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Bitdefender Total Security $29.99, Bitdefender Internet Security $29.99, Antivirus Plus $29.99 @ Bitdefender


Got emailed this deal not sure how long it will be valid for.

There seems to be some issue with some users where the 75% deal isnt coming up, try using incognito mode on chrome.

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  • It's showing 29% 35% 33% for me.

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    Windows Defender works just fine. Not sure why you'd pay for this.

    • Agreed. Bitdefender Often has free deals.

      Or you can always get CommonSense 2019.

    • I pay $19.99 annually for Bitdefender Total Security, so for that price it's just an extra peace of mind. Plus all my computers plus tablets and phones are set up for it.

      • I pay $19.99 annually

        I got it for that last year too and keen for a repeat pricing as I run it on VM deployment that only gets occasional usage.

      • You could use windows defender and pay me $15 per year.

        You'll save $5 and I'll send you a message every day reminding you that you are safe for extra peace of mind.

      • What sorta deal was it? And when do we normally see a discounted pricing like that? Cyber Monday?

    • I used to use Windows Defender back until 2013 when a family member got ransomware onto their system even with Defender installed. When that happened I checked the AV TEST ratings and found that MS had slipped to a 0/6 for protection.


      Looks like the now the ratings are up there with the others again, but that's why I've been hesitant to use it since.

      • The best way to avoid getting infected, is not to depend on antivirus software to protect you. Keep Windows and vulnerable software updated and never every open any file unless you are sure it is safe. For example, only open a document or other file emailed to you, if is something you were expecting to receive.

        If you do to the above, it is highly unlikely you will ever get infected, no matter what antivirus you use.

        You should never depend on antivirus software to protect you, because no antivirus will protect you against everything.

        • Very true, but your talking to the educated not the vulnerable uneducated. Plus I also have Malwarebytes Premium life time key installed

          • @oldhippy: That's right, especially older users get easily confused by various links and messages on sites.
            If I could bulletproof their systems by locking them down in some way, I would.

            • @shuffle1: Get them to use Linux, that would dramatically decrease the risks of internet browsing. Use low complexity distro like Linux mint.

              • @Mibo: Believe it or not, I've tried installing Mint on their machine. The inbuilt laptop wifi wouldn't work with Mint, so I bought a USB wifi adapter. I couldn't get this adapter working properly either (tried installing different drivers etc)

                I've also tried installing Chrome OS on the machine (with neverware) but that came with its own issues, so back to Windows we went.

        • It's not an either-or situation. The best approach is to practice due diligence AND use a top-tier AV. Relying solely on a single solution, especially with microsoft, is not considered to be a good idea.

      • No antivirus is perfect and you don't know if any others would have caught it at the time they were infected.

      • It's interesting that in the latest avtest, bitdefender actually received a lower protection rating than windows defender.

      • Windows defender has ransomware protection built in now and Windows 10 can be configured to store your documents folder on your OneDrive account so you get two layers of protection there.

        When you activate the ransomware protection you nominate a list of folders on the computer you want protected and then only processes you've approved can make changes to those files, this stops ransomware from getting your most important files.

        Even in the worst case that they do manage to encrypt your documents instead of paying the ransom you just logon to OneDrive in your browser and revert the folder back to an older version before they were encrypted.

      • even with Defender installed

        Every single piece of Windows malware ever spread gets past Defender (because it's a waste of time to spread malware if it doesn't) and sometimes every other AV product as well.

      • https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/windows-10...

        On the latest test defender scored 6/6 for protection, the same as the paid protection suites.

    • Time and time again, AV reports consistently show Windows Defender as the worst AV + malware scanner. There's a reason why millions of PCs still get infected with all nasty stuff.

    • Doesn't do ransomware attacks so good luck with that

  • I still have 300+ days remaining on my current subscription. Does anyone know if this stacks?

  • thanks bought it 75% off

  • Why not just get Norton Internet Security Deluxe 3 devices 1yr for only $18


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    Just use the free version

  • Available slightly cheaper $28 through promo link below. I purchased yesterday, no problems.


  • Thanks. bought 1. have been using Trend Micro since day 1. but now they are getting too expensive. it consumes much resources too.
    can I buy 2 and activate next year? Is this sale appear frequently from them?

  • My bitdefender account got hacked. I found out there is a feature that lets you remotely wipe a PC… Sorry champ.

    Though it now has me worried someone could wipe my PC if the account gets hacked again.

  • Watch out with renewals they charge full price i just got waked with a $125 subscription fee. And almost impossible to contact email support and still waiting for a refund.

    I found it really good but support sucks

    • Use the chat on their official site. Escalate and get a ticket number. Works quicker than emails.

  • I did use Bitdefender for a couple of years (paid and also the free trials) but then got onto the Kaspersky deal - the 2 year deal was really cheap.

  • How about Avast? It's free and ranks better

  • Thanks. got it. I unchecked Auto Renewal and got a message "We promise that we will charge the same price next year (29.99$) so I enabled it again. Got email confirmation for "Bitdefender – Same Autorenewal price next year". Sound good so no more expensive renewal

  • Or get ESET for much less..ESET g2a

  • A word of warning with any bitdefender product purchased.

    They have a new payment system that will automatically set a renewal at the end of the twelve months renewal which will bill your paypal/cc $119 for say the Bitdefender Total Security package.

    I never asked for this auto renewal & it is hard to locate where in the package to be able to turn this feature off.

    Fortunately for me & unlike a number of other users they were billed for AUD$119 even if they had previously uninstalled the software.

    I dont mind paying current sales pricing but to bury an auto renewal at AUD$119 is both robbery & dishonest.

    For me i chose to purchase a Internet security package from another company altogether, at a cost of 2years protection for three devices for AUD$20

    Cant see myself returning to Bitdefender products when the software had the ability to auto renew against my paypal account without me giving it permission to do so nor at such ridiculous price points.

    Also I wonder about the security of my paypal account as i never gave this company the right to store my details for future usage.

    You have been warned, but if you doubt my post above in any way please google this issue & you will see plenty of supporting information on my concerns.

    Avangate is the billing issuer.

    • Yup, not the best ethical auto renew policy. I turned my renew off at Bitdefender last year soon after purchase.

      I'm pretty sure these types of renewing are also stored by Paypal which certainly also warrants turning off, at Paypal end; unless for something else you happy to keep going.

      My current subscription is due to expire this week and have received a few emails to renew at $119. HAHA, that's not happening

    • PayPal support / permit automated payments (kinda like direct debit). Quite a lot of USA vendors use this (i.e. eBay, Microsoft, GoDaddy etc…). Even when you pay for a $1 Microsoft GamePass membership and you still have Microsoft XBox credits, it still insists on requesting a recurring payment option and if you picked PayPal, it will setup automatic payment option.

      When we pay for online items, we generally don't read the terms and conditions in detail. Most of the merchants would bundle the automatic payments agreement into it (rather than two separate requests).

      Login to PayPal, click on Settings (the cog icon), choose Payments, in Automatic Payments section, click on the Manage Automatic Payments button, you can then see a list of active merchants which you agreed to permit automatic payments. Make the necessary adjustments. Don't remove the ones you still need (i.e. if you sell things on eBay, you want to allow eBay automatic payments (for fees); if you have XBox and do buy digital items from Microsoft, might as well keep Microsoft automatic payment on).

    • I was caught last year. I couldn't locate anywhere the "renew" option to say "no".

    • Log into Paypal, go to settings > Financial information > Automatic payments > Manage Automatic payments. Then browse the list and click on the ones you want to cancel.

  • I cannot get the OPs price no matter if its desktop chrome incognito or mobile, does this work for anyone with an existing subscription?

    • I just opened it on Android in an opera private tab and got the 75% off. And yes, I have Bitdefender installed.

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    Just in time for my renewal! Didn't work on the phone, but worked on my desktop Google Chrome browser.

  • Worked from my desktop firefox browser. It stacks onto your remaining subscription.

  • This is still working. Just got Total Security for 12 months/5 devices for $29.99 AUD.

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