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[QLD] Victa 82V Power Cut Lawn Mower (Model 883241) with Battery $429 (14% off) Pickup Only @ Mower Centre


Good reviews on Product Review for this one https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/victa-82v-power-cu...

A savvy Ozbargainer will price match with Bunnings to get this at $404.10 $386. Its available at Bunnings for $499 so after price beat by 10%, it comes down to $404.10.

Even though the stock seems to be limited online, there are more than 1 available in store. If you can get discounted Coles gift cards, then use those gift cards to buy Bunnings gift cards at any Coles store for a further $20 benefit.

Offering a new level of lithium-Ion performance and durability, the new Victa 82V Power Cut Mower is designed for Australian conditions.

Powered by Nexcel by Briggs and Stratton, the Power Cut comes with the Victa 82V mower, the high-tech 82V 2Ah battery plus the 82V Rapid Charger. The Rapid Charger takes only 30mins to recharge.

The durable 18″ pressed steel chassis is designed to handle tough Aussie conditions – rocks, sticks, and heat.

Backed by a 5 year replacement warranty, you can have confidence that the Victa 82V Mower won’t let you down.

High performance Briggs and Stratton Nexcel brushless motor
18 inch durable steel chassis with swing-back blades
Includes 82V 2.0AH battery and 30 minute Rapid Charger
Mulching capability – save time, feed your lawn with mulch
5 Year limited replacement warranty, 3 years on Battery.

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  • I have this bought from Bunninngs for $380 using above method. Great mower, 1 charge and I have cut my lawn for 6 times.

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      1 charge and 6 cuts? What? Do you have a 10m2 yard? I have the 21" model and need 2 batteries minimum to do my 350m2 yard. Other than that, great mower, would recommend.

      • It's about 60m2 but still think that's pretty good. Had a sh1t battery one before and would need 2 charges, so it went back.

        • wow that's amazing. i'd wager you don't have kikuyu grass either then if you can do 60m2 6 times before a charge. if i don't mow every two weeks then my mower has to go in to overdrive mode to cut through the grass, that sh1t grows like weeds.

        • You would never be able to do that on 1 charge with a full sized yard. I mean one that isn't tiny. 60m2 is a tiny yard compared to yards in say regional city areas and older metro city suburban yards. You would need a few batteries to do that.

        • 60m2? You could have saved $360 using these:


      • 350 squares that's the size of my current block 😂

    • -1

      But it's 2Ah?

      • 2 amp hours at 82 volts = 164 Watt hrs ( 9AH @ 18v) = its a pretty big battery

    • I bought this at Bunnings on Monday for $499 - will they price match it in retrospect?

      • No Can you return it? And 're buy at the lower rate

      • To answer my own question in case anyone else is wondering, Bunnings did give me a refund for the price match + 10%

  • I do like the 82V product range. I ended up with the 21" mower though.

  • +2

    Love how the electric motor is a "Briggs and Stratton".

  • How does this Victa electric mower compare with the same brand petrol mower at the same price range? Tried a Roybi cordless electric mower and found it much difficult to use compared to my friend's Victa petrol mower.

    • what makes it more difficult to use? the victa has overdrive mode that sucks more power to go in to hardcore cutting mode if the grass is too thick or long and works as good as any petrol mower i've used. If you are lazy and let the grass go wild or have difficult terrain i'd prob go with a good (self propelled) petrol mower. Toro is always highly recommended, or Honda if you want top of the line.

      i chose electric for the lighter weight and far less noise and no worrying about petrol. I have 350m2 and have the 21' model, only complaint i have is that i need 2 batteries to do the whole yard, but i was aware before i bought it so grabbed an extra battery with it anyways.

      • Thanks for your advice.

        The Roybi would just stop in the middle of mowing and wouldn't start after many tries, maybe could get it start once after failed 5 times. In the end i couldn't bear it and returned it to the shop. That was a $500 model from Bunnings and i have seen good comments about it, not sure what happened to me, maybe just a bad unit?

  • Have this mower and love it, highly recommend it! Have kikuyu and mow every two weeks on an average size lawn on a single charge.

  • How do these go through longer grass or cutting low when the going gets tough? Do they have the torque to keep going?.

    Most petrol mowers will run for 10 years minimum , cant see many of these still running in 10 years

    • These higher voltage ones can perform pretty much the same as petrol mowers - the only thing though is that it will suck the battery much quicker as they go into a 'turbo' or 'overdrive' mode to power through.

    • +1

      I have a first gen Victa cordless mower that is almost 10 years old. The only thing I've only had to replace is the battery Once so far. I Won't go back to petrol. A brushless electric motor with no maintenance will easily outlive a ICE as long as it is kept free of dirt.

  • You can get a masport president 3000 from mower shops for 500 if you haggle

  • Have this too, great to have the sturdy metal body rather than those plastic cordless around and as stated above it cuts as well as any petrol mower I've had although self propelled is better if you have an incline to deal with. Could do with an extra battery or a 4ah though but they are quite expensive to buy alone and never seen a deal on them

  • Have this as well and it does a good job. Mulching feature is great too.
    I have roughly 100sqm backyard and bit of front yard and have not run out of juice. it charges in 30 mins so no biggie if it does run out of juice.

    The downside of having sturdy metal base obviously is the weight.

  • I have been using the Victa 82v 21" version for the past 1.5 years, no problems to report,It’s very quiet compared to my first and last petrol mower a victa 138cc thing, I bet I could now mow at night and not disturb the neighbours :)

  • 1059 for a mower?

    • A new kind of mathematics?

  • expensive delivery

  • +1

    Own this mower and can vouch for its performance.
    It’ll cut 160m2 of couch on a charge and increases the revs automatically when it hits a thicker patch. Pretty impressed and at $404 after price match, I’m thinking of buying one for the folks

  • What's with this delivery price quote of $1010 delivery in the deal title?. $1010 delivery fee to ship a mower?.

    • Someone updated deal for delivery which no one will pay for or interested in, I've fixed the title now.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Reduced again to $429 now. Went to my local Bunnings to get the price match and managed to get it at $386!!

    • Updated deal

  • Does it cut low enough? Read some reviews said it doesnt cut low enough but that was back in 2017 model. I need to zero the grass on my nature strip, maybe 10 to 20mm height