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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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  • Think this is now expired i put it off getting one

    • that's weird cause I thought it expires on the 15th (so 2 hours left)

      • Can you see the url desktop or mobile hmm , thanks for letting me know

      • We have until end of month to redeem the code. So I'm hoping mine comes in.

        • I got the confirmation email last night and am trying to order. Hopefully I don't get the cancellation email.

  • So i registered spotify on 11h may. Then immediately got email for the mini. Went to google store and purchased with 79 dollar discount. Minited later google sent cancellation email due to unknown reason. Now both spotify and google xant say what happened and they kept directing me to eachnother. Send many mail and hat and no result. Any help?

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      Check previous comments

  • Signed up on the 14th and got my free google mini email which I ordered straight away.

    Since then, when I check my order, it has not gone past - Order placed

    Anyone else know what’s going on?

    • There is quite a wait between the order confirmation and actual dispatch - they must have quite a backlog!

      (Eg, I ordered on the 3rd, shipped on the 13th, should arrive here tomorrow according to Aus Post tracking).

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      By 14th you mean only yesterday… right? It took a few days even ordering on the first day of the deal. Relax hahaha

      • Thanks

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    Didn’t want one.
    Saw this freebie.
    Got one.
    Now want two more for shed and bedroom.

    • SAME received mine today and it's actually a lot better than what I expected and the sound quality isn't as bad as people say
      it even says jokes if you ask her lol

  • My 2nd one got sent out yesterday, didn't have to pay a cent using a free premium account I won through Victoria Bitter. 😎

  • mine arrived today.

  • Ok

    So everyone who got one what other accessories have you bought to compliment it

    We have bought 2 smart globes (1 in dining area and 1 in the lounge room) and will end up grabbing 1 for the porch light and maybe 2 for the hallway)

    and we also have bought 2 smart sockets (1 for the lounge TV abd one for the lamp in the bedroom)