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Free Google Home Mini with Spotify Family Premium $17.99/Month


Free Google Home Mini (White or Charcoal) for anyone who signs up to Spotify Family.

For Existing and New Users. Offer is only valid for the "primary account holder" of the family.

Existing users visit https://www.spotify.com/au/googlehome/register/ to register for your free Google Home Mini.

Register "your interest" at the above link and then revisit the link and you should be able to go straight to the Google Store to purchase it right after. (That's what I managed to do)


Terms & Conditions:

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          Did you use the same address both for spotify family subscription and also google store for shipping? Did you also use the same credit card? Thanks

          • @JaeTee: I would have used the same credit card for at least two.

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    I can see a lot of tictacs appearing on eBay shortly.

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    I keep getting your transaction was cancelled. Anyone else? It applied the promo at the checkout with the mini showing as $0.00 but when entering payment information it keeps cancelling.

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      Same here. Tried again and then kept telling me "Voucher Code already Redeemed". Contacted Google, they told me it's a Spotify issue then contacted Spotify via chat and they are now looking into it for me. Don't like my chances of getting one unfortunately. At least I'm enjoying my Tic Tacs.

      • Me too, I am chatting to Spotify while eating my Tic Tacs. They keep trying to send me the same links to try and redeem it. They also said try incognito mode or switch browsers.

        • Does manually entering the promo code work?

          • @John Kimble: I wasn't given a manual code for redeeming the mini. This is what Spotify chat had to say:

            "Your account must be charge for Premium for Family plan first before you can redeem it."

            "Just wait for the charge to appear on the account. It may take a few days, then try to redeem it again."

            If anyone wants to find the redemption link it is these two:



            • @shuss2: The promo code is in the link…at least that's what someone else posted earlier

              • @John Kimble: Alright thanks I will have a look, they just told me:

                "Alright. I've already checked it backstage, and I can confirm that your account must be charged for the Premium for Family plan first before you can redeem the offer."

                "Just please wait for your payment to be processed so you can redeem the offer."

                You've already registered to the offer. Which means, a unique code is generated. So once payment has been made, you're able to redeem the offer.

                • @shuss2: Sorry double post? :( I don’t know how to delete

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        This comment a few days/pages ago helped me. I don’t know how to link so here is a copy and paste

        meph3x6 on 24/04/2019 - 16:29
        it took a few tries, and I ended up manually entering the promo code (you can find it in the URL/link after the "&promoCode=" part), but it seems to have worked. Thanks OP

        • Done it BUT keeps giving "Code already redeemed".
          First try all went through OK till the final order confirmation that returned "Your order has been cancelled". So the order processed but then immediately cancelled. Therefore any more attempts to order keep giving a "Code already redeemed".

          • @Petsa: Same thing happened to me when i tried to order 2nd one using another family members details. I wonder if ordered get canceled automatically if you order a second on to the same household.

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    Got order dispatched email and I was pretty late to the party

    • Better late than never!

  • Since the promo code is visible in the link, anyone tried the green/pink google mini and apply the promo code? Will it work?

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      I tried.

      colour selection from Spotify:

      colour selection from Google Store buy button
      Applying with these will get "Promo code not applicable. Check cart and promo details"

      The store treats them as different products, even of the same colour. You can add both of the above with the same colour and get seperate listings in the shopping basket. For the Spotify one, there is a limit of 1, this is the one where you can apply the promo code if nothing else is in the cart.

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    A Google Home Mini for $3.60 deserves an upvote

    • @jv - I may have missed something.

      How do you get it for $3.60?

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        Using the Tic Tac offer… Someone posted it earlier in the thread

  • I was going to the shops today to grab some tic tacs but noticed the spotify promo ended on the 1/4/19


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      The promo has been extended to 30/04/19, redeemed mine a few days ago.

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        Good to know

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          It's a secret promotion. Don't tell anyone.

          • @jv: Back from the shops and used my tic tac codes for a month of premium spotify

            Sighned up my wife with the code and ordered another Google home mini

  • I'd like to get the Google Home Mini from the Tic Tac promo. What should I exactly see before continuing with Paypal/CC?

    I already redeemed the 1-month code from the Tic Tac promo and I can't see any mention of reducing the expiry date for the "upgrade" to Family. The contents of the link in the OP looks the same before I redeemed the code.

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      I already redeemed the 1-month code from the Tic Tac promo and I can't see any mention of reducing the expiry date for the "upgrade" to Family.

      It does it automatically when you switch.

      I only got a 1 cent charge on Paypal (for verification of the account)

      You'll only get charged if you don't cancel in about 3 weeks. You'll see the 'next payment date' in your account

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        Thanks for that jv! Was scared, since it looked like I was going to pay full price from the PayPal page.

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          No, you already have a subscription, so they just adjust the date, based on the credit you have.

          • @jv: Can you cancel straight away after upgrading to Spotify Family Premium?

            • @nightelves: Yes you can, but I've no idea if that will cancel your order or not. I'm waiting until the day before renewal before I cancel.

  • Considering I was about to subscribe to Spotify family account this is awesome… House already has a home mini, max and hub.

  • i tried the free method and got this error"It’s not you, it’s us. We’re working on fixing the problem. Check back soon.

    Error code: PBRE
    go to homepage" what should i do now? i think i got this because i didnt know i have two different gmail accounts open in chrome on tabs and first debit card had only $5. anyway order was processed on my second gmail account that didnt even receive the promo link offer lol . hope they still honour it.

    but its all good now i just pressed back space lucky code was still in url. entered a different visa prepaid card and it worked checkout total $0.
    has anyone using the free trial method received the device yet?

  • Applied using the Tic Tac method. Est. delivery for GH mini around 16-22 May. Would it be safe to cancel the Spotify premium now that the order has been placed or should wait until it is dispatched?

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      I'd probably wait for the mini to actually arrive before cancelling.

    • If order is confirmed it is highly unlikely it will be cancelled. But if you want to be extra sure you can wait for the dispatch email. It doesn't actually take that long for them to ship the mini. I got dispatch email the next day after ordering.

    • I cancelled right after placing order on 24/4, got an email saying dispatched today so should be fine to just cancel.

  • Got one with the normal family subscription. Hoping to get a second unit with the tic tac promo, do i need to use a different address for spotify family premium or delivery address at the google shop? much appreciated.

    • I got one with the family subscription I already had then used the tic tac method to order a 2nd for my self sent to my parents address and 3rd for my wife sent to the same address as the first one. no problems and I cancelled the renewal of the family sub straight away for the tic tac accounts no problems there either as the accounts are still valid to the end of the subscription date

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    Great deal, I did it myself and it worked perfectly. But, I'm starting to discover, why do this when you can get Google Home Minis for even cheaper than this? People are selling 100% off promo codes on eBay for as low as $12.50 I've seen. So I guess that's how much these are worth right now…

    • +2

      There's a few "hacks" in the comments which can get you a code even lower which I haven't put in the Original Post because they are a little sketchy and I fully respect Spotify for this promo.

      Alot of us already have Spotify Family Premium so it's a free Google Home Mini. Others were on the fence about Spotify Family Premium and now they've taken the leap. After all, if they don't like Spotify Family they can just bail on it and still be up a Google Home Mini

      • Do you know if you can get Google Home Mini if you have a family plan from the Philippines?

    • People are selling 100% off promo codes on eBay for as low as $12.50 I've seen.

      This is $3.60 though… That's cheaper than $12.50

    • +1

      I bought the code from ebay before read this thread.
      I tried to redeem the code they sent me but the code was already redeemed.
      Now I need to do a lot of work with ebay and paypal to get refund.

  • Utterly hopeless support both Spotify and Google!

    • Please elaborate (I haven't negged you yet)

      • Both companies just handball issues, saying its not from their end. And if you contact them, they cannot even locate previous convos! With spotify I had to tell the date time and agent name just so another rep could locate the chat. Still no replies after escalating the issue.

        • +2

          Don't bother, they are both hopeless.

          You just need to start again with a different account.

        • +1

          What's the issue you are trying to raise?

          Is it that you're trying to abuse the promotion by trying to get a google mini for less than $17.99 and/or redeem more than one?

        • whats your issue though?

          • @Bargains of Oz: We had to cancel your order because we were unable to validate some of your information.

            In hindsight I probably didn't confirm my email too.

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              @PvsNP: possible credit card billing address didn't match with your delivery address…

              that's a google problem, not spotify. but you lose your code as it can only be used once.

              • @jv: You were right about the address! #facepalm

                • @PvsNP:

                  You were right about the address! #facepalm

                  It's ridiculous how Google Maps thinks the address is fine, but Google Pay doesn't

                • +1


                  You were right about the address! #facepalm

                  For what it's worth, Spotify just sent me a new code for the one that failed but said they won't be sending me another one if it fails again.

            • @PvsNP: meaning you tried to rort them?

              • @DisabledUser158286:

                meaning you tried to rort them?

                Not necessarily. There's nothing wrong with delivering to a different address. eg. work

  • +4

    Mine just got delivered

    • When did you order?

      • Got mine also today, ordered on 23/04.

        • Okay. I ordered very late. Mid day 24th. So no update yet

          • @superm86: Ordered 23/4, dispatched 24/4, received 26/4 (Sydney).
            Mine was failrly early ordered and processed early but most tic tac orders will definitely be processed delayed.

          • +1

            @superm86: I ordered about the same time and I got the posted notification yesterday night and it's at the post office now.

            • @escalier: That's lucky.. hopefully mine comes through as well soon.
              which color did you order?

              • @superm86: Charcoal. I was a bit worried since the estimated time was set for like 15th May, but I guess it worked out better than expected.

                • +1

                  @escalier: yeah- i got the same color and same estimate: 15-21 may.
                  This gives me some home that its going to happen soon.. also worry that why has not it happened yet.
                  Did you get he message 'shipment is delayed' before the status changed to shipped?

                  • @superm86: Yep, said delayed from the second I put in the order I'm pretty sure. Good luck!

    • +8

      Just wait…..

      Alot of people are getting impatient about their orders not being dispatched when google provides an estimate on the delivery date. If that date has passed and you still have not received a dispatch email, then you should contact google.

      There is over 17,000 clicks on this deal. So even if one order was placed for every 5 clicks, that is over 3400 orders to prepare, pack and ship (through ozbargain alone). It cannot be done overnight.

  • 20,000 orders made, time to sell them to China

    • This will surely be enough to buy Sydney property.

  • Great deal, I wish I could give two upvotes, especially for the Tic Tac post.

    Created a new Spotify account (didn't activate the trial), used the Tic Tac code to upgrade to Premium to skip the trial. Upgraded to Family (reduced the Premium period from one month to whatever days), and it's all sorted.

    For those trying for multiple ones, don't use the same credit card you've used before.

    Hardest part was trying to find promotional Tic Tacs at my local Woolies, had to check each checkout aisle for them, as the main mints section was out of the smaller boxed ones (only had the $3 large ones that still had the promotional code).

    • exact same for me today
      found 2 of the last 'Spotify promo' tic tac boxes in a distant isle that is rarely used. Everywhere else was new stock

      assuming my order doesnt get canceled, $3.60 bargain :)

  • do you cancel the Spotify automatic payment (used Paypal as the 'payment method') straight after redeeming the Google Home Mini from Google Store?

    btw google said delivery between 21-27 may, while my family plan will renew on 18 may.

  • +8

    On the news this morning that Spotify has reached 100 million paid subscribers… well done Ozbargain! :D

    • +9

      Next month that number is going back down

      • +1

        Google mini’s market share will go up then.

  • ordered 26/04 - got text saying its getting delivered today

    • what? really? What color?

      • white m8

        • +1

          yeah.. that may be the reason. Charcoal seems to be the popular one. Good choice mate. Enjoy

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    Ordered using the tic tac method. Thanks for the advice.

    Just so people know, you need to setup recurring billing with the Spotify membership (even though you don’t get charged) & you need to enter credit card details for the FREE Mini from the Google Store … so be prepared for that. Charcoal delivery as of now is scheduled for May 21-27.

    • tic tac promo still valid?

      T&C seems to suggest it end on 1st April ?

    • same as mine I ordered today as well. don't know it I cancel the membership can I still get the google home mini

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