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CORSAIR H100i/H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm $156 / 280mm $188 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was browsing for some computer parts for myself and stumbled upon this.

Normally $200+ so if you're looking to add a bit of colour to your build here you go :)

Quite well reviewed unit here's a guru3d review:

Just discovered there's a typo on the Amazon Page. the 240mm unit is actually a H100i RGB Platinum AIO Cooler. Verified by checking the model numbers. The 280mm is the H115i RGB Platinum.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Opinions on 240 vs 280?

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      Typically you want to go bigger if you can fit it in your case. 240mm will come with 120mm fans, 280mm will come with 140mm fans.

      140mm fans typically have a better airflow/sound ratio.

    • +7

      Larger radiator, larger area to dissipate heat, in theory the fans attached to the radiator can run at a lower rpm compared to a 240 (depending on the CPU of course and the heat it generates)

      • +1

        140mm fans are quieter too!

        • I did not know that. Thanks

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    RGB lighting is only going to get bigger and bigger. Would almost predict most mid to high end components will include some sort of lighting soon. Prob also spurred on by the popularity of led light strips and panels for use around the house too.

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      Would almost predict most mid to high end components will include some sort of lighting soon

      This has already been the standard for ~2 years now.

      • Not on too many mid end motherboards and memory yet though. Would be good if they get the lighting on some really fast sticks of ram

        • +5

          Er … I think you need to go and look again …

          • @Diji1: I just bought a few mid range H370 boards and they dont have RGB or one half assed non changing colour strip. the ram has been pretty average speeds. The rgb sticks that get posted here are no where near as good as the high performance gaming sticks

            • @Sammyboy: Crucial Trident Z RGB is posted here on a regular basis and most use Samsung b-dies, the best you can get.

  • Worth an upgrade from an H80i on a 8700k?

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      Ask yourself the question, is your current AIO cooler doing a good enough job?

      Have you tried overclocking or are you planning to?

      • I can get 4.5 GHz all core turbo topping out around 70c. Just wondering if this would allow me to push closer to 5 GHz with similar temps. If I need to go the custom route I'll just leave it.

        Yes, it's a great cooler but doesn't allow my CPU to comfortably reach it's potential.

        • +1

          70 is quite cool, better cooling isn't likely to get you much more, certainly not 0.5 ghz

    • +1

      If you have the space for a 240 or 280mm I would question why you got a 120 AIO in the first place. A high end air cooler will yield similar if not better temps. If you want to overclock and your case can accommodate it you'll definitely see a big difference in temps with a radiator double the size.

      • +1

        Just upgraded my case recently for better airflow. Couldn't fit one before but I can now.

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    build mine AIO for like 10$


    they are all salvaged parts, bunnings hose, ebay rads and ebay pump combo.
    coolit is the supplier for Corsair. basically the same thing.

    • +2

      That's awesome dude!

      • +1

        you never know before you had to build one for custom pc. Then you realize how much profit they making out of us…….

        but yeah highly not recommended for most ppl to DIY aio, just coz leakage risk involve.

        • I don't think they're making much profit. In other industries needs, In the past, I looked to source hardware from PC sector… Due to availability, price, size, profit margins.

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            @Ulysses31: They are making large profits.

            All AIOs are made by two manufacturers and everybody else just slaps their name and flashing lights onto them and tells a story.

        • +1

          To be fair though, I'm not sure I could trust myself to make something that's meant to be leak proof. 1 silly mistake could potentially stuff up my whole system :P But kudos to you for doing so

    • Looks the goods!
      What case is that you're using?

    • woah even water cooling your HD.. nice

  • Worth it to get this for a 2700/2700x build? Planning to OC.

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      Only OC 2700. 2700X has no overclocking headroom and all you'll be doing is wasting power for no performance gain. It's factory boost pegs it as high as it can go from the factory.

      I have 2700X and actually got worse performance when overclocked.

      • +1

        But yeah, this is a good cooling solution.

      • What do you get with yours? Mine is stable at 4.15 with the stock cooler but you say you get better without oc?

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          Mine runs at 4.3GHz under load stable without overclocking with a Thermaltake Floe 360mm AIO set to performance.

          If I manually overclock it, the max I can get stable is 4.1GHz, and it runs hotter and uses more power whilst doing do.

        • +1

          Proved true in multiple serious reviews. Do not OC.

      • That's a good point. I ended up buying the H115i. Hopefully the cooling gains over the stock cooler / a cheaper air cooler makes it worth it. Oh and the rgb ;)

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      No unless you cannot fit a Noctua NH-D15 which is much cheaper, quieter and cooler.

      Or maybe you want a louder, worse performing and more expensive cooler that requires annoying, low quality software to operate it - because it has flashing lights.

      • +1

        One of my mates showed some swanky AIO he has on his PC, telling me how cool it is with it's RGB lights, etc.

        My D15 was keeping temps much lower in Prime95, and I couldn't hear it, compared to his AIO screaming its tits off.

    • +1

      Should be a hell of a lot quieter than the Wraith Prism, and more thermal headroom will allow it to boost higher without manual OC.

      That said, thermal performance is roughly the same as high-end air coolers which are a fair bit cheaper.

  • Good price! I recently got one from Scroptec for $209 when they had a sale on it. Currently got it on the 9700k OC at 5.1ghz with pretty good temps. I've had the non-RGB model for about 4.5 years or so before it started to die on me, but since it came with a 5 year warranty I managed to send it back to Corsair for rma and will probably put the replacement in another rig.

  • noob question, where can I check what size cooler my CPU / case can fit?

    I have a case Thermaltake view 31, and looking to get b345 mobo.

    I am not looking to overclock, I understand having a liquid cooler may be over the top, but just want the RGB fans since the case if with glass window. is there any cheaper options?

    • +1

      Check your case manufacturer's specifications.

      Normally they'll mention something along the lines of Radiator Comparability: 240mm or 280mm or even higher.

      In your case:

      Radiator Support
      1 x 360mm , 1 x 280mm
      1 x 360mm , 1 x 280mm
      1 x 120mm , 1 x 140mm
      1 x 120mm , 1 x 140mm

      If all you're after is RGB fans you can easily purchase them through any retailer eg.
      They'll be alot cheaper. This is more of a CPU cooling solution purchase (+ fancy colourful fans!).

    • +2

      Step 1: Look up your case, easily done on the official product webpage.
      Step 2: Check radiator compatibility

      https://www.thermaltake.com.au/products-model.aspx?id=C_0000... and scroll down.

      Looks like the 240mm and 280mm will fit in the front and top of the case.

      Rad Size 120mm 140mm 240mm 280mm 360mm
      Front * * * * *
      Top * * * * *
      Rear * *
      Bottom * *
    • +3

      I always run my builds through https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ and it usually lets me know if I have missed something.

    • I've just been looking into CPU Coolers for my new PC.

      As @Kerjifire said, you need to check the compatibility of the radiator size for your case, but you also need to check the Pump Height as well. Case manufacturers list tolerances for max Graphics Card length, PSU size and CPU Cooler height for each model. Fortunately it's the bulkier air coolers that usually push these boundaries.

      All that being said, if you're not overclocking, then water CPU Coolers are overkill according to most professional builder-reviewers. Air coolers are cheaper generally, have less that can go wrong, and newer models have RGB lighting built-in as well. Just check some out - Corsair, Cooler Master, etc on their websites…

  • Nice coolers, too bad they get really loud.

  • tempting but my wraith cooler is doing a good job atm.

  • Would the 240mm fit the Leaper PRO RGB Case from the techfast PC's? Is anyone getting this for that case? If so what other things have you changed / upgraded?

  • I have the h115i (non-RGB) the lighting control is a step backwards from the previous models (H100i v2 specifically). I think lighting is stupid, but I have to have the software permanently installed and running to disable it. The previous model saved the config on the cooler so you could disable it and never have to deal with the software again or even have to plug the cooler into usb. This became super annoying on a Linux PC as there was no software for that platform anyway, so I ended up running a cable externally to a nearby windows PC.

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