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    Have the production costs of smart phones really increased or are all manufactures just following Apple's lead so they rise together on the same tide, which means everyone is getting bigger margins not from cost recovery but arbitrary pricing levels?


      not really.

      Galaxy S4 released in 2013 - $959 AUD RRP
      Galaxy S10 released 2019 - $1,349 AUD RRP

      2013 - 2019 inflation @ 2.5% = 19%

      $959 * 1.19 = $1141

      so for $200 more you are getting 128GB from the S10 vs 32GB S4, Bigger screen, bigger battery , better camera and not including any other features that I may have missed.

      So I say the price is in line with inflation and spec upgrades of flagship phones

      but all in all margins probably did increase but not to the level most people think.


        How did you come up with 19%? I could only come up with 15.97% if I assume a constant 2.5% annual inflation ((1+0.025)^6-1).

        Although the assumption itself is false because tech material would get cheaper with time and economies of scale while labor / OHs would increase. Given the level of bad publicity Samsung got in the last few releases, its surprising they still managed to increase their prices.


          Yes i added in an extra year. my bad but I think we've peaked with ecnomies of scale. Everyone that can own a smart phone, alrdy has one so in terms of numbers, they've already reached a level of production where overall demand is not going to increase. As in all the companies are now fighting to have a slice of the pie where as earlier in the decade, the whole pie was getting bigger each day where people was switching from dumb phones to smart phones.

          Also you have to take into account the quality of materials. Earlier flagship phones made of plastic mainly with touches of metal. now most flagship are made of tempered glass/aluminium unibody. Also the screen size was like <4.5" standard back then. Now its almost 6inches. resolution of phones back then was 1080p at best, now its 4k. the base material price, the silicon, rare earths, aluminium doesnt get cheaper over time.

          also in added features like wireless charging, quick charge, finger print readers etc all add up. you can see samsung's galaxy J series which has similar features to the previous galaxy S series sell for around the same price.


        Oneplus 6t $750 beats both phones and cheaper than S4 in 2013 and S10 2019 isn't worth $549 more. I used Android since version 2 of 2006. I think I know my phone very well from HTC desire heydays.

        Huawei, Samsung all overpriced. The middle market is where you should get your phones at eg. Pocophone, Xiaomi and Oneplus.

        Lower tier would be Sharp, Asus Zenfone, Oppo


          You definitely know your phones very well. Must be some insider as android was only announced publicly in 2007 and htc desire was released in 2010…

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      I'd say R and D cost have increased attempting to make marginals gains in hardware and software. Also, the numbers of phones sold each year are decreasing (due to marginal gains in phones), so they need to offset that with price increases. Other comparatively low-cost, high spec phones from Xiaomi, Oneplus etc are seemingly wrecking the established brands sales in the process.


    Huawei still keeps high price tag for this phone. It should already be under 1k. Not worth it.


    looking at return my Moto g7 Power due to lack of compass…might grab mate 20.