expired 35% off Wim Hof Fundamentals Course $193 USD (~$271 AUD) @ Wim Hof Method


Full zero to hero online course on Wim Hof method.
Combines yoga, breathing and cold exposure.
Get ready to the winter at your own pace.
P.S. Melbourne partners in crime needed for swimming the bay :)
P.P.S Another option is a free mobile app called WHM

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WIM HOF Method
WIM HOF Method



    The man and his method are nothing short of amazing. I suggest editing to recommend the free app for a preview instead.
    Any folks on the Gold Coast doing this?


    Just had a look and there’s a workshop in Melbourne on May 4th… could work up some serious Darth Vader breathing!!
    I missed out when he was in town last year, but am considering this upcoming workshop even though it won’t be with Wim himself.
    Maybe the code from here will work for workshops too…


    Price in title! $297!


      $us297 seems to be the normal price.

      What is the AFTER DISCOUNT price, in $AUS ?


    He is amazing, you dont have to pay really just go on youtube alot of his basic exercises are free it's all you need


    There are some studies starting to come out on the Wim Hof Method,


    People who were trained in the method after 10 days were injected with clinical toxins and had much lower inflammatory response compared to the control group.

    So it does appear to change a person's physiology.

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