This was posted 2 years 8 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Coffee Cups - Double Wall Thermo Glasses 2pk $8.99 & Stainless Steel Travel Mug $4.99 @ ALDI


I was after some coffee cups and mugs and saw this in the latest catalogue:

Stainless Steel Travel Mug $4.99

380ml capacity
Assorted designs and colours
Double walled construction
BPA free plastic inner and lid

Double Wall Thermo Glasses 2pk $8.99

300ml or 200ml
Made from lightweight borosilicate glass
Suitable for hot or cold drinks
Double wall keeps drinks inside hot or cold for a longer period than standard glasses
No condensation when serving cold drinks

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    Coffee Cups - Double Wall Thermo Glasses 2pk $8.99

    That's a lot more expensive than last time. Why is it a bargain?

    • +8

      How much were they last time?

      • They were 4 packs for around that price.

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    Stainless Steel Travel Mug $4.99

    According to your link, these are plastic on the inside…

    • +7

      Yep, plastic internals is a deal breaker.
      No idea why someone would neg a useful fact.

      • +1

        Useful - yes.
        Redundant - yes. ← This.

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      The similar Aldi travel mug I bought 2 years ago is metal inside and cost $5.99. Thanks for pointing this out, not as good of a deal as in past years.

    • Yeah I'd avoid. I had a plastic keep cup and it made my coffee taste funny.

      When I was in Japan, I bought one of these and it's awesome. Vacuum insulated, stainless and really thin so you wouldn't notice it. Coffee stays hot for a while now! Plastic lid though but I don't use it much.

      • +2

        Yeah I'd avoid. I had a plastic keep cup and it made my coffee taste funny.


        Glass is the way to go…

  • They also have the coffee syrups from 3 years ago for sale this time! Been waiting to stock up!

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      They also have the coffee syrups from 3 years ago for sale

      Wouldn't they be past their use by dates by now?

    • Wait you talking about the pods or expressi stuff that come in small plastic bottles.

      Been waiting for them to restock that.

      They are the best for making a nice milkshake or flavoured milk drink.

      • The expressi syrup that comes in the small bottle.
        Three flavours from memory; caramel, vanilla and something else

        • Any idea if they have ever been sold in larger quantities?

          Honestly I would buy 2L of the thing if I could find it or just a large cheaper equivalent.

          So far $12/L for coffee syrup is the best that I can find with Bickfords iced coffee at $9.10/L looking like a close contestant but honestly I just want the flavors to make milkshakes and not for actual coffee but the flavor is unrivaled imho.

          • +1

            @AlienC: I don't think so. They've always been the small bottles, but they haven't been in stores for years.

            I agree the flavor for these ones is great. I also prefer the squirt top that helps control how much you want.

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    These glasses don't look as good as the ones they had a few years ago.

    -Not big enough to hold a beer.

    -Base too small and if it falls over, it's gonna land on the lip of the glass which I can see it easily breaking, more so than the average double walled glass, which are not very robust in the first place.

    I won't be bothering with these.

    • Not big enough to hold a beer.

      380ml, fits a can/stubby

      • +1

        They're either 300ml or 200ml.

      • The travel mug is 380ml. The thermos glasses come in either 200ml or 300ml (like gooddealmate said).

      • 380ml, fits a can/stubby

        if you like to drink your beer from a plastic lined travel mug, go for it…

        • So you don't spill it while driving

    • +1

      These glasses don't look as good as the ones they had a few years ago.

      No they don't, and they're about twice the price now from memory…

      • +1

        Yeah I paid $5 for two, bought 6 in total for $15.

        • Inflation…

          • +2



            Do you often go there?

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      I bought the ones they had a few years ago.. they had a product recall for it because the inner glass was weak and was prone to shattering.

      Mine actually shattered when I was washing it so I was lucky!


      • I still have mine.

  • Is the travel mug really plastic on the inside?
    Anyone know the diameter at the base?
    (I want to know if it will fit in the side pocket of my handbag)
    Is the top just one of those spillable drinking lip things?…
    Always on the look out for good travel mug

    • +2

      The aldi site says the internals are plastic.

      • Thank you

    • +1

      When I buy them, I'll update

    • (I want to know if it will fit in the side pocket of my handbag)

      They fit fine in my Manbag

      • You could fit a baby joey in that man-bag jv :)

        I didn't imagine you'd have such a cheesy grin

        • I didn't think Joey had a baby, but it looks like you are correct

  • +1

    Just be aware, the glasses had a recall back then.

    • Mine still work fine.

    • That was 5 years ago, and glasses are different sizes. Hopefully they've learnt from that…

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    Not sure if the double wall glasses are the cheapest, I bought this 6 pack (250ml) for $23.40 shipped
    Have had them for a while now and really happy with the quality

    • +1

      Those handles seem a bit pointless

  • A word of warning about the Double wall thermo glasses. I bought a set in the previous sale for my old folks and one exploded while it had a hot coffee in it, luckily no one was holding it at the time.

    • Yeah that was the recall

  • I find these type of mugs break so easily! I had some Bodums for a fee months but a small knock would cause a crack.

  • +1

    K mart ones seam a lot better and nicer.

    • +1

      They might seam, but do they spin?

      Seriously though whats the problem with plastic lining in a coffee travel mug? I'm using a Stanley one right now and it works fine.

      • It's called having a choice

    • I can't see any seams on these glasses?

      • Maybe you need new glasses 😉

  • +1

    I got mine today. Larger ones have a (? too) narrow base.
    They are made by Crofton, different model and manufacturer from those recalled 5 years ago.

    Travel mug is plastic inside. Very tall, so I didn't get one.
    Looks solid though, and lid and cover close well.

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