after you try and put in your credit card details…

      • I never understood the errors when I used any bank card

      • i bought one yesterday with visa debit card and no problems.

        • Just managed to get the cc details on .. website is a little flakey

          • @hippyhippy: Do you have to use a suncorp bank card/credit card?

            I tried with another bank and it was still no good.

            • @t25: I was able to use my st george card. Maybe try only buying 50 vouchers.

              • @hippyhippy: Nope, doesn't work even when I buy the lower value vouchers

                • @t25: I had to try many times before it accepted.. keep trying i guess

                  • @hippyhippy: Will do! Registered before Christmas last year, still doesn't work today! :(

                    • @t25: Try a different cc… my visa worked.. but mastercard didn't

    • How do you get the rewards? I have a few policies with AAMI but never heard of any rewards programs

      • Get access to the website.. once you log in there's a link to the rewards

      • I’ve always done it on phone but assume it’s similar on the webpage. On phone it forces you to download the app then you just sign up and enter a valid policy number.

  • +1

    Perfect timing car battery needs replacing thanks OP.

    • +5

      check Costco if you are nearby, they are significantly cheaper for batteries in general, and they have 25% off atm

      • +1

        Century are better than the budget Exide that Costco stocks. And for me Costco doesn't stock stop-start batteries for Mazdas.

        But if it's just a regular, cheap battery you need the prices there are hard to beat it's true.

        • this is very subjective on the quality, Exide is well known brand and produces good batteries, not sure if you did, but you can try to order the required battery, as I remember they have a catalog there, so just ask to check if there is required one.

          • +1

            @Ametric: The Exide batteries at Costco are a separate cheaper line, they aren't the same as the Exide batteries sold elsewhere, from memory.

        • When u mentioned stop start does that mean Mazda’s need them or it’s a choice ? I purchased one last week and haven’t had it installed yet for my Mazda. Would appreciate the feedback, thanks!

          • +1

            @Calmerancer: cars with stop-start feature need batteries specially made for that from what i've heard

            • @nushydude: nushydude is right, any car with stop-start needs a special battery for it (i.e. all newer gen Mazdas). These have the CCA and RC beefed up considerably, and it's recommended to match the same type of battery (either AGM or EFB) as the OEM one. If you don't, your stop-start system might have some issues - however some people find the lack of stop-start a good thing..

              Century's battery selector gives the right batteries from their range. For some reason the Exide one does not - I think the right battery from Exide for a Mazda 3 is SSEFB-D23.

  • Frothing just thinking about it.

    Thanks OP

  • great. Buy now at full price and get a refund of the discounted price when it goes on sale. Provided you're a club member. Also no customer limits on products if you buy early.

    • Is the refund automatic?

      • Keen to know more about this too

      • +1

        Money is automatically refunded onto your club card account and expires after 30/60 days or something like that.

    • +8

      It's not a refund, it's a store credit.

      • Yep. And has an expiry date attached

      • I wonder if anyone has double dipping with their credit card price protection and the store credit.

    • Its not refunded as cash/CCard. It goes into your Loyalty discount for you to use within 30 days.

    • I’ve had bad experiences with the store credit they apply.

      Multiple times I’ve gone to purchase something, clicked apply credit for a portion of the payment, but it errors out on checkout saying item not in stock or some other error. I lose the credit and the order doesn’t go through.

      I contacted them and they reapplied the credit to my account, but then it happened again on a different item.

      They didn’t reply to the last request so I’ve given up.

  • +2

    man even with 20% off a lot of the stuff is still cheaper at sparesbox!

    • +1

      LOL. Doesn't surprise me. I don't know why for example, people buy batteries from SCA. They're well over the price of places whose main income-earner is car batteries, so SCA is often more expensive even when on sale. Plus you'll get a battery from a place with a higher stock turnover. Meaning it hasn't been sitting on the shelf for months sulfating the plates. Common cars like falcon and commodore not so much because there's more sold. But anything else? I'll pass. I paid less for an AC Delco from the local auto electrician and he delivered it 20km for free.

    • Yea RYCO filters are so cheap on SB.

    • +2

      When you need a battery it's pretty urgently needed. Not willing to wait for shipment. So there's that.

      • I said delivered (and fitted), not shipped. ;-) But yeah - many people can't pick the warning signs.

  • +1

    40% off Mother's detailing range is pretty good value.


    anyone have one of these and care to comment ?

    • No, but I wouldn't purchase a cordless tool that isn't frequently used. The battery dies from infrequent use and charging - and then how do you use it. Better off getting one with a cord that lasts a couple of decades than one with a battery that lasts 3 years, and probably goes flat due to reduced capacity anyway, requiring two days of use (time to recharge) instead of one.

      • i thought the chargers that come out these days are smart enough and you can leave the battery charging without ill-effect.

        • +1

          Well, less damaging perhaps. But apart from SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries like those used in burgler alarms, trickle charging isn't the best practice. It's more to reduce the charging rate from 'how fast can we kill this battery pack with a full charging rate' until you (still) get around to turning it off.

          Not to mention manufacturers always skimp where they can - and if they've done that anywhere - it's usually on the charger. Add to that 'industry staple', that this item is a cheapie, and that's even more certain.

          Oh sure, they could add $2 in parts and make a great charger that turns completely off after it falls to trickle for 5 minutes, but where's the next sale from a dead battery in that? (Trickle charging still produces some heat - and heat slowly dries out and 'cooks' things. e.g. LiPo cells swell up, and NiCad and NiMH cells boil off moisture in the chemicals, etc.) Chargers can do it - but does theirs? Sadly it's unlikely.

          If someone plans to use an item every few weeks then sure. Rechargeable has the attraction of not tripping over a cable. And if used frequently or at least regularly, cheap devices will probably wear out before the battery pack does. But how often will something like this be used by one person at home on their own car. And where do they get another battery pack once it dies. Just the costs of new cells would equal a new unit with a new battery, and the circle starts again.

          Unless you change cars quite often, you wouldn't want to use something like this more than 2 or 3 times a year. Even the finest grade polish contains some grit that would begin to wear through the paint or clear coat.

          I just think of all the devices like this I've bought over the years, and most of them are flat or too weak to use when I've gone to use them. The battery packs become so reduced in capacity (current - torque), that it seems fine when you test the trigger every so often in your garage and it blinks back 'I'm still ok - still fully charged'… But when it comes time to actually use it for real work they quickly weakened and die. (They can seem ok, but are so weak due to reduced current output, they won't work/rotate when you touch whatever surface you want to polish/drill/grind.) Or if they are 'good', it's only for several minutes instead of the 25 it used to work.

          I'm someone that is able to replace dead/dying cells inside battery packs - the type with welded tabs. Yet I still don't buy them unless it's something I use frequently. (I think) the inconvenience of an extension cord is worth being able to leave a tool unattended for months, but knowing it's going to work all day long that one weekend every 6-12 months.

          Heck, I detest cheap 240V tools like Ozito and Aldi… But I'd even buy one of those over a cordless tool that is used infrequently. Particularly a cheap one they've cut as many corners on as possible to still make a profit.

          All that said, no cord might be really important to you. For me, with something like this, a few seconds to feed the cord through my belt at the back, then over my shoulder and around my wrist (or 30 seconds to string it above the car using a piece of rope tied to a rafter or tree) produces a similar 'cord-free' result. ;-)

  • +1

    Best car cleaning product recommendations?

    • +1

      For pure cleaning, Chemtech CT18 is the most widely recommended on a lot of detailing forums I've read.

      • Strips wax. Dont mind using it on my old 4x4, but won't use it on my good car

        • +2

          Sometimes, stripping wax is just what you need before putting new wax or sealant.

    • Bowden's own paint cleanse and restore
      Bowden's own carnauba body wax

  • Their mini tools are of pretty reasonable quality
    Can be useful as a keyring.
    An indispensable travel bag accessory
    Thanks OP

  • 2.5l blackridge 140lpm air compressor is $132. Seems better than Aldi or Ryobi at Bunnings. Wanted to get the Ryobi with attachments but they scan at 199

  • +1

    lol. checkout doesnt work

  • 30% floor mat a good deal? i’m not following SCA deals

    • +1

      Pretty sure they've frequently been 40% off in the past. But someone else mentioned here that they jack their RRP to fudge their discount.

      • cool thanks, I'll wait for 40% mats

      • +1

        ^ stopped reading @ 40%

  • is Rain-x for $16 for 200ml a good price?

  • Good timing. My car battery died yesterday. Just got a Century Hi Performance battery for $159.20 with 2 year warranty after 20% off. The UHP is also great value with 30% off and 3 year warranty

  • +2

    can someone else confirm they have a problem with SCA checkout ? just add an item or two, click paypal or ZIP to confirm it redirects to their pages.
    Mine keeps going back to the order form, clearing my address details.

    • +1

      Just placed an order, worked fine for me although I paid by cc.

      • thanks man. Managed to get on eventually, and checkout as guest as opposed to my logged on account. Website has its quirks.

    • I've been trying to checkout for 8 hours now with the same thing happening to me. Tried multiple browsers etc.

      • What worked for me eventually is to checkout as guest.

  • Thanks OP. Stacked with 5% off Gift cards with Macquarie.

  • Thanks, saved about $100. Most on special customer orders.

  • Can special orders be done online or in-store only?

  • Got my car replacement battery, it was chaos in the store they really needed to open more than 2 registers but saved a decent amount.

  • extended today. Probably due to their checkout balls up yesterday.

  • Sale doesn't seem to apply to everything today. Mainly just special order items.

  • Website says 20 -60% storewide still but I cant see anything discounted?

    Non of the car care stuff or the battery i was looking at yesterday are on sale.

    Seems like a giant balls up all round.

  • Were all the prices marked at the reduced price yesterday?

    I'm looking at a Meguiar's Soft Buff Synthetic Chamois which is $26.24, I don't know whether thats the normal price or reduced price?

    • +1

      Yesterday it would have had the original price crossed out and the sale price also displayed.

      Seems they've stuffed it up again.

      Im going to check this afternoon in case they manage to fix it.

  • +2

    As above. Sale extended online-only from 20.04.19. Today, removed items that were reduced yesterday. "20-60% off everything storewide" banner remains.

    • SCA fixed it. Neg, removed. Better late than never.

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