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BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD Season 1 SD $4.99 @ Google Play


Relive all of Beavis and Butt-Head's classic adventures, handpicked by Mike Judge himself. This collection totally rules.
Normally $21.99, only 9 episodes

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      Shutup dumbass a hehehehe

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        I am cornholio, I need some teepee for my bunghole.

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          Diarrhea cha-cha-cha, diarrhea cha-cha-cha…

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          Quilton from Amazon, buttmunch uhuuhuhu

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          Where I come from there is no tee pee

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    Unfortunately these don't have the music videos with commentary (since they don't have the distribution rights for the videos). They rule, uhhuhhuhuuhu. (… And can be obtained from Fight Club… uhhuhuuu)

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    Is this the original "fiiiyaaaarr" series or the censored by idiots so morons can watch it version?

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    You'd have to be insane to pay the RRP for this.

    I don't know how they can call this "season 1". It's comparable to the old VHS releases of The Simpsons where you get a few random episodes - more like Volume one.

    These will sadly be censored and the music videos omitted.

    FYI - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Beavis_and_Butt-Head_e...

    • Meh…

      Series, season, group, collection. Target audience will be happy.

  • Tom Anderson ——> Hank Hill

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      Are you them pair what been whacking off in my trailor?

  • 9 episodes.

  • Used to watch this on MTV at the gym many years ago :)

    • If you were watching them new when you went to the gym you would have been rockin' the bum bag, right?

      • 2019: bumbags are still present

      • Adidas of course ;)

  • Mike Judge = Genius

    • Mike Judge = GOAT

  • I had to login for the first time in ages just to upvote all of these comments.

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