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Up to 30% off Car Audio @ Frankies Auto Electrics


Don’t missed out our Mother's Day Sale with heaps of car audio specials, that’s up to 30% off people.

AVHZ5250BT - NOW @ $510
DMHZ5150BT - NOW @ $460
AVHA205BT - NOW @ $220
DDX4019BT - NOW @ $390
DMX1025BT - NOW @ $270
KW-M750BT - NOW @ $470

and many more!

Check our sale page for more products on sale!

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Frankies Auto Electrics
Frankies Auto Electrics

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    What are these random numbers, letters and prices? And how are we supposed to find them amongst all the products listed?

    On the sales page the expiry date is listed as May 8 Wednesday 12AM. 8 May 12AM mean 8 May 00:00:00.00 and not 8 May 23:59:59.99. Thus the sale only runs to 7 May 23:59:59.99 and I have changed the deal expiry to reflect this.

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      They are unit model numbers, if you're not familiar with the model numbers copy and paste in the search field and press enter….


    Some really nice prices!

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    Nice price on the DMHZ5150BT, I was looking for this one recently, this helped me take the plunge, thanks!

    Edit: I'm sure "mum" will love it ;)


      I just thought I would post some feedback on here for anyone wanting to deal with Frankies or looking at getting the DMHZ5150BT

      Frankies was really easy to use, quick to place the order and post it out. Came in good condition and fast.

      Product itself is great, I was able to get it installed on my 2010 Prado while keeping all controls and setup Bluetooth etc. It's a great unit.

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    Thanks Steptoe for adding the hyperlinks. But why should unpaid Power Users do the job of a lazy paid Store Rep?


      Some pretty big presumptions there. I'm just thankful they took the time to post the deal, there's a chance posting to Ozbargain isn't part of their duties, don't think I've ever seen Frankies post on here….


        Some pretty big presumptions there.

        Sorry, what do you mean?

        Presumption: an idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probability

        You can check the revision history to see Steptoe added the hyperlinks and not Frankies. Nothing probable; all 100% true.

        Presumption: behaviour perceived as arrogant, disrespectful, and transgressing the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

        How was I arrogant, disrespectful and transgressing on the appropriate by thanking Steptoe for doing the job of the Store Rep?

        don't think I've ever seen Frankies post on here….

        I don't know where you have been looking. Frankies' 33 OzBargain posts.


        Looking back at Frankies' previous posts, this was not the first and probably will not be the last time Steptoe has stepped in and do the job of the Store Rep. For example,