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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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        • Yep, will buy it on 12/5 when the current subscription expires.

        • If a shared address is a concern, then parcel lockers are your friend.

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    on its way, wow that was quick..

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    Thanks OP, mine has just been dispatched <3

    • Same here

      ordered last night about 11pm and jsu checked and it's been posted

      • Hi, was it shipped by Auspost or courier?

        • AusPost Parcel Post out of Sydney with tracking supplies.

  • Upgraded to family premium, clicked "Check availability" on the spotify redemption page, confirmed I'm not a robot, and it says "Your device is now available.
    Taking you to the Google Store…"
    BUT the google store link is giving me a "Error 500 (Server Error)" page :(

    • +3

      it took a few tries, and I ended up manually entering the promo code (you can find it in the URL/link after the "&promoCode=" part), but it seems to have worked. Thanks OP

      • Thank you! This helped me. Spotify chat didn’t help even after 20 mins and 4 screenshots later

  • Thanks OP, quick and easy

  • Anybody use one to control the tv etc??

    How do you set that up??

    • Buy a smart plug for $20 at Bunnings, then set it up in the app on your phone

      • With smart plug, you would still need to switch on the tv through it's original remote though?

    • Get a Broadlink infrared device or try a Chromecast

    • I connected a chromecast to my TV. With that, I can turn on/off through google home. I can also ask to play specific youtube videos or netflix movies on tv, and it'll turn on my TV and start playing what I asked.

      MY TV is a Samsung TV. I understand there are some newer TVs that have inbuilt google home.

    • You can via a logitech Smart Control/Smart Hub. The Google Home can be used to trigger commands.

      We dont use it as a replacement for a remote, it's too cumbersome for UI navigation etc, however its good for turning things on and off as you're walking in and out of a room.

  • I have 3 months left of spotify premium. What will happen to it after my family account? I'm assuming it will continue but not add extension time?

  • Do i pay with card or paypal? As want to cancel right away

    • It doesn't matter. You can cancel either way.

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    Someone really wants everyone, to have one of these, in their home ;)

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    Its ironic because google has its own streaming music service "Youtube Music" but instead they're giving this away for a third party service.

    • I actually cancelled youtube music right away to get this.

      But thinking to cancel Spotify after a month and go back on to YouTube music.

  • I just entered my card details using the above and was nothing mentioned aboutva google mini just hot a receipt i paid.

  • Ok im at the part which i found free google mini i already paid for spotify with card now its askimg for card details for google mini do i enter details as thought it was free which it says so and why ask for card details?

    • Yes you need to enter card details, then it should show the $79 discount and total $0.

  • Thanks OP! just got mine! the discount will appear on checkout page :)

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    Got a confirmation this morning but no delivery confirmation and it's night already :s Hope it goes through for me too

    • If order is confirmed then it will go through. They are probably processing thousands of orders so it might take a day or so.

  • If you place two orders using different Gmail accounts, can you use same credit card or it has to be different t credit card?

    • Use different credit card (and different address if possible). Using the same credit card will get your order cancelled instantly after purchase.

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    thanks, got it for $3.60 with 2 free packs of Tic Tacs ..
    So everyone seems to get a free month of spotify premium here with 2 packs, it is a competition but most people won instantly - I won on my first try

    you get 1 month free spotiy premium ( worth $11.99 )
    redeemed that just now. runs out on 24/5/19
    Upgraded to family account - zero charge as it just reduces your date ( mine is now due for renewal 13/5/19 - basically they use your current subscription to cover some of the remaining days )
    got the code for the free google home mini and redeemed.

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      Can't go wrong with some Tic Tacs thrown in aswell

    • +2

      Brilliant! $3.60 for a Home Mini, and 2 packs of tictacs are almost as good as that $49 Telstra phone.

    • Well played!

    • -1

      I am already on a free trial. Will it still work?

    • Hi, I tried your method and get one month of premiun for 3.6$. When I tried to upgrade to familiy, it needs my credit card number, do you mean that they wont charge me rather than reduce the date? Thank you.

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        I did the same thing and selected Paypal as a payment method. It went through and reduced my subscription date by a week or so - no $$ charged.

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        Yes for me it said 17.99 but didn't charge me, just reduced my subscription time

    • when i click on get premium - its giving me one month free trial. How did you go directly to one month paid subscription?

    • Dumb question: Where I can buy the Spotify tic tacs to try the competition?

      • +1

        i got them from woolies, make sure they have the little competition sticker on them

    • maxchange, Thanks to your reply I've done this three times and now have three Google Home Mini's on the way.

      • ha ha nice!

      • I assume we have to create multiplw google account?

    • I'd be so annoyed if I didn't win a Spotify code first try. Anyone actually failed to get one?

      • i've got 2 from 2 .

    • So, what should I exactly see before continuing with Paypal/CC?

      I already redeemed the 1-month code from the Tic Tac promo and I can't see any mention of reducing the expiry date for the "upgrade" to Family. The contents of the link in the OP looks the same before I redeemed the code.

    • Confirmed working 100%. Got code from 1st try. Thanks mate

    • +3

      Mate - this is one of the best examples of promo stacking I have seen in a long time - good job!

      Was going to pass on this deal, but saw someone mention tic tacs…a quick trip to Coles and some futzing around on the tic tac / Spotify / Google Store websites, and I now have a Mini on the way (and a pocketful of tic tacs).

      Nice one ;)

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    Can always hit up Reddit and grab a mini for about $7 if you want to save a few more $$ (besides the Tic Tac option above)

    • -1

      What is the subreddit name?

      • +1

        Check out redditbay. Although you won't find any deals for minis atm

  • Upgraded from Premium to Family, got my free google mini, then cancelled my family. It cost me 1 week of premium all up, so basically $3.
    Cheers OP!

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    Never had chance to post back up but signed up and got free google mini not for canceling spotify as probably they will have taken payment if i cancel right away does the spotify cancel right away as im i don't get yo use that m9nth paid for or do you still get to use even if canceled just it makes sure to cancel now you dont forget.

    • +1


    • +7

      Punctuation is your friend..

      • -1

        Punctuation is your friend..

        Deliberate punctuation error there?

        • Giving one away for free.

    • You still get to use it for the month if you cancel straight away. You've already paid for it up front.

  • +1

    I can see gumtree flooded with Google minis.

  • Cheers OP! Created 2 new Spotify family premium accounts, got the minis, then cancelled the accounts! That's my family birthdays sorted :)

    • Did u use the same credit card and address?

  • thanks OP

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    using trick on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7194334/redir from @fratzhaus, hopefully it goes through
    so the steps are:
    1. create a normal account using a normal sign up process (from spotify.com)
    2. sign up for a free trial with a credit/debit card less balance than you need to pay
    3. go to https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/
    4. use the same credit card to apply the family plan trial
    5. once succeed, you either a page saying "You’ve reserved your Google Home Mini" (you'll get an email) or "You've already successfully registered your interest in this offer.Check availability." (click Check availability)

    For me, when entering credit card details on Google Store, it charged me $4 in total for authorization, so make sure you have your card ready.

    • Thanks for the instructions, couldnt work it out the first time but was able to process the order. Now fingers crossed they both get delivered!

    • Worked perfectly.

    • Didn’t work

    • I am concerned about being charged the full amount. I have a macquarie debit and citibank debit. Both may allow overdraft. What cards are you guys using?

      • Suncorp

        • +2

          NVM got it with my Velocity Frequent Flyer Global Wallet. Transaction declined LOL

          • @R3XNebular: So it works for you?

            • @overule: Yea went through 20 cards I had stashed and realised I had a one given to me through the velocity frequent flyer. May 15 expected delivery

    • -1

      Worked for me twice. Just used a different credit card, address and Google account when ordering the second one!

      • Whoever downvoted doesn't enjoy a good freebie or two, what did I miss?

        • They are envious of your master stinge level

      • got two as well… planning to get another one if there's still some 😁

    • What family trial I registered trial at start of above but don't see a family trial?

    • Started a trial as stated so do I need to get a family plan?will this not cost 17.99?

    • Thanks for the instructions.

      Don’t forget if you don’t want your Spotify Premium membership, remember to cancel it before the 1 month free trial ends otherwise you’ll be charged!

  • Awesome OP, I got one too, $18 for a home mini nice bargain

    Promotional Discount:

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