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[Select Stores] Festiva FT2240SP Double Burner Butane Stove with Hotplate $22.50 @ Woolworths


Not sure if this is available in all Woolworths but picked up one of this Festiva FT2240SP Double Burner Butane Gas Stove with HotPlate and Windeshield for only $22.50 at Woolworths Livingston (WA). RRP was $90. Not sure if I'll ever use it but it was definitely a bargain and handy to have ;) Happy hunting!

Appears to be showing up at select stores nationwide (e.g. Livinston, WA, St Clair NSW, Kings way, WA, Campbelltown, NSW, Warringah Mall, NSW )

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  • You can get butane for this cheapest at Bunnings - 4.99 for 4 canisters and they have the new safety pressure relief.

  • Great price! The hot plate itself would be $15 to $20 already. A single stove around $25 - $30.

    • $19 for single stoves from Bunnings - they have the new safety features too, a lot of then don't have the over pressure sensors.

  • Is it cast iron or some lame non-stick material?

  • Was $45 at Chullora NSW last Friday so the $22.50 must be store specific.

  • How many were left?

  • Don't the butane ones blow up all the time?

    • Older models did. The new models are safe.

    • The one in the camper-van I traveled around NZ in sure did! Nearly set the van alight!


      Gotta love that test scenario.. I think the takeaway is that it will blow the pants right off your kids, kill your wife and dinner will be spilt all over the floor.

      Seriously though, don't use the old cans. Pretty nasty explosion, though I don't think the windows and roof were fixed too well in that test house.

  • I have never own this particular double burner. But i have bought the cheap single portable burner from burning. They are really not good. They will not burn at full capacity when the gas can reach about half way through, it get very frustrated as it only burn low or medium, which mean whatever you are cooking will take forever. I replace them with the one from Korean shop about $40 each and could not be more satisfied. They gas can are use till the last bit and the burner always burn at its highest even when the gas can are low. I end up throw the cheap bunnings one in the bin.

    • Do you have a model number or a link to the burner you use?

    • Sounds like yours is faulty.

      • i had 3 of them, all go low burn when the gas reach half way

        • I have a cheapie I got from SCA years ago, it's had a heap of use, 2 laps of the country rattling around in the campervan, 9 months of 2x daily use, it's never missed a beat…

          When it's real cold, like close to zero, some of the gas mixes dont vaporize too well, especially if the can is almost empty, but it's not a big issue and it's a fault of the gas not the stove… You can buy gas canisters with more isobutane in the mix if you need them to work well in the cold… (google >> butane stove cold weather)

          Your Korean one might work better for you because the heat shield is closer the canister, thinner, or the likes, so it warms the canister and aids vaporization…

    • any deals on the korean model one? lol

  • $45 at my store


  • Kmart has a different brand (Campmaster) for $69, Big W for $79 so definitely a bargain at this price.

  • thats a killer deal.. Recently got a different brand from Supercheap for $60.. at $22 this is a steal

  • That's a good deal for bastard gas related products. Do they have any deals on propane gas stoves as well?

  • I called up woolies earlier for stock check, their customer rep believes this model is on recall. for those who bought this double burner, u might wanna double check tomorrow.

  • Just wow, pity is not in NSW.

  • Genuine question; for an at home "emergency cooking equipment" (I dunno, say gas/power outage) what is the best option? Been thinking of something like that, but then it randomly came to mind if I ever got myself some charcoal BBQ gear like I've always been planning, that would do the trick too …
    But yeah each time I see restaurants and stuff use these they have seemed pretty nifty too. And yes something like this way more portable than a BBQ set up for taking out.

    • Use it outside only if you have a gas/power outage. There's a risk of carbon monoxide build-up if you use it inside.

  • I saw these for half price at Woolworths in Collie (WA) too, so should be in more stores than just this one.

    Also saw some kind of Fiesta small BBQs for half price too.

  • I've had the single burner for 3 years now (been through 5 canisters) while camping etc, no complaints from me. Just give it a wipe down with a damp cloth after each use.

  • Ive been using a few single burner butane stoves for about 4 years pretty much every day in my kitchen.
    I have lived in several houses (rentals) with astoundingly crap electric or induction stovetops and just end up setting up my little butane gas cookers on top, so i have been using them most days for those 4 years (yes INSIDE MY HOUSE!) And no they haven't exploded, i have not died of carbon monoxide poisoning or any other shit that people always wheel out as issues.
    I have 4 different single burners, they all work fine other than the little ignition clicker wearing out after several years so i light them with one of those stick lighters.
    Would have gone through well over 100, maybe even 200+ butane canisters of various brands with no issues with a single one.
    They do not massively drop in output when they are half empty.
    Never had one that didn't successfully use up basically all its butane contents.
    I really get sick of hearing peoples shit about these things, they work great, i have probably used butane cookers more times than your average 100 ozbargainers combined.
    As with so many things, user error/failure to follow basic usage/safety instructions is most commonly the reason for the "widespread" issues (read: widespread human stupidity)

    • Do you get them going at the same time for different pots and pans?

      id like to see that haha.

  • I got one of these for $22.50 from NSW 2450, there was 2 left

  • So good I grabbed 2, good find op

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