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Coosa 4-Port 72W USB Wall Charger with Type-C PD 60W $39.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ CoosaDirect Amazon AU


A price drop again on a popular USB Adaptor with 60w PD charging via USB C(Primarily for Laptops and tablets) and 12w across 3 x regular USB Type A ports(For Mobile phones and other devices).

This is great for travelling as it has universal voltage and saves you bringing several adapter's as you can bring this and the appropriate "figure 8" cables for your country of travel and charge all your phone's, tablets and laptops.

Features & details

【USB TYPE-C POWER DELIVERY】60W PD Charger Widely compatible with all USB C devices. Support MacBook Pro, Nexus 5X/6P, Nintendo Switch, Pixel 2 XL , Lumia 950/950XL, Chromebook Pixeland other USB C devices.
【3 SMART CHARGING USB-A PORTS】Charges up to 3 devices at once and one power port up to 5V/2.4A max. Compatible with most smartphones such as Apple iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad ProMiniAir, Samsung Galaxy S7S7 Edge, Kindle, etc.

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  • Does this ship with an Australian plug?

    • One of the reviews says: "The hub comes with an AU plug."

      It's just a figure-8 plug anyways.

  • Great find. I bought 2 x of the equivalent Nektek ones for US$36 when Amazon US still shipped to AU, so this is a steal!

    These are the ideal travel chargers for USB-C laptop users, so you only need to pack 1 x charger.

  • Good price…looks like OEM of the Choetech ones.

  • Just in time to replaced my defective Topersun international travel adaptor I got it from Amazon last August 2018. As always good service from Amazon and got that refunded.


    How much better do you reckon something like Satechi's 75W Multiport charger (the old one with only one USB PD, not the latest with 2 USB C PDs) is?

    Amazon had it for $80, sold by Satechi AU but looks like they ran out of stock so $109 is the cheapest I can find.

    But yeah, double the price with the same specs? Is it all for the build quality?

    • You're paying for mark-up and possibly build quality/QAQC…who knows!


        I mean, QC/QA has not been amazing for Satechi either if you look at the reviews haha.

        But yeah Build Quality for Satechi was really freakin good when I tried a mate's.

        • IMHO I have both, and I think there out of the same factory, build quality on Cossa is extremely good.
          And Cossa comes with AU plug

    • That Satechi dual type c port charger looks almost perfect. 60W PD port AND an 18W PD port is great!

      A pity the 2x USB-A is 12W shared (and the whole charger is 75W limited).

      (and the price!)


        And it's not official available here yet (I'm also eagerly waiting for its release). So add the cost of a figure-8 cable with an AU plug on it.

  • I’m not overly techy so can someone clarify, are the USB-A ports 2.4A each or 2.4A total across all three?

    Output: USB-A: 5V/2.4A
    Charges up to 3 devices at once and one power port up to 5V/2.4A max.

    I zoomed in on the product image and it says USB1, USB2, USB3 5v 2.4A, Smart Total 5V 2.4A MAX.

    Edit: oh I think I understand, 72W Max is made up of the 60W USB-PD and 12W of all three USB-A combined, so the USB-A ports would be really slow if you are charging three things at once. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    • You are correct. It is 2.4A across all 3, so it will be slow if you are charging three things at once.

      • Yeah that's pretty weak that it's a max of 2.4a across all usb A. I'd pay a bit extra for something with extra oomph on the A plugs.

    • -1 vote

      Well I think all those wall chargers would behave the same distributing power across all ports, USB-PD is 60W max, so it means if you plug something in which consumes 36W, it would leave 36W across 3 USB-A ports (12W each)
      However according to pricehipster this charger has been at this price for 7 months, I don't see a bargain here. :)

  • i have this, charges a 15" macbook easily

  • USB ports are 5V 2.4A, the PD usbC is 60W

  • Anybody got firsthand experience with this Fig-8 cables from Officeworks

    The reviews seems very poor so hesitant to buy one

    • I would not recommend buying this figure 8 cable as too many reviews state that it does not fit various appliances,

      so it's main function is seriously in question.

      P.S. Sounds like this charger already comes with an AU figure 8 cable.

      • Thanks, I was actually looking for a Fig-8 cable for my old Blitzwolf charger.
        Would you recommend any decent Fig-8 cables that work?

        • Sure. I can't recommend one, as I have never needed to buy one because I used to have a few old unused figure 8 cables

          lying around mainly from old Australian/locally purchase electronics which usually fitted and never had safety issues with

          them. Ask a few friends/relatives for one as many people have old/spares lying around.

  • This is great for travelling as it has universal voltage and saves you bringing several adapter's as you can bring this and the appropriate "figure 8"( cables for your country of travel and charge all your phone's, tablets and laptops.

    Unless you need the extra power on the USB-C port for a high powered laptop (60W vs 30W), the Tronsmart (or Anker, if you want a more premium brand) 60W 5-port charger might be a better travel charger. It has 30W USB-C (enough for most USB-C devices, except some higher powered laptops) and 30W shared over the 4 USB-A ports (5V/6A).

    For anyone who needs to charge more than 2 devices, the 5V/2.4A on this Coosa is going to be a pain. It's probably fine if you just need to slow charge your devices overnight, but if you need to charge things quickly, or have high capacity power banks to charge, that 5V/2.4A shared is going to suck!

    • +1 vote

      The thing is, some laptops like (my) XPS 13 (9360) are known to not accept charge from anything that supplies less than 40-45W. So, sometimes 30W is not an option.

      For the record, the laptop comes with a 45W charger so it doesn't have any excessively high power requirements either.

      • And my very first sentence was… ;)

        Unless you need the extra power on the USB-C port for a high powered laptop (60W vs 30W)

        • Correct. But the way you wrote that also made me a little confused, and had to read it again to clarify.

        • +1 vote

          My point was, a Macbook Pro that comes with a 61W charger can charge using a 30W charger, albeit much slower, but it works.

          Hence, some OEMs like to put weird artificial restrictions on a laptop that uses substantially less power, and just cause your laptop comes with a 45W charger, 30W might not work (even if it does for some higher powered laptops).

      • USB PD charging is still not as straightforward as it's made out to be. There are two considerations for "will it charge?"
        1) Is the voltage correct? 5V/9V/15V/20V - low power (e.g. phone) PD charges often only support 5/9V, whereas laptops often need 15/20V.
        2) Is the vendor/model/device locking out third party chargers? (HP is known for doing this on a lot of devices)

        In the case of your XPS, it appears it IS locked out from 3rd party devices so probably won't work with any of them:

  • Was really tempted to get this to fast charge some of my PD Power Banks and mainly my Lenovo Thinkpad 11e 5th gen via the usb but remembered I

    had a Tronsmart charger I got last year on sale with usb C PD so I thought to try that first and it charges it well, although 30W max. Still a Win lol.

    • I bought 3 of these 12-14 months ago and on the PD port on the 3rd one has just gone. I wouldn't recommend getting the Tronsmart ones!

      • So you thinkthis Coosa is more reliable and less fool proof?

        Was it used much, or not?

        • Can't comment on this one as I don't own it. I found this deal looking for a replacement for my Tronsmarts!

          • @downforce: Thanks. Sometimes you can only go on comments here and reviews if it's a little/new brand. Easy to pay double or triple for well know tech brands in bricks and mortar stores, but who likes doing that.

            From all the tech goods I have purchased either from China or lesser known brands online, most have been ok for the money, and the odd one failing still balances out well in my favour.

            Thanks to Ozbargain have purchased many decent gear pretty cheaply, only trouble is you can easily get caught up in the hype and buy more than you need/use, so some end up as gifts lol.

            So, did you use that Tronsmart charger much, or sparingly. Also did you have any high current drain PD gear charging off it like laptops etc?

      • yeah i have two of the tronsmart ones, i wouldn't recommend it. It had issues charging a nintendo switch on the PD port. Now one of the chargers doesnt even charge on the PD port.

        get the COOSA, its much better IMO

  • Sorry for a newb question.

    I have a XPS 9560. Current charger has specs: 130W, 19.5V, 6.67A. I frequently use my wife's 65W charger no problems (don't need it charging at full speed/under intense load).

    Will this charger be equivalent/close enough to my wife's 65W charger in function? Or will it not work for some reason?

  • This product has completely disappeared off Amazon AU…?