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Jetstar Return for Free: Melbourne/Sydney to Auckland $197, Honolulu $279, Phuket $319, Bangkok $289, Queenstown $253 + More


This sale is now over. Going of previous schedules the next one, if they cycle year on year, is late October. Otherwise in between we have some other cheap flight tips…
-Jetstar Friday Frenzy 12-8pm each Friday. Hawaii fares are a regular most weeks.
-The Price Beat Guarantee (against Tiger for domestic, and Malindo for Bali)
Click here to access the Price Beat
-Do note that I strongly advise taking advantage of the above price beat against Malindo for any Bali flights this year as they are expanding to SYD/BNE/ADL/BNE/PER, and have been giving out $200/$300 return fares. You then can price beat these with Jetstar for 10% off and fly the 787. use Google Flights to hunt out the cheap competitor fares, and set price alerts

Book an outbound Starter fare and you will receive one return Starter fare free. Selected flights. Only available from the same arrival and departure ports. Checked baggage not included. Selected travel dates and other conditions apply. Return travel dates may differ, check before you book. Club Jetstar Early Access ends 11.59pm AEST Tuesday 30 April 2019, unless sold out prior. Public Access ends 11.59pm AEST Thursday 2 May 2019, unless sold out prior. *Club Jetstar has an ongoing annual membership fee of AUD $49. See the Club Jetstar terms and conditions for more details. The annual membership fee is non-refundable.

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    • +3

      Cool story bro

  • Cool site. "Sorry, we can't log you into your account at the moment. Please try again later.". Will try again next week.

  • People having trouble completing transactions, use Firefox or Edge.

    I had issues with Google Chrome the last time the HON fares were this cheap. my cousin did too, and she missed out on flights all together.

    Hawaii is fantastic! but yeah accommodation aint cheap, nor is island hopping.

    • Different price point I know, but for me island hopping has been cheapest through Hawaiian Airlines when using all on one booking. I’ve flown inter island flights for US$29.

      • I think you can only do that if your flight into the hawaii is with hawaiian airlines. Thats what my cousin tells me (travel agent).

        hawaiian is a fantastic airline though and there is much more to see than retail outlets. Big Island is the most beautiful place I have been on this planet by a mile

  • Can anyone tell me if there is anyway I can book an extra seat for our baby who will be 1 at the time of the flight. Is there a way I can book 2 seats for myself?

  • Hi All,

    can someone confirm if signing up JetStar club membership straight away gives you access to these deals.


    • Yeah, when you are looking at the flights it will say "Normal Price" and have the Club Jetstar price on top of it. When you select that flight, the next screen will ask if you want to join Club Jetstar and show you how much money you will save (including the Club Jetstar $49 fee) and allow you to sign up through checkout.

    • +3

      Membership not required for bookings after midnight. I've held off & got same flight dates in the past.

  • +1

    Going to book return flights to HCM on my birthday, pretty good deal for direct flights! :)

    • what dates did you get free return for? I can't find any?

      • I think its all gone. I couldnt find any either.

        still. booked a couple days in melb for $95.

      • I booked for 1st of March to 15th of March last night!

  • For those doing Hawaii do note Southwest has just started new flights intra island and mainland flights also.


  • so tempted but no annual leave.

    • +2

      Use Personal leave

      • Personal leave is sick leave and requires doctors certificate.

  • Is Hawaii too wet in March?

    • For a couple of minutes then it’ll clear. Really depends on topography.

  • Though its not on the page, try checking from Melbourne (or any city) to Tokyo during these dates. They work out to be the almost same (with free returns for club jetstar), except there's a layover in Gold Coast.

  • Combine these fares and use cheaptickets when they have 16% off for hotels and its a cheap holiday - thanks OP

    • I'll second cheap tickets with a promo code for Hawaii. I tried all the Amex/mastercard deals. Tried hotels direct. Cheaptickets with a ANZ explorer/ Citipluscard etc was by far the cheapest.

  • anyone got any idea if there are ever any sales for Tokyo flights after dec 12th? If not what has been the cheapest you've seen from the mid dec - late Jan period?

    • Mid to late jan is usually part of sale periods but usually 10th Dec-15th Jan is full peak and no sale fares in sight. The best thing to do with this period is the price beat guarantee against other carriers namely Tiger.

  • Thank you :D impulse bought 2 tickets from melb to Bangkok for $518 return including 1 checked baggage between us, $259 each is amazing!

  • None of the return for free fares are showing up and I've tried Sunshine Coast, Bali, Ho Chi Minh and Phuket :(

  • The fairs seem extremely good value. I wonder how profitable it is.

    Are you also able to upgrade from this fare to a seat with more space?

    • You would select your own seat during the booking process

  • +3

    FYI guys, Melbourne has quite a few tickets for only 228.99 return to Bangkok which is incredibly cheap. We booked Feb 29th to March 10th and there's still quite a few dates around that time for the same price.

    • Does Club jetstar let you book for 2 people or each person has to be a member?

      • +1

        You can book for two people :)

        • Thank you! Go flights for two for just under 450 return to Thailand and without Club Jetstar!!

          • @cya: Amazing!dunno how you managed that price haha but you're welcome :D

  • Does Club jetstar let you book for 2 people or each person has to be a member?

  • Prices haven't changed for non-members?

    • They have, just booked 12 days away for 2 in japan

  • I got my free return just now :)

  • Sweet. SYD-LST Return $91 (with decent travel hours). Thanks

  • This isn't working for me. I'm not a club member, general public. When I add the flights, it gives me the full price, including the return.

    • +1

      What are the routes and dates?

      • I tried a few, even from another location, tried firefox, chrome, edge, incognito window…

        Sydney to Launceston, 17-nov to 19-dec-2019
        Sydney to Hamilton island, 24-jan-2020 to 31-jan-2020
        Sydhey to Byron bay, 16-Jan-2020, 26-jan-2020
        Melb to Ho Chi Minh, 29-Feb-2020 to 8-Mar-2020

        Got to the last page before payment, the return flight is being charged.

        • These are peak periods/school holidays/outside of stated travel periods.

          It’s not every flight you will find at $0 return especially returning late Jam busy school holiday ending.

  • Thanks, booked my honeymoon to Tas in January.
    Needed a cheap honeymoon after the cost of the wedding!

  • I've never done Hobart, thanks OP for the heads up. Pity there are no sale fare to Japan from Brisbane.

  • YAY, thanks OP, booked return to Hawaii for the family in Feb… excited :)

  • Thank you. Booked Honolulu return in Feb for $300. Paid via PayPal. Anyone knows if it's even remotely possible to claim PayPal's complimentary Pre-Trip Cancellation Cover with just a change of mind?

    • +1

      I don't think any insurance will let you cancel flights for change of mind. Would recommend closely reviewing their PDS to check what's included and what's not. PayPal travel insurance is through Chubb.

  • Got melb to GC - $245 return for 2 (jan holidays) 15 KG of luggage - winning

  • I checked the same travel dates fares on tiger air and couldn’t find much difference honestly for a return fare. Jetstar is already charge more for their one way fare and giving return free. Try Tiger Air and you will know what I am saying.
    Not really a good sale IMO for within Australia travel.

    • +1

      Just slightly cheaper on the Perth to Melbourne flights with Jetstar, though tiger air have a more convenient rtn time.

  • Will Jetstar price beat return for free first leg? Given Tigers gone on sale can we price match first leg and return for free to beat jacked prices?

  • Scores a big family trip in November heading to Osaka. Total cost for five is still cheaper than the trip two weeks ago for two. Will make sure to have a buffet the night before the flight.

  • Had all my tickets in cart and final step to confirm purchase, then if got an error saying the flights were sold.

    I can't get it as cheap anymore. So annoying

    • I was chasing Hawaii flights but they only had 1 seat per flight which was a pain on some days of the week.

  • Got it for 2 Adults + 2 kids = $681 return to Queenstown in October

  • another missed return for free! they always go quick
    Does Jetstar frequently put Vietnam on sale? I'd be keen to go next year.

  • sale is still on… no return for free fares but outbound and inbound flights are cheaper.. not as good as the return for free prices but worth a look

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