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Kogan Mobile $12.90 for a 90-Days Prepaid Sim Plan with a Total of 60GB Data @ Groupon


$12.90 for a 90-days prepaid sim plan with a total of 60GB data available at Groupon.

20GB data per month
Unlimited* standard national calls and texts for 90 days
Sim card included
90-day expiry

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    The Fine Print

    • Limit of 2 vouchers per person
    • 7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal
    • New Kogan Mobile customers only
    • Not to be used in conjunction with an existing Kogan Mobile service
    • Unlimited* refers to national standard calls and texts within Australia
    • Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply
    • Before purchasing, please read the Kogan.com Website Terms & Conditions at: https://www.kogan.com/au/terms-and-conditions/ and the Kogan Mobile Critical Information Summaries and Plan Terms & Conditions at https://www.koganmobile.com.au/legal/
    • Standard fine print for all deals

    • Thanks.

      • Also might want to add another 15% Off with coupon BRANDNEW ($1.94)(With a new user account) , and of course another 5-7% Off with Cashrewards/Shopback ($0.54). Brings it down to $10.41 in the true OzBargain spirit.

        • "BRANDNEW" not list in cashrewards site, might not get tracked

          • @asx100: Darn mine got tracked, hopefully it still gets paid.

  • So If I have been with Kogan before… I can't take up this offer?

    Or is there a work around?

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      Yes many of us have had a second go. Just change your email I expect, but all other info can stay the same.
      Also kogan spams bad so use temp email like yopmail.com

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        You can use the same email….well I do

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      you're good if you it's been over 30 days

      • I have overlapped new accounts with these offers and it works, but maybe T&C require 30 days.

        EDIT: The 30 days is probably to do with porting out, then >30 days you can port back in.

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      New Kogan Mobile customers

      Basically means new phone number.
      I have been ordering the $4.9 40gb sim card for my Ipad every month with my only Kogan account.

      • sorry if this has been answered

        i bought 365days plan last year and its expiring this month
        could i buy this 90days plan and use it with my current number?

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          No. You have to port out and then port back to Kogan to be qualified as a new user.

          • @io: how long do i need to port the number out for? Assuming we are talking about porting out the phone number to another carrier like optus or telstra. Can i port the number out from Kogan and then port back in within a few hours?

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              @Echa600: No you can't, it needs to be at least 30 days from porting out of Kogan before you can port that same number back again.

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    Your service must be activated by 30 Jun 2019 (11.59:59pm AEDT)

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    Nice, now awaiting for Groupon 15% off

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      1. Create new user account
      2. Order and apply coupon BRANDNEW
      3. ???
      4. Profit with 15% off
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        1. refer yourself
        • I tried that too :( but I think I messed up in creating the account without first using the refferal code

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          Great deal thanks :D

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    Would be a nice addition for dual sim phones that are on Boost $150 plan.

  • Anyone know roughly how long it takes for a port from Kogan to Telstra?

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      Just a heads up with Kogan you need to have ported out for at least 30 days before you can port back in the same number.

      • My bad.. got it mixed up. I mean from Telstra to Kogan?

  • Just what I needed! Thanks OP!!!

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    Damn I just bought the kogan 30 days plan yesterday…

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      activate it now, then port out to another provider prepaid, then port back b4 30 June

      • how long do i need to stay ported out to another provider for? can i port out and port back in within a few hours?

        • Haven’t try a few hrs to port back. Normally porting might already takes a few hrs. Better get some starter pack for one month, and when u finish that, port back.

    • same

  • Haha already mid way through this plan already. Will it allow me to use this if I’m already on a 90 day plan?

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      no. New customers only. You can cycle between Catch's 90 day and this.

      • but "Your service must be activated by 30 Jun 2019 (11.59:59pm AEDT)"

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          these 90 day deals come and go often enough

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            @follow: If I'm not mistaken at the moment the 90 day 54 GB has $10 cashback with shopback at the moment so technically $5

  • Quote from groupon webpage: Although your service must be activated by 30 Jun 2019, the SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date. However, it must be activated within 365 days of purchase (it cannot be guaranteed that it will work after this time)

    Very confusing! So what would be the last day to activate the SIM, if I purchase it from groupon today? My current plan expires in a few months.

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      Kogan SIM cards do not expire.

      The vouchers that activate the 90day plan are not linked to the Kogan SIM card, you can use it with any Kogan SIM card if you have any spares lying around.

      The voucher is the one with an expiry date

      • Thanks for the explanation.

  • If I get two vouchers, will I be able to apply them to one account i.e. get 180 days?

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    oh man..Kogan-Catch Connect killing it right now with cheap plans

    • Catch connect is definitely better, with international calls and better coverage.

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        International calls, yes; better coverage, not necessarily. I find Voda (which Kogan uses) to be a lot better than Optus (which Catch uses) and sometimes even outperforms Telstra.

        • Not in Sydney 🤮

          • @khell: I get better coverage with Vodafone than with Optus. And I am in Sydney.

  • So how hard is to cancel Kogan? Just want to buy this to use as second sim for data along with my 80 gb boost deal.

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      Just turn auto renew off in the online portal. Easy as that. It's prepaid…

      • Nice.Thanks for confirmation

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      This is 90-Days prepaid plan. Just disable auto-renew and you are done after 90 days expires.

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    Given I took advantage of the 'BRANDNEW' and got this for $10.96, I'm getting 3 months of service for ~$3.66 a month.

    I can't even get a coffee for that at my local café…

    I just ported out of Telstra after about 7 years of tenure. Sorry, not sorry Big-T. Waiting for my $10 (for $30) Optus SIM to run out and I'll port to Kogan.

    I wonder if I can maintain this… attempt a whole year of carrier-hopping and not spend over $75.00.

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      yep switch between this and this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/432849

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        And use ShopBack for $10 cash back on 90 day plans.. which means effective $5 for 90 days phone and 54 gb data!

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      Similar to you, this year I decided to try out Sim-hopping as I felt I could significantly reduce my spending on telco by realistically aiming to pay as close to $0 pm.

      My Kogan 365 expired in Feb (which I bought at 50% and then stacked discounted gift cards and referral credit to make it effectively $10 pm for ~6gb data initially which they generously more than doubled as the year went on).

      After that, tried out the Catch 90-day Tarquin just linked (make sure you use CR to get $5 CB), getting 54gb data for 3 months at $3.33 per month after cashback.

      That's expiring next week and lo-and-behold, we get this for $10.96.

      What does amaze me though is that my friends are happy to sign up to staggering plans worth almost $200 p/m (with a top-end phone) and then say my idea of sim-hopping is not worth the effort… (and this was after showing I could literally buy the phone outright at full rrp with the same/similar plan features and still end up paying less than half of what they do over 24 months)

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      Wow 7 years, hope you are new here

    • +1

      I think having your real number on tpg $1 p/m or Aldi $15 p/y for incoming calls and ~10c p/m calls when rushed, is so much easier than endless porting unpredictability and delays.
      Then use Kogan and other cheap deals each month while they last, is more seamless, and easier to set up.

      Just my preference.

  • Catch vs Kogan, which one to choose?

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      If you can figure out which out of Optus (Catch) or Vodafone (Kogan) networks work better in your area, then you may arrive a bit closer to your decision.

      • Thanks. Voda is terrible at my workplace. Ends up getting Catch as Shopback is offering $10 CB for 90 days plan. So it's $1.66 per month for total 54GB. Sweet!

  • Thanks op, you're a life saver!

  • Will this work on iPad for 4G data?

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      Yes (where Vodafone has 4G coverage)

  • Currently on Kogan, expiring soon. Do I qualify as new customer if I buy a starter sim pack, port out then port straight back to Kogan, or is there a 30days minimum period with kogan (can anyone confirm)? If that's the case, then it probably would be better to port out to catch connect for 90 days and wait for another kogan/other deal

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      You will not be qualified as a new customer. You can activate this offer as a new mobile number and register with a new email address. Otherwise, definitely move to Catch and then come back to Kogan when you see a new deal. You will need at least 30 days between leaving Kogan and coming back to Kogan as a new customer.

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      they will let you the first time, but will tell you not do it again

  • After we buy the voucher, we wait for the sim card to come or we have to order from Kogan?

    • Buy and wait or if u had one from before then you can use that. Always good to keep a few spare kogan sims

    • You must record the emailed code (2nd email) which arrives within two hours of signup.
      Without it you will have to pay full price when activating.

  • use code "SALE" to get 10% off. note: only for 1.

  • This may be a dumb question, but is this price ongoing or just for the first 90 days and after that it goes back to full normal price?

    Because if it's ongoing it seems too good to be true.

    • Not ongoing

  • when does this expire, my plan from kogan expires 13/08/19
    it says new customers only. do i switch for a month then go back to kogan?

  • We had MAJOR issues with Kogan when they passed the buck back to Vodafone then Vodafone said call Kogan, nothing to do with us!!! Thankfully the 365 day plan just ended & we went to Belong. Telstra service & rollover. Vodafone coverage where we live Sydney was abysmal, glad it's over!!!

    • Can you please elaborate the major issues you had

  • Hi, sorry I can't find the info anywhere but is it possible to keep one's old mobile number with this SIM? Thanks!

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      If the number is with another provider you can port to Kogan and keep it. If with Kogan, you are already a customer and will need a new number.

  • Once again, the ShopBack transaction is not showing for another purchase. It has been 18 hours so far.

  • what's the expiry date for activation? only able to activate after july..

    • Activate your service by: 30 Jun 2019
      • Your service must be activated by 30 Jun 2019 (11.59:59pm AEDT)

  • +1

    Anyone received their SIM in the mail for this yet? I didn't expect it to take so long

    • +1

      Nah still waiting as well

      • Did anyone get a confirmation email?

        Payment went through on my bank statement but I never received any confirmation?
        Purchase isn't even on my Groupon account?

        • I received a confirmation from groupon, but not Kogan if that's what you mean?
          I messaged groupon to see if they've already shipped with their sim, but their sale consultant was utterly useless and wouldn't answer my question. She kept saying that maximum delivery time is 21 days and to contact the merchant directly

          • @hkborderzone: Same…got the confirmation from Groupon and actual voucher, but no SIM

    • Nope, probably we have to wait for another week?

    • Still no SIM received - I will give them the 21 days before contacting Groupon asking for an explanation or refund.

      • +1

        Same here. They must be shipping the SIM from planet Mars!

  • Who is the ShopBack rep here?

    I am getting nowhere with the ShopBack emails.

    My purchase never tracked and because the Groupon receipt shows the purchase as 1 May, but the email they sent was 2 May, which was sent straight after my purchase, my purchase is not being approved.

    So much time has been wasted on this.

  • My SIM card arrived today

    • When did you buy yours/ it get shipped?
      I ordered mine on the 2nd and it shipped on the 9th and still haven’t received :/

      • Ordered on 1 May 2019 and 9 May 2019 was the shipping date

        • +1

          How u guys find out the shipment date?

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