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Efergy One Household Energy Usage Meter $39.15 Inc Shipping


This deal for a fancier, more expensive equivalent was quite popular at $100 delivered, so I thought I'd pop this one on here.

Keep in mind it does legally require a professional to install it (although as discussed in the linked deal, many people do it themselves).

From the COTD website:

The Efergy meter is a wireless smart electricity meter that allows you to instantly see how much energy you are using at home or in the office. Just clip the sensor around your cables inside your electricity meter box outside, then enter the tariff found on your electricity bill into the display screen inside the house, and the Efergy will display your energy consumption as well as the monetary cost. Using your consumption information from the Efergy meter, you can see how changing your electricity usage will save energy and money. The Efergy stores your usage data too, so you can track how your energy consumption changes over time. The Efergy meter is also an excellent educational device. It is easy to use, and increases awareness of important issues related to electricity, energy and our environment.


  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Includes:

    • Cable clamp sensor
    • Wireless transmitter
    • Display monitor - 85 x 85mm

  • Updates every six seconds!

  • Sensor clips effortlessly to cable beneath electricity meter
  • Stores usage data - track how your energy consumption changes over time
  • Easy to use
  • Use in the home or office
  • Requires 4x AAA batteries (not included)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Professional installation required

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  • Lol +1 for putting hippies in the keywords

  • I don't need these thing, electricity company already install one for me and they send me the itemised bill every 2 months.

    • itemised bill

      Wow so they tell you what each device in your house has used? Didn't think so.


      Fair enough. As I discussed in the other deal, what you learn from this thing is mostly what you already know - use less electricity, leave stuff unplugged/off instead of on standby etc.

  • QLD Government is still offering residents the $50 home energy smart thing where they install up to 15 energy efficient light bulbs plus the energy monitor, better to get that than this $40 one and dodgy up an install yourself:p


      I would be very happy if they introduced this one in WA.

  • So how much would it cost to get an electrician to install it?

  • +3 votes

    "PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing extremely high volume of orders and anticipate that dispatch will be delayed until after Easter. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused."
    ……EASTER !!!

  • Looks like a good deal, but only problem, i live in a unit, and the power meter box is too far away, too many layers of concrete, so there is no chance its able to be installed as was intended by the instructions. It may work if the sensor is on my switch board which comes into the unit, but this looks even less accessible.

    Also, what is the cost of this unit if you purchase this from an electrician with installation? They seem to retail for $100 but an electrician may be able to reduce the cost if you buy the unit and pay for installation, making me question if this is a really good deal or not. Many Electricians would probably sell at the RRP price of $100.

  • I checked my switch box, doesn't seem to have any cables to clamp on. Does this mean I'll definitely have to get a professional to install it? Anyone else in VIC has the same kind of switch box? I'm in a house.

    • Same 'ere. Opened the switch box outside the house, and it looks like all cables are behind the wall/barrier. Only thing you can access is the meter and the circuit breakers.

  • It should be noted that this model being sold is the basic usage meter, a more advanced one is available http://www.originecostore.com.au/efergy-e2-wireless-smart-el... this one allows for more detailed reports, conecting to a PC and 3 phase meter usage, the Envi-R model also has advanced features.

    Energy monitoring is a great idea, but for me, this one http://www.originecostore.com.au/Energy-Cost-Meter-Arlec/PC2... maybe the better more effective option due to the unknowns regarding the possibility of installation.

    • Just so you know cotd have one of those plug in meters for $16.

      • $16 is a nice price for a plug in power meter, but cant see it anywhere on COTD website.

      • They only monitor one device.

        The COTD one tells you how much power your whole house is using.

        • Measuring one device would be better IMO. Then you can test each device and find the ones u need to focus on it's usage. I would love to know how much of my bill is the pc, fridge and tv.

        • The COTD one tells you how much power your whole house is using.

          I checked my fuse-box, and there is already a device there to do this.
          It has a wheel which spins 266.6 revs/kWHr according to the label.

          Something that measures the power of a single device without having to turn off the fridge and every other variable-power device would be more useful.

        • +1 vote

          1. Check the current household usage. Put it in a calculator and press subtract.
          2. Turn off/unplug/change whichever device you're testing to the state you wish to test it at.
          3. Check the current household usage. Put it in the calculator and press equals.

          The resultant figure is the draw of the device(s) in question.

          If a compressor kicks in/turns off during this procedure it'll be easily noticeable.

    • The Arlec meter from Origin only works in some circumstances. It detects the energy usage of high power factor devices such as kettles and heaters very accurately, but does not work with lower power factor devices such as computers, electronics, CFLs, etc. I have the Arlec meter (also sold by Jaycar, and popular on eBay) and it tells me my quad core PC (80 watt CPU) with a gfx card that consumes 100w of power by itself is only consuming 120 watts when running benchmarks and software that utilise both the CPU and GPU 100%. The motherboard and two hard drives don't consume a negative amount of energy. I tried an APC UPS and it accurately measured the power usage as 210 watts. Big difference.

      • Yeah they're rubbish meters :( Two identical PCs (with 150w GPUs) measure 80-95w each, regardless of load, put both on the meter at once, 110w…. Connect 2x60w lamps and it goes up to… 130w.

  • I got the Efergy E2 one from ebay UK for about $95 posted. Had to get an extra sensor because we have two meters here (power & hot water). Note though it can't monitor them separately. It just monitors total power use. You have to work out what causes the rate to spike. That is quite easy as you can see for example when you turn on the kettle the rate goes up 2kW.

    In the Windows software you can set different rates e.g. the first 1000kW costs 20 cents per kW, then the rest costs 15 cents per kW. What it can't do is give each sensor different rates - e.g. power 20 cents, hot water 12 cents. So you can measure and graph your consumption, but not cost.


    I'm a little surprised this deal got so few votes compared to the earlier deal. Does the ability to transfer the data to your computer and an aesthetic improvement at a x2.5 price premium really seem like a better deal?

    Maybe it's because I was upfront about the pro installation…

    Oh well.

  • Guys I just got my efergy (and additional $16 plug meter).

    I realised I've got an overhead wire from the power pole to the house. So all I did was clamp onto the wire where it enters the house and job done. Took like 5 seconds lol, since I didn't even need to get out the ladder as we have a balcony and railing I can climb onto to reach. Much easier and probably safer than opening up the the fuse board panel. Just make sure you don't touch the wire and don't earth yourself on anything when you are clamping it on lol.