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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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    • How do you know the delivery info for the charcoal one?

  • Bonus got my charcoal one today. Now just need to find a use for it.

  • Weee. Already on a family account :D Thanks for this.

  • Got my charcoal one yesterday. Thanks OP!

  • I guess when we receive order confirmation with expected delivery date of 15-21/5/19, we would expect to receive the tracking notification at least by 7/5.

  • I ordered today with tic tac method. the family member expired on 19/5/19. and expected delivery date is May 21-27. So if I cancel the family member at 18th of may can I still receive the google home mini

    • Yes, you will. I cancelled my membership straight away after I received the email for ordering the Mini. My order has been dispatched on Monday already.

  • I paid for the Family Spotify account just to get the Google home mini and I’ve had trouble ever since trying to redeem it
    The people emailing me that from Spotify are totally useless in trying to rectify my problem In being unable to redeem
    The mini. I even tried registering with Spotify under another email address and try to redeem it that way and that didn’t work either so now I’ve wasted about $35 and still haven’t got the speaker I’ve cancelled both of the Spotify accounts and the ongoing payments and I’m really annoyed and I’ve let Spotify know that. If anyone has any suggestions on how to help me with this I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • +4

      Well the first thing you should do when asking for help is actually tell people what you problem is. Then, we can troubleshoot for you.

    • Ask for a refund!!

    • Lol WTF?

    • I'm guessing that Google payments is flagging your address as invalid. That happened to me.

  • Do NOT change delivery address after ordering google home mini!

    I changed from home address to work, my order was cancelled few minutes later.
    "We had to cancel your order because we were unable to validate some of your information."

    10 minutes later, I received second email stating: "Updated delivery address - Your updated delivery address, and any changes to your tax and estimated delivery date are included in this email." when my order already cancelled.

    Looks like a bug in the ordering system. Contacting google support via email only.

    • It's not changing your address that does it, it's when Google thinks the address is invalid. It's not very good at validating addresses that aren't straight forward.

      • Very strange, good to know this.

        • I was doing an order for someone living in a unit, and it wouldn't accept the address. I tried 3 different ways, but got the same message as you. I then chose a normal street address to their friends house (totally unrelated to their credit card) and it worked fine and the order processed.

          • @jv: My work address has Level number. Must be this.

            • @ows: quite likely…

    • +1

      Contacting google support via email only.

      That wont help.

      I talked to them on chat…

      'blah blah blah, it's automated, blah blah blah, nothing they can do, blah blah blah'

      waste of time…

      • Let me see if they reply within 24 hours.

        • I wouldn't hold my breath.

          • +1

            @jv: Finally got response from google with $15 store credit and my name is not Lian! I'm waiting for a new code from spotify.

            Hi Lian,

            Thank you for contacting Google Support.

            I see that you would like to know about the order status. Let me check this for you.

            At the outset, I apologize for not addressing your query as quickly as expected. We are currently experiencing huge inflow of contacts which caused the delay in responding to your email. As an apology in delay, we'll be adding 15 AUD Google Store creditto your account in the next 24 hours which can be used for your next purchase.

            I've checked the details and you should have received an email regarding the order cancellation reason. At this point we don't have any additional information to share and are unable to provide a new code.

            The next point of contact will be Spotify, I'd request you to please contact them and check if they can help you further. Since the code was provided by 3rd party vendor, we will not be able to check for new code.

            I appreciate your patience.


            The Google Support Team

  • Just bought more tic tacs and this time I didn't get the free Spotify. Damn

    • yup no win for me either….

  • -1

    Unbelievable! Also just bought two tic tacs, big boxes this time and got ZILCH. Waste of $6 and no mini.. not impressed

    • the big box I saw in coles is $5 per box $3 one is not so expensive. I saw this deal today can't find any $1.8 one

      • It's the 24g box near checkout

        • the one I saw were all normal one not with spotify

          • @RichardF89: I found a few at woolies and also no luck. Now I'll be crunching through 4 boxes of tic tacs to get my sugar high

    • +2

      They have a finite amount of codes per day. Probably exhausted

      • especially on the last day of the promo

  • Mine was delivered today!

    • +2

      Your Tic Tacs ?

  • I just got my Google Mini Invoice. Can I cancel now? did anyone still received the google home mini after immediate cancellation? (just trying to confirm before I execute)

    • +2

      I cancelled my family plan as soon as I ordered the mini. I received it without any problems.

      • Just cancelled mine after reading this. I appreciate the response

  • Coral one delivered yesterday yay!! https://imgur.com/a/JtKvNgC

    • +4

      How did you get this colour?

    • +2

      Got the email from Spotify and ordered th mini used same CC details on both Accounts.

      because google easily detected that you already had ordered one and cancelled your second order
      same CC is an easy give away

      pretty simple.. getting one of these is fine re T's and C's
      trying to get multiple means you need to either
      a) not think about it and get your order cancelled
      b) use alternate address, CC, google account etc so that they dont identify the duplicate order

      has nothing to do with spotify, they generated you the promo link/code.. up to you how you use it on googles end

      • This is awks cos I got it sent to my work address. Let's hope they didn't cancel all my colleagues order who also used work.

        • Pretty sure it is associated with google account/email address and cc.
          Not sure if address is used to see if you made multiple orders. A couple of people ordered at my work and it was all delivered to us.
          But you can always make an order to your home address and redirect it through australia post once you receive tracking number.

          I have noticed a trend from previous comments. If your order is not cancelled within a few minutes of placing an order it has been confirmed and google won't cancel it. But I could be wrong.

  • So the tic tacs offer is over now. What's the best way to get the Google home mini?

    I started a premium trial offer today. Do I have to spend $18 for the family plan or is there something even better out there?

    Thanks for this guys!

    • +1

      Get codes from Redditbay. You can them as cheap as $6 AUD paying via paypal.


      I can personally vouch for this post, but up to you who you choose. Just add them on discord.


      Other options:
      If you have a student account (or eligible for a student account) then sign up to student premium, upgrade to family, redeem google home mini, cancel family, cancel premium. You will only be charge $6 in total.

      If you have an existing account, upgrade to premium, upgrade to family, redeem google home mini, cancel family, cancel premium. You will only be charged $12 in total.

      In saying all this, it is just $18 to do it the normal way of signing up to a family premium. You will get your money’s worth either way.

      • How does Redditbay get them so incredibly cheap?

        • Through a similar spotify promotion in other countries. The code somehow works across multiple Google store countries.

          Example: last year in the U.S. people could get mini's for $0.99

          • @TechNerd: Thanks! Not sure if just concerned with fake minis around

            • @ilovefullprice: It's still from Google, just people selling Spotify codes that are possibly not 100% legit obtained

            • @ilovefullprice:

              just concerned with fake minis around

              Why would Google sell fake minis ?

        • +1

          Received a mini bought from redditbay just this week.
          Cost was about $7. Super quick response from seller

    • +1

      couldn't you just pay for the premium $11.99, then upgrade to family, which reduces you time, and doesn't charge you the family price,

      • -1

        Not possible to pay for Premium on a new account with PayPal or CCard because they give you the first month free. That is why the TicTac approach works because it allows you to use a winning voucher to pay for the first month of Premium without getting the first month for free.
        EDIT: Tic Tac promotion has expired and their vouchers no longer valid at Spotify after 30 April 2019.

        • maxchange:

          couldn't you just pay for the premium $11.99, then upgrade to family, which reduces you time, and doesn't charge you the family price.


          Not possible to pay for Premium on a new account with PayPal or CCard because they give you the first month free.

          There's a process outlined on here for how to do it with the free trial, against terms apparently. But multiple people have reported getting there minis.


          EDIT: Tic Tac promotion has expired and their vouchers no longer valid at Spotify after 30 April 2019.

          It's not what my email says. The competition ended 30 April 2019 if you receive the code before then they're still valid.

          The Team at Tic Tac Terms and Conditions: A unique Spotify code (“Code”) will be provided to each winner of the Spotify Premium prize with instructions on how to redeem the prize. Codes must be redeemed within 12 months from the date the Code is issued to the winners, after which date the Code will expire. Once redeemed, the Code will provide the winner with access to a 1 month subscription to Spotify Premium. The winners’ use of the Spotify service is subject to the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use located at https://www.spotify.com/au/legal/end-user-agreement/. Codes cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and cannot be returned or resold (except where required by law). Spotify is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from lost, stolen, or fraudulently obtained Codes or use without permission.

  • +5

    Im getting a message saying

    We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment.

    • i got same message. probably because of high demand?

    • Same thing. Hopefully they'll rectify this. But judging by the comment above, their customer service is virtually non-existent.

      • I just got the confirmation of Google mini. So it must be due to high demand.

        • +1

          Was able to order mine this morning, high demand it is.

        • My order got cancelled. In the process of rectifying it.

  • Mine got delivered today!

    … to the wrong address. Their support queue seems very long!

    • Did they got your address wrong even after putting in the right address?

  • My chalk colour ordered on 26/4 has now delayed, supposed to be 15-21 May.

  • My order got cancelled, I received an email said "We had to cancel your order because we were unable to validate some of your information"

    I paid 17.9 with PayPal

    Anyone have this issue?

    • Did it get cancelled straight after ordering?

      • get an email said order confirmed first, then exact 10 mins later, received an email said cancelled……

        • Have you made multiple orders by any chance?
          Or anyone else at your address made an order aswell?

          • @TechNerd:

            Or anyone else at your address made an order aswell?

            I got 2 coming to the same address and it worked fine. One doesn't live their, but their address wasn't validating so i just used a different address and it worked fine.

    • My order got canceled too today. Same issue. Talked to Google. They are going to look into my account and get back to me in a business day or two. U should do that too.

      • Is that mean the Mini is not coming then?

        • +1

          are you James May on The Grand Tour

          'Does that mean he's not coming on then'…

        • I am hoping it will

    • It's an issue with your address…

      If you have a 'Unit' number or a 'Level' number in your address, it does not validate

      Google wont help you… I was on chat with them for 15 mins the other day. They say it's done automatically and they can't do anything to rectify it and can't reinstate the credit.

      I did find though that when you submit the order and it fails and you hit the back arrow on your browser, it goes back to the credit screen and you can enter another address, then it works…

      • I have a unit in my address and did not get cancelled but got a delayed email instead.

        • How did you format it???

          I tried:

          Line 1: 1/2 Smith St
          Line 2:

          Line 1: Unit 1, 2 Smith St
          Line 2:

          Line 1: Unit 1
          Line 2: 2 Smith St

          None of the above validated.

          • +1

            @jv: I have it as
            Line 1: Unit 1 2 Smith St
            without the commas. Don’t think that is the issue.

            • -1

              @overule: If that's not the issue, I don't know what is. The address works fine everywhere else.

              The Google dude on chat didn't know either and just told me to create a new account and use a different address.

              I told him it wasn't worth moving house to get a free google home mini.

          • @jv: My initial address was home, but i changed to work later then got cancelled.
            Line 1: Company name
            Line 2: Level 1, 2 Smith St

            • +1

              @ows: This worked for me and a couple of other people at my workplace

              Line 1: Level (number)
              Line 2: Street (address)

              Maybe Google doesn't accept company names?

              • @TechNerd: That would be incredibly stupid if so…especially for a billion dollar international super company.

                • @John Kimble:

                  That would be incredibly stupid if so…

                  It is stupid, considering Google Maps accepted every version on the address I entered just fine.

                  They probably had a work experience student do the code to do address validation in payments.

              • @TechNerd: Finally got a response from google with $15 store credit. They asked to contact spotify. I'm waiting for a new code from spotify.

      • I chatted with Spotify staff via webpage, she said she will email me another new promo code in a few days.

        I tried calling Google, on hold for 15 mins and no one answered the phone. I just gave up.

        Guess I just wait for Spotify email another code then

        • Yep, they sent me another promo code too…

          While you're waiting for it, change your address in the payment method and make sure it validates before you try again.

          • +1

            @jv: Here's what Google reply to me. I assume this is my reason, My Spotify is Hotmail, and I tried to buy stuff in Google store using my Gmail.

            "Make sure you log into Google Store with the same Gmail account as the one used for your Spotify account that received the promotional email.

            If the email address associated with your Spotify account is not an @gmail.com email address, please use Guest Check Out on Google Store with the email address that received your Spotify promotional email."

            • @wen87n: That's got nothing to do with the issue.

        • My order got cancelled too.

          Google said it was a payment issue..like wtf?

          How did you chat to Spotify Staff?

        • Have you received your new promo code from Spotify? I am on the same boat and just want to see how long will it take for them to come back.

          Many thanks.

          • @hc02225: Mine was cancelled by google, payment issue. Contacted Spotify by chat, requested to supply screen shot of the cancelled order. Later Spotify sent me a new promo code and I claimed a coral colour.

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