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Samsung Galaxy S10e or Huawei P30 $199 Upfront on $65/Month for 12 Months @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi all,

JB has either of these fine phones for $199 up front plus $65 per month on a JB/Telstra 12 month plan.

Expires Sunday

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  • Remember when even the most expensive flagship phones were free if you signed a contract? Now many have an upfront cost and a contract…and they try to tell you it’s a bargain.

    • i agree they do this shit in america they can f right off with that shit.

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      Yeah, and they still are if you sign up to a two year contract.

      Including the $199 upfront, this works out to about $81 per month, on Telstra, with 60GB data and a newly released handset that will set you back $800+ to buy outright, and only on a 12 month contract. $979 in total over the 12 months. You think this is bad value somehow?

      • not bad value but nothing to go crazy about, its nearly same a buying it when its on a deal on ozbargain, it has been 800 2 times, and get a kogan or a yearly prepaid, there has been many deals, $200 gets you like 13gb unlimited everything, now yeh telstra has better reception blah blah but at the end it comes out the same tbh nothing that special

        • Pros:
          It's telstra
          It's interest free
          60gb month
          Cheaper than buying a phone and a plan separate


          • @smpantsonfire: Cons:
            As it is a 12 month contract, you only get a 12 month warranty for the phone.
            24 month contract = 24 month warranty.

            Just saying.

            • @The General: no. they'll get 24 months warranty

            • @The General: You're saying warranty only lasts as long as the contract? What bull crappery is this?

            • @The General: From JB's website for the S10e

              Phone Operating System - Android

              Phone Type - Galaxy S10e

              Network compatibility - 4G

              Colour - White

              Device screen size (inches) - 5.8

              Resolution (Pixels) - 2280 x 1080

              Display type - Dynamic AMOLED

              Internal memory - 128GB

              Expandable memory up to - 512GB

              Expandable memory format - Micro SD card

              Battery capacity (mAh) - 3100

              Wireless Charging Type - Qi

              RAM (GB) - 6.0

              Rear Camera (MP) - 16 MP (Ultra Wide/F2.2), Dual Pixel 12 MP OIS (Wide/F1.5/F2.4)

              Front camera (MP) - Dual Pixel 10 MP (F1.9) with Auto Focus

              Movie recording - Ultra HD

              GPS - True

              Headphone output (3.5mm) - True

              Wi-Fi - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

              Bluetooth - v5.0

              Manufacturer's warranty - 2 Years

              • @Ganda: I stand corrected. Thank you.

                Gone are the dark days where you only got a 12 month warranty while on a 24 month contract. If your phone broke you were screwed. Luckily the government stepped in and forced the warranty to be the life of the contract.

                • @The General: Phones have had 24 month warrantees for about 10 years.

                  There is no law that says the warranty must be the life of the contract. The ACL says things should last for a reasonable time which implies at least the contract length.

                  Phone manufacturers are offering a 24 month warranty and that is different to the ACL.

          • @smpantsonfire: Also you'd (I assume) be eligible for the free AFL live pass thing due to being with Telstra, and that is well over 100 bucks to purchase outright. I'm more than happy with my older Oppo phone as I personally don't need the latest and greatest, but there's no denying this deal is good value given how much the phones cost to buy outright.

      • I agree, it's only 12 months
        24 months id expect no upfront cost

    • Mobile phone product life cycle changed….
      and so as network operator margin.

      the plan's actual value is about $45 and the going price for the phone is about $850

      1390-979=$400 save. I think its a good deal

      Get the P30 and you can claim the free gift card so your phone is actually free.

      • Can you claim the gift card on a post paid plan?

        • Yes, just need the IMEI number. Telstra are advertising a free e-card with their P30 Pro plans at the moment.

          • @whitelie: Do you have a link for the e-card?

            • @apprentice: From Telstra's page…

              Buy a P30 Pro between 1/5 and 12/5/2019. Once you receive your P30 Pro:

              1. Visit huaweipromotions.com.au between 1/05 and 10/6/2019.
              2. Enter your details.
              3. Enter the IMEI number for your P30 or P30 Pro.
                To find the IMEI number:

              - Check above the barcode on the box, or
              - Dial *#06# on your P30 or P30 Pro. The number will appear on screen.
              Once your claim is approved, Huawei will send your e-gift card by email within 14 days.

              However I did just visit the link and it look like it only has the Sonos promo on there still.

      • How much is the gift card?

    • I think it's a good deal on a 12 month contract. 24 months would be another story

    • Living in the past, scroll on if it's not for you

    • Hardly comparable. This is cheaper than your typical no upfront plan and includes significantly more data.

    • Remember when even the most expensive flagship phones were free if you signed a contract?

      The still are when you sign a 24 month contract.

      12 month contacts are almost a new thing.

    • Came to read the 'woke' comments, wasnt disappointed.

      You basically almost pay only the phone for 12 months and you are still crying?


    • What do you mean remember when? Back in the day all phones had an upfront cost. Crazy Johns and resellers changed the market and it got more competitive and upfront costs dropped, but now the 24mth phone cycle is too long for some people so for that market they've got these 12mth plans and have to account for the cost of the handset somehow.

  • I think it's a good deal .

  • Anyone got any thoughts on which phone out of the 2 would be the better choice? And why?

    Was going to buy the oppo r17 pro on the earlier $500 Gift card plan but these phones have a higher $RRP for the same overall plan cost.

    • I don’t think you’ll get an unbiased opinion here, might be best to look up reviews and see which one is better for you.

      • And why the opinions here are biased and the reviews are not?

        I'd go huawei every day if the week

        • And why the opinions here are biased and the reviews are are not?

          Confirmation bias for a start. Most people with an opinion have invested their own money into buying one of the devices (how else could they form an opinion). Who’s going to have a more one sided opinion, someone who dropped $1k on a device, or someone who got sent a review device for review, with no financial cost (typically, it’s not an entirely ethical industry)? Gosh, I wonder.

          I'd go huawei every day if the week

          Case in point. OP asks which of the two is the better phone and you simply reply with “I’d go Huawei every day of the week”. Zero articulation or reasoning. How is that statement useful?

          • @aja12:

            Confirmation bias for a start.

            So youtubers arent biased? They dont have favourite companies? They dont get paid by companies?
            MKBHD is a well known youtuber and is terribly biased against anything thats not 'clean android' and doesnt get updates from day 1

            Who’s going to have a more one sided opinion, someone who dropped $1k on a device, or someone who got sent a review device for review

            Bad argument right there.
            Why does a youtuber that spends a few days with a device has a better opinion than someone who will have the device long term (maybe 6 months, maybe 1-2-3 years)

            Full time working Youtubers need views, they dont need to be objective they just need to satisfy their audience and keep the money coming.
            You will never hear MKBHD make bad reviews about pixels, nerds are his No1 audience. He will always sugarcoat the samsungs and the iphones, because many buyers. But he will bash the Huaweis and the LG's and not even review the Xiaomis and the Sonys because they have no serious fanbase (at least in west)

            Same can be said about many more reviewers, like Supersaf (i think Samsung pays him), Austin Evans, and a few more.

            I trust the community much more than i trust youtubers that want to make money. Now, there are good youtubers and there are indeed people who want to reassure themselves of what they bought, but they are exceptions.

      • Unbiased view here. Don't have either but have owned Samsung and Huawei devices, lastest being (S7, Nova 3i, P20 Pro and used S8 quite often), I'd stick to Samsung for high end and would choose the Nova 3i for mid. Samsung is smoother, less problems, better software, etc.

    • I was looking at Oppo but nobody could tell or convince me that their Operating System was stable or any good. If you want a decent camera go P30, if you want great overall performance and a great video recording mode, go S10e

    • I was comparing both on gsmarena.

      Breakdown in terms of better

      Samsung - wireless charging, earphone jack, powerbank charging (you can charge another phone using the samsung), better processor, more ram (8gb), slightly wider display

      P30 - camera, later release, dual sim

      Subjective finding is that the Huawei OS not as efficient/smooth as the Samsung OS according to various forums

    • If you were going with Oppo I would like at oneplus instead. However only import

    • Huawei hands down. I've owned the P8 for 3 years no issues and now the P20 Pro which is amazing.

      All the Samsung phones I've owned in the past had issues after 12 months and couldn't be fixed. Totally useless!

    • Oppo phones outdate really quickly and have limited updates to the operating system and would rather just release a new phone with the latest on it. So, if you don't care about the latest and greatest then possibly Oppo is good. I've had problems with my Oppo phone and won't look at getting another phone by them. I got my Oppo when it was pretty new release and it seemed like a promising phone too. But I'd rather drop a little more money and know that I'll actually be getting updates for a phone for a good while.

  • And with the P30, you get a $200 voucher from Huawei's promo?! Wow!

  • Hmmmm $65 for 12 months

    $200 cashback gift card from Huawei (valid till 12th may)

    I will see if I can get a p30 pro upgrade for the phone price difference so it's like $600 or $50 per month for 12 months.

    Will update later if it works.

    If yes it's going to be awesome for p30 pro
    $65 X 12 plus $600= $1380 or $115x12

    • I was hoping for the same. At worst I was thinking you could get the phone sell if for 800, claim the $200 gift card and buy the p30 pro outright from mobileciti and it would work out cheaper

      • Was planning to get the fold for my wife but since it's going to be delayed due major issues I have to plan ahead b4 the note 10 releases.

        Not getting the fold anymore Lol

      • You are not going to get 800 on ebay or GT cos that is the going price from stores after discount code.

        If history repeats itself, I can see a flux of P30 and S10E from private seller on Ebay and GT as everyone try to score a cheap JB plan. Expect to drop another $100 before you can sell your phone. So you are looking at $700-$750 mark.

    • On pre launch the special was $699 for P30 pro plus $65 plan for 24 months ….

    • Unfortunately the sales person said that it's strictly tied to the p30 promotion from Telstra so if I want to buy it I have to pay $65 x 12 plus $1599… Minus the $500 gift card which makes it $780 + $1100 =$1880 or $156 x 12.

      So it's only worth it just to get the p30

    • what you meant by upgrade?

  • This is an incredible deal with th gift voucher as it's over 12 months. Can drop to a cheapie plan after that.

  • Good deal if you were gonna buy those phones anyway

  • Which of these phones is dual SIM at JB?
    Looking for dual SIM from brick n morter.

  • +6 votes

    Can you use a gift card to pay? At least for the outright fee?

  • So many deals on Telstra/Optus lately, hopefully they soon start with unlimited data

    • I hope not, the way unlimited data in the us works is that you get 20gb at normal speed and the rest unlimited at a much slower speed, comparable to 3g speeds

  • I am 17 months into a 24 month $59 contract with Telstra can I upgrade to this somehow?

  • +9 votes

    Ok - get P30, with the $200 gift card from Huawei, it pays the upfront costs for the handset. Sell the phone for $780. Use the cash to pay the 12 month plan $65*12=$780.
    After this exercise, the whole 12 month plan will be free. This is INSaNE.

    • This sounds like a good idea. What do you do in regards to the receipt for warranty purposes when you sell it? Block out your own details? Haven't sold a new phone on the auction sites before

    • Haha nice soon P30 price will drop like crazy

  • P30 or s10e?? Better camera vs better processor

    • How often do you use the camera?
      How often do your print the photos?

      Is you rarely ever print the photos there no point going for the better camera.

      Even if your do print the photos, nobody is going to say, oh you used the Samsung not the p30……

    • +3 votes

      If I'm not mistaken, the s10e in Australia uses the Exynos 9820 which is inferior to the Kirin 980 found in the P30. If the Australian version of the s10e was the Snapdragon 855 variant it would be a different story.

      • Lol. Still no actual evidence of this (any further than what every phone already sends back to the manufacturer and more importantly, Google/Apple). Was a ploy by the US government to try and hurt a Chinese company's stock and reputation.

        Australian government fell for it hook, line and sinker. The Huawei network building ban is one of the most moronic things the current government has done. We've always used Huawei to build networks. Most of the current telecom equipment in this country is already built by Huawei. Are we going to rip it down and start again? No? Then what's the point…

        Your data is being mined by so many sources every day. If you don't believe that, then good luck with everything. Probably should stop using Facebook, because they're one of the worst for it.

    • https://www.phonearena.com/news/Huawei-P30-Pro-loses-to-iPho...

      I agree p30 has a great camera, but it seems like more people preper s10 camera setting in general according to the comparison from pbonearena.

  • If you average the total cost of the plan over 12 months $979 - $200 gift card and average a phone telstra plan over 12 months for unlimited calls at 60gb p/m at $30 phone equates to $419 outright. Amazing deal for the P30.

  • This deal is for NEW customers only:


    *Available to port-in customers and new Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

    Sucks… I'm with Boost and would have considered this deal :-(

  • Was anyone able to get the deal? There is no information on this deal. What do I say when I go to Jb?


    Can I get 10 off by porting in

  • Currently with Belong, so not eligible, but I wonder if it's possible to get a $2 SIM card and port the number out to be eligible for the deal. Anyone try this before?

    • I believe someone mentioned it has to be 30 days ported out before you can port in for these deals.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to add this plan to a current account? I know it's "new customers only", but I managed to get the Pixel 2 XL deal last year with an existing account too ..

  • Anyone been successful in making this happen even if on an excluded carrier like Belong? I’d be really keen on this but I won’t be able to port out quick enough before the deal ends

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