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Free Movie Rental from Muvinow - First 10,000 Customers


Watch a movie compliments of MuviNow, Australia's newest movie service that brings you the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, all with no monthly commitment.

Create a free MuviNow account and use the code WEEKEND19 to rent a movie on MuviNow*. No credit card needed - just join, pick a movie and start watching!

Hurry, this offer is limited to the first 10,000 customers who take advantage of this amazing offer by 15 May!*

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  • Is it DVD or Blu-ray?

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      It's online.

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        Will it work on a Roku box?

        • Whr did u get a roku from?

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        beta be!

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    Both the codes work.
    Thank you.

    • Yep, same.

    • What's the other code? I only see one…

  • Thank you a lot, worked perfectly.

  • 1080p?

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    Anyone else having issues streaming? It dropped out about 5 times during the movie. Had to go back on my phone, open the app re-cast it and try and find where I was up to without skipping too far ahead and giving something away.

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      I streamed Aquaman last night from the webpage/webapp as I couldnt be bothered installing the actual app from the store last night and it worked flawlessly. Quality wasn't amazing but hay, was free.

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      I had issues too. Kept freezing and gave up on casting

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    Am having problems mirroring from a phone.

  • Thanks! I rented A Star Is Born.

    • Let me know what you think of the film. I am considering it to be the rental that I choose.

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        Someone already borrowed it.

        • rent it first time or rent it free

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        Wasn't too bad I thought.

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          Just a bit bad then ??

  • thanks Op

  • How soon you need to watch it after renting?

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      30 days, 48 hrs once started playing

  • whoops accidentally signed in via facebook so i guess i bypassed the part where i needed to put the code in :( lol

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      You have to put the code after you click the rent button on the movie you want.

  • 2nd free movie viewing time.

  • Jesus, you've really got a thing for Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

  • Which movie is better?
    Ralph Breaks the Internet or The Incredibles 2?

    • Incredibles 2

    • Ralph

  • only can watch one movie ?

  • The usage limit of this Reward code has been exceeded. Please try a different Reward code?

    • Thanks OP! This code is still working for me.

  • Will it work on vodafone tv?

    • Nope can't get it to play properly on Vodafone tv via the native app or Chromecast

  • Thanks OP

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    Cheers OP if anyone's wondering HD PQ not bad thus far (via Chromecast 1st Gen didn't work with the Ultra for some reason). Also can use this one in addition to ANZAC2019.

  • A few comments: a) It looks to be mostly recently releases, no oldies like "Heat" or "The Abyss"

    b) HD on Muvinow is 1080 and the FAQ says that a HD movie is around 2 GB in size (warez scene Bluray rips at 1080 in x264 AVC are usually larger, like 10 Gb in size). Muvinow, how about 4K rentals? (4k TVs have been around since 2012, and have been really cheap for the last 2 years as long as you don't need an OLED panel).

    c) Coupon code is still working at 4AM Sunday.

    I preferred the good old days when you could rent Blurays on Tuesday for $1 each (it later went up to $2). Unfortunately video hire stores only exist now in regional areas. Online rentals are more convenient but more expensive, and are competing with 'free' Torrent/Usenet/File Locker sources.

  • So you can only rent one movie for free right?

    • Hmm yup just tested, only one movie. Oh well, at least it streams pretty well on their web platform. I'm also using an Australia VPN, as the signup is region blocked (I'm from NZ).

      It's alright, probably better to stick to WebTorrent or Popcorn Time

  • Probably the best experience I have had streaming a movie despite the quite simplistic not fully developed website. had no interuptions no buffering or quality drops, though that may have been becuase I choose all quality settings rather than leave it to auto. Certainly much better than google play.

    • May be better due to very few users at this stage. Not many movies to choose from yet. Easy & enjoyable viewing.
      Watched SBS movie afterwards. Kept dropping out - on a Sunday afternoon in school holidays!

      I was using an ancient 3G+ phone for hotspot on Amaysim SIM, watching site on smart TV, in poorer reception area. Not an ideal setup. No bufferingđź‘Ť

  • Still working? Didn't work for me.

    • Still worksđź‘Ť

  • The usage limit of this Reward code has been exceeded. Please try a different Reward code.

    • Still worked for me

  • WEEKEND19 just worked for me