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Dell ST2320L 23" Monitor - $158.98 Delivered


Just spot this on Dell website. Works out to be 20% off. The ST2320L seems to be a decent general purpose monitor. And at this price, I think it is a pretty good deal, no?

edit 1:
there are others monitors on sales as well, so check out Dell website if you're after bigger ones. And it seems like the cash off is not stackable with other 15%, 10% coupon codes. Anyone knows of a code that would work on this one?

edit 2:
note comment from frickendevil below regarding his experience with a ST2420L

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    Here is a thorough review of this LCD monitor:


    TLDR — reviewers don't seem to recommend this monitor. It might be good for office work though, but if you're after image quality or gaming you might want to invest in something better.

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    At this price delivered, theres hardly any room for complaint!
    Personally I think the U2410 is not worth the premium over this. Neither is the U2311.
    But if you want luxury, then thats a separate matter…

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      16:9 vs 16:10

      16:10 every time.

      • Sadly the U2311 is only 16:9, and apparently the 2011 refresh of the U2410 is going to be 16:9 too.

      • How come?

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          Not sure, but the Dell rep who came to visit our work last week said all new monitors are going to be in the 16:9 format…

          probably something to do with "full HD" fetish…

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    good price but too glossy for me.

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      Thnaks. I'm in need of a new monotor but don't want anything too glossy as well.

  • I bought an ST2420L (same style, slightly bigger screen) a while ago on special at JB for $200~, this is my opinion of it:
    -Viewing angles are terrible (from my normal sitting position colours are washed out at the top and bottom of the screen).
    -The buttonless approach is painful to use (I frequently swap between my PS3 and PC)
    -Blacks aren't very black.

    I replaced an old monitor that used one of the 22" 1680x1050 Chimei screens (if anyone remembers it was these screens that made large LCD's reasonably priced) with this and I would honestly swap back if I had the chance.

    If you are looking for a screen that's fairly cheap, this is still a good deal and it may just be a problem with the 24" models, but I would buy one of the higher quality Dell's in a heartbeat if I had the money.

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      I too have this monitor (nabbed it for $200 off the Dell site on a deal a while back) but don't really agree with your points.

      I think it's a great monitor, got no major gripes with it. I can see how the buttons might be annoying, but I never need to use them so it's not a big deal. Perhaps I just haven't got something of better quality to compare it to, but it sure as hell was a nice upgrade from my previous 19" LCD. The LED alone is nothing to sneeze at; definitely brightens things up a bit :)

      Honestly I think you might be looking too hard for flaws in something at this pricepoint. If you have set the standard by previously forking out for a premium model, you probably aren't likely to be too impressed with this. But if you haven't upgraded in a while, this is definitely one to consider (shame the 24" model isn't on sale though)

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        Agree. I have 2 of these at work & they are both very good. The buttons take time to get used to, but I never use them anyway so … Would have bought 1 for home if the 24'' is on sale.

        • same here, i have the 24 and i quite like it, i do agree buttons are a complete bitch, but other than that, its pretty good.

  • Anyone know how long this deals going on for?

    U3011 for $1189, $510 off.

    So tempting. A month ago I would of snapped this up.. but now im having second thoughts about the size. 30 might be a bit too big.

    I sit just over 1m back from the monitor. Picture editing would be good anything else i think it might be too big.

    Its a shame the U2711 isnt on sale.

  • Good price for a basic monitor, but be aware that this (and a number of other current monitors on the Dell site) are limited to 1 per customer. Probably not an issue for most but I needed 6.

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      surely you can ask your friends to help out, unless his name is Broden :)

      • Not worth the hassle, the deal is good but not great, but more importantly not within the spirit of the promo. Would prefer that everyone get the chance to buy rather than someone bypassing the system.

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          true, but if you are after 6 monitor, may be have a chat directly with a sale rep from Dell, they may even give you better deal. I do that all the time

        • Good idea Tio will try that

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          no worries edman, glad I could help. Another tip, you can try to haggle with 2 rep as sometimes one rep may goes that extra mile that others usually don't. And I don't want to make it a cliché, but…i do that all the time, too :D

        • shhhh, don't tell Broden but I did end up chatting a Dell rep and he was happy for me take multiple. So the 1 per customer is not enforced strictly, though I won't count on it until the monitors arrive.

          Thanks tio.

        • Noice! Hope Dell does have enough monitors to sell :)

  • really good price. I've been on the look out for a second monitor, my current BenQ 19" just doesn't cut it lol.. having 2 screens is cool too haha. I even went so far as to consider spending a bit more for a TV (32") but missed out on the Samsung TV deals on Catchoftheday!!

    this definitely attracted me - MSY sells 24" LED for at least $220 pickup..

    ** THANKS OP

    • no worries shao, just note that this monitor is good for general purpose, if you are after quality color display and sharp images, this may not be up to your liking.

      edit1: Forgot to add, if you're just after cheap 23", there are slightly other cheaper options too. Acer for example

  • Very good price seeing as the US store price is US$229!!

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