This was posted 2 years 8 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone XR (64GB $79/Month, 128GB $89/Month) with 100GB Data, 24 Months + $200 EFTPOS Card from Harvey Norman @ Optus


If you're keen on getting an iPhone XR for the cheapest price possible, the best way to go about it currently is to go with one of the $79 per month plans with Optus (which gives unlimited calls, no international, and 100GB data) for 24 months. If you buy the plan through Harvey Norman you will be eligible for a $200 eftpos card (which effectively brings the plan down to $70.6 per month).

Awesome deal. I just picked one up. Make sure the Harvey Norman you visit can supply to $200 eftpos card (I have spoken to an online Optus rep who said they wouldn't be able to do it although once in store Harvey Norman was more than happy.

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    $2136 or $1936 after HN eftpos card

    Or outright with better inclusions on sim
    No contract (only 12m sim)
    80gb sim 4gb roaming international calls etc $40 x 24m = $960
    iPhone XR 128gb roughly on sale $1100
    Total= $2060

    I’d go outright anyday

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      You would pay more money anyday? Not very OZB

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        use 28degrees for price protection on the iphone

        80gb sim has better inclusions, & thats only if you need a 80gb sim can go as low as $10-$20pm depending on what you need, not locked in for 24m

        yes id pay more for the 80gb sim deal (or less on a cheaper sim if I dont need 80gb) anyday

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        Depends on how much data you need. This deal certainly isn't "the cheapest price possible" as suggested. Outright for $1100 and a $150 12 month Boost SIM with 80GB or $300 for 240GB is much cheaper.

    • Who has the XR for $1100 outright?

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    Hate to lock into contract for 2 years. Love outright and prepaid sim:)

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      All depends on finances. It's better for me to pay monthly rather than one lump sum right now as I have a mortgage - it saves me money having the money in offset. Also 100gb a month is about 50gb more than I need, so not sure why I would want to change plans within two years. Also considering you will save money going on contract.

  • Didnt they offer you a 10% port in discount?

    • really? any more info on this pls?

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        Harvey Norman offer a 10%port in discount for 24 month contracts on the plan fee.

        Christmas last yr, I got the 10% port in discount, google home hub and a $400 eftpos card with pixel 3 for my wife.

        Ive since been there twice as I live next to a HN and they have tried to port my number in with a 10% discount.

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          i will give it a try today. thanks

  • Anyone know if this is possible for existing Optus customers? I switched to Optus last year when they were offering to waive the last 5 months of my Virgin contract, so I’m guessing I have a month or two left until that’s up.

  • Of course they bring this out now! I signed my wife up to this plan a few weeks ago (with the 10% port in discount). My timing as usual sucks!

  • Will you still get the headphones? From Optus website you can get free headphone by redemption

    • headphones are with the XS rather than the XR

      edit: my bad, looks like they have plans for the XR with the headphones as well, but at the $93 plan (with 50Gb data) vs this plan at $79 (with 100Gb data).

  • Just went to Hardly Normal and got my friend to. Sign for IPHONE XS 256gb for $125/m bonus $200 eftpos card and beat headphones redemption, 200gb a month and unlimited international call and a cheap silicone case.

    Think what sold him is the unlimited international call.

  • Is the 100GB per month, or total for 24 months? it doesn't say anywhere, either way

    • It's per month data

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    when will the $200 gift card promo end?

    • Already expired. As per the email I received, expiry date was 28/04

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