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Flash Sale: 40% off Supercharge Car Batteries @ Repco


Great batteries, 36 month warranty, 40% off!

Online ONLY, no rainchecks, enjoy :)

Mod Note: Deal has been extended to Sunday 12th May Sunday 31st May and available In-Store.

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  • If the battery fails during warranty do i take it to Repco or supercharge?

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      Repco, depending on situation they will credit or refund on the spot.

      • Lol, they don't.

        I once bought a wiper blade for my car and they gave me the wrong size wiper which broke the actual arm. Neither did I get a refund for the wiper nor any compensation for the broken wiper arm.

        That's one reason I don't ever go to Repco anymore.

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          If you are that upset, take it up with head office and you will highly likely get a refund. Wipers are hard to deal with sometimes, particularly modern cars where they make the arm very hard to work with.

          We are told not to fit anything for this exact reason as we are liable, if you broke the arm that is on you however the wrong 'size' could be the stores fault. The blades have a range of adaptors to suit most cars, what car was this for? The adaptors are plastic and most arms are metal so I would be concerned if you broke the arm trying to fit the blade.

          • @mezje:

            If you are that upset, take it up with head office and you will highly likely get a refund.

            Emailed the head office but never got a response. To avoid further disappointment and frustration, I just accepted it as my bad luck.

            We are told not to fit anything for this exact reason as we are liable, if you broke the arm that is on you however the wrong 'size' could be the stores fault.

            Exactly. I tried to fit it myself, but they had given me a wrong part. I wrote that in my email, but as I said earlier, it went to a black hole

        • Yes they do, recently had a silver fail under warranty (my fault) replaced, Great Service.

  • All the batteries i looked at have no stock remotely close to me (Campbelltown, NSW)

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    Good price on some of those I should of waited a week and saved $40

  • -_- Out of stock everywhere in Melbourne? Can I call store to pay and order?

  • Crap..just purchased a Century AGM battery for $368 order from SCA with 10%SuncorpGCs.

    Wonder how theses compare? Are there EXG SNT tech similar to AGM and EFB batts?

    • You're not missing out on much. My experience with supercharge has been poor. Twice bought, twice the battery has died with some of the remaining warranty left. Not like I drive a commercial vehicle or let the battery sit.

      I've tried to stay with Yuasa/Century but did buy one of those Exide batteries on special from Costco. Too soon to comment though

      • Twice bought, twice the battery has died with some of the remaining warranty left

        Surely that means you had it replaced then? They have a 3 year warranty. The last exide battery I bought only lasted just over two years.

        • I regret not keeping the first receipt. When I did keep the second it completely faded.

          I've photocopied the Costco receipt for the Exide and also the SCA one for the Century one.

          Was your Exide from Costco as I thought those prices seem a bit too good to be true. Kind of expecting it to be a flop now.

  • Same here in Sydney. Out of stock. Availability at Nearby Stores: Clayton 3171, Townsville 4814. LOL

  • Figures why it’s 40% off; no stock for a 2011 Corolla battery in the entirety of NSW …


      The system can be a bit funky, maybe try find a Supercharge part number and search it on the site, corolla probably an SMFN40 or something similar.

      • I'm not in the market for one (I got a Gold Plus one from Autobarn about a year or two ago, MF55B24LS-490CCA), but thought I'd have a look on the basis of everyone else saying they weren't able to find anything, as the owner of a relatively common model car

  • Can attest to it being a great battery. I've had one supercharge gold battery only, it lasted 5 years and was still going when I scrapped the car.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered a 810CCA GoldPlus for my Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4WD from the Rockdale NSW branch.

  • What % off RRP do places like Mekong Spares in Canley Vale, NSW sell these batteries for?

  • Damn it. I bought this from Autobarn last night.

    Tried the RACV 30% discount offer from Repco but batteries were not included.

  • Damn, I just bought a battery today from Repco for my Ford Focus Paid $220. Can I get a refund for the same lol.

  • why is there no model No. online? I am looking for gold plus MF75D23L

  • I'm not familiar with battery "types". Can anyone tell me if any of these are deep cycle, or otherwise suitable for a 2nd battery?

  • Tried looking but couldn't figure out if they make batteries for start stop engine!!

    Anyone knows?

  • I'm trying to find if any of their batteries fits my old-ass car but the search thing keeps going on with no result. Does anyone know if they have a battery for Holden Astra TS 2002? Tia

  • Thankyou. My battery died a few days ago. Got myself a Gold Plus.

  • Even with so called sale I bought from local third party battery dealer cheaper

    shop around. don't fall for flashy discount numbers

  • I need a MF75D23L for my Toyota, but the search result no special was applied. Does the sale cover all the supercharger?


      Yes, that is a Century part number AFAIK, check Supercharge site or use dimensions and CCA as filters.

  • I'm after an MF50, but the battery suggested by Repco for my vehicle has different dimensions to the Supercharge specs or for the alternative Silver Plus battery.
    Why don't Repco list the part numbers?

    • Yep it is ridiculous
      I bought a MF51 today and the sizing was almost correct to the Supercharge website. Your battery only has different terminals to mine. Same physical size.

  • I want Supercharge Gold Battery 12V 490 CCA 236L x 128W x 220H (mm)
    SKU: A9522235
    from Wagga.
    Is there any way to get it when it says no stock there?

    • Called the store and they said they won't even be able to get them in because they're stopping sales of Supercharge.
      Has something happened with that brand? Supercheap auto stopped carrying them a while back too.

      • The Repco guy told me today that Repco are going to sell their own brand of batteries that are better for the same dollars. He also added the warranty recall rate on SuperCharge batteries are high and that their warranty process is a pain the backside.

  • I need a battery for my 2005 accord euro (MF55B24LS). Can you please tell me where I can get it in Sydney?
    I rang a store near me and mentioned that they don't have it and the sale is void if they need to get them in from Supercharge (ie only stock item only). They also wont be able to get them in, on time.
    It seems like the part number is
    SKU: A9522236


    Why doesn't Repco allow the use of their own gift cards online?

  • I have had nothing but trouble with these. Had one split open in less than a year and took it to the store to be accused of dropping it and they wouldn't cover it under warranty. I explained to them that I hadn't dropped it and a battery that heavy that had been dropped would have things like… you know… scratches or signs of damage.
    Do yourself a favour and spend more getting something like a optima redtop that will last 3x as long and make up for their higher cost by not needing to be replaced all the time.

    • That's the store's issue though, right? Like you didn't try SuperCharge themselves (not that you should have to)?
      They've been great quality every time I've bought one.


      I had this issue with Century, hairline crack down side destroyed the tray and rusted paint and engine mount below. Took almost 2 months but eventually they paid the 1.2k repair bill.

      They accused me of dropping it as well and tried to tell me it was void as it wasn't installed by a professional… In the end they came round, tested alternator and observed the damage, everything car side was fine and they got me to sign a form. A month after that all the repairs were completed and they reimbursed the total.

      The process was not smooth and took me weeks of hassling at each stage, after the repairs were completed it was 2 weeks before I was repaid, apparently the case manage went on leave and didn't tell anyone - was pretty stressful.

      On the flipside I have 2 supercharges in 2 of my cars and both have been running for 4+ years fine, Century was in my partners car.

  • something is wrong with product specs, saw last night a battery that ins't right, this one seems incorrect as well if you cross check with Supercharge website.

    Supercharge dont have a 720CCA battery in that size, the length and width on repco site is 195mm x 128mm, on supercharge site is 304mm x 173mm. Big difference.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal.
    When you take 40% off the stupid everyday Repco price they are cheaper than you will get elsewhere.
    I bought a GOLD MF51 for $124 (would suit late model Commodore but I am using in my project car which has a battery in the boot so I could be flexible.
    Lucky I was flexible in what I could use as lots of the batteries were not in stock in South Australia.

  • I've had these exact batteries for the last 15 years, as they all last 4 or maybe 5 years then die, so I just replace them with the next one by habit. But I'm always surprised they only last four to five years.. Coincidentally, one's dying at the moment, but I'm giving these the flick now and looking for a brand that lasts much longer. Old batteries used to last 20 years or more, so I'm sceptical of these Supercharge things now, having had about 6 across two cars, engineered to have a short life? But one other point, the last one I bought from Repco 5 years ago still has the RRP (recommended retail price) sticker on it, which was $124. The same battery now is listed on their website at $208, 40% off down to $124.80 so roughly same price after 40% off. Surely inflation hasn't risen the price of the same product by almost twice as much in 5 short years? So should this "sale" be listed as "140% - 40% sale"?

  • I dont quite understand about automotive. Apart from size/dimension, how to check what fits my 12 years old honda accord car? A bit of googling but still quite confused. Any website/guideline I can go to?

  • Thanks OP. Bought one from QLD.

  • Glad that was extended. Battery in 3rd car died due to colder temps. Went to Lidcombe and picked up a battery that wasnt the correct size from the website*.
    (Dont trust the website) Call the store to measure the dimensions. Website said the length was 335mm and was actually 270mm.

    If you have a Euro car, a slightly lower CCA from the OEM battery is ok as they are tested at sub zero which would never happen in most parts of Australia.
    e.g. mine was rated at 710CCA but got a 680CCA battery

  • Expired? I cannot located the online deal


      My understanding was it was extended, click & collect ONLY.

      • Mm strange, I was looking at the

        Supercharge Gold Battery 12V 630 CCA 227L x 172W x 216H (mm)

        went from $80.64 back to $134.40

  • sale has been extended until the end of may. Also, its not just online only. I was able to walk into the kedron store and purchase the battery at the online sale price without placing a click collect order.


      This is correct however the batteries are no longer technically available in store i.e. they're not on the shelf.

  • no price tags?

  • Looks like they finished early :(

    Was hoping to buy a battery today, but no longe ron sale on the website