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Huawei Nova 3i 4GB/128GB Dual Sim $342 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals (HK)


Got mine pricematched at officeworks for further 5% to make it $325. Only downside that I found was no NFC. Other than that, one of the best phones in this price range. Battery life, storage, camera, screen. All very pleasing.

JBhifi has it for $449.

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  • Great price and decent phone.
    Things which i don't like about this phone - longer time to charge the phone (but battery last long) & speaker is not as loud enough

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      And no 5GHz WiFi

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        Yep the reviews said it wasnt a phone for picky people. But for about a quarter of a flagship you cant complain.

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          Agree. Good phone for the price.

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    is 3150mah a big battery now? I just bought the umidigi f1 (which is slightly cheaper) and it has a 5150mah battery (and NFC and pretty similar specs in all other areas).

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      It has 3350mah battery. Please don't comment acting like you know everything when you don't.

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        LOL @ macrocephalic… pwnd

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        Pedants on high horses are the worst type of pedants.

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    OW price match grey import?

    • Yep they changed their policy last year. You might need to give them a heads up as alot of the workers still dont know.

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        thanks any chance post a receipt?and which state is it?

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          NSW mate. If you go through the comments of my other post on this phone a while back, you should be able to find it!

  • Another downside is micro usb instead of USB-C

  • got this phone since release, and I am happy with it, though it didn't feel like much of an upgrade from Samsung A5 2017.

    pros: good camera, great screen, good battery life, Bluetooth Aptx, bright design, lots of storage (I have no sd card in mine, still plenty of space).

    cons: micro usb instead of usb-c, slower charging, no 5ghz Wi-fi, no NFC, no weather sealing like Samsung.

    in fact, I would say if Samsung A5 2017 or A8 was available at this price, that would be a great deal, too, because of weather sealing, AC WiFi, quick charging and usb-c.

  • You can get the slightly smaller 3e model on eBay with a code for $269.10, if that's your preference

  • The Honor 8X and Honor Play are in same price range.. ive been tossing up between these 3 for a dual sim.

    • I think the Honor 8X camera is better because of the AI handheld Night Mode.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

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    black back to $349,purple down to $331,but OW here has no purple,bought the black one,they did 5% off the $349 for black,
    thank you OP

  • Purchased a POCOPHONE from the other deal but never arrived from TobyDeals. No response since. Terrible customer service as they have not provided any solutions to any of my concerns. Absolutely shocking experience. Don't recommend purchasing from TobyDeals if you have any issues.

  • I went to 2 OW stores. Both said they dont pricw match tobydeals and if someone has done that, its wrong

    • they do match at five dock NSW

  • Was able to pricematch at greenacre OW, they initially said no, but I just pointed out the new 5% guarantee policy