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100,000 Bonus CommBank Points - Platinum Awards Credit Card (Spend $4000 by 31 Oct 19, $249 Annual Fee) @ Commonwealth Bank


When you apply by 31 July 2019 and spend at least $4,000 on eligible purchases by 31 October 2019, you'll be rewarded with 100,000 bonus Awards points.

You can view the offer on Finder.com.au https://www.finder.com.au/commonwealth-bank-platinum-credit-... or apply directly at https://www.commbank.com.au/credit-cards/platinum.html?ei=aw...

  • Annual fee $249
  • Earn 1 Awards point per $1 spent on eligible purchases, up to 150,000 points per year.
  • You can also earn uncapped bonus points per $1 spent when you use your Platinum Awards credit card with any Commonwealth Bank bonus partners. As well as shopping, travel and entertainment redemption options
  • You can also convert points to Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity.

(2.5 Awards Points = 1 Qantas Point)
(2 Awards Points = 1 Velocity Point)

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  • Could i cancel and sign up again?

    • Cancelling and signing up could impact your credit score I think.
      This might answer your question better: https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/credit-card-sign-...

    • +2

      Offer excludes all existing cards, switches from other card types and is not available to customers who currently hold, or have held, any Awards cards types in the 12 months prior.

  • +3

    That Qantas rate is appalling for a 'platinum' tier card with that annual fee. Nevertheless probably a decent deal for some existing customers if they can get the annual fee waived.

    CBA seem to do amazingly well even though their products are some of the least competitive in the market to say the least. Most of my friends seem to be customers of theirs, still hooked from their dollarmites days

    • +10

      Probably because their netbank and banking app is quite good, they apllied new tech quite quickly, particularly comparing to the other that have physical branch.

      • +1

        So true. I have used several other major banks (Westpac, anz) and numerous smaller banks and their banking apps are all disappointing compared to CBA.

    • yeah their home loans and personal loan rates are some of the highest and their credit cards are average yet they rake it in year after year

      • A lot of their customers get significantly better than their advertised deals. And a lot are just with them due to inertia.

  • +2

    i have been a cba savings customer all my life, have recently cancelled my credit card due to them refusing to waive the annual fee which theyve been doing for years,

    the rewards program is terrible

    a big thumbs down for me

    • Move to ING or similar online ones for savings account while you are at it.

      • absolutely, I love CBA atms and netbanking

        ive tried most other bank netbanks and atms,

        and by far CBA is the best and easier to use

        plus I see much more CBA atms then any other atm

        so they do have their good points, and hence why I stay with them

        • +1

          Aren't ATM fees waived now usually anyway? I have a Suncorp card and if I need cash, I just go find the closest CBA ATM for fee-free withdrawal

          • @aragornelessar: Yes i believe so.
            Just quite havent gotten on the free atm charges bandwagon yet.

            Old habits are hard to break

    • +5

      I wouldn’t take this personally.

      1st January 2019 NCCP changes meant banks can no longer fee waivers as a ‘retention’ tool.

      If you ask to cancel your card in an attempt to receive a waiver - the banks only option is to oblige and cancel.

      • Yeah didn't take it personally at all however it was a combination of factors such as absolutely terrible rewards conversion rates high annual fee
        Plus Less benefits compared to other credit cards

        The only saving grace was the free international travel insurance that they introduced

      • +2

        wow! thanks for the update. who is making those stupid laws?! Literally no one benefits.

        • Government.

      • So do we just ask for a blatant fee waiver? Not try the ole' I'm going to cancel my card….Unless….

        FYI - NAB were happy to give me another year for no fee. But ended u cancelling it soon after anyway so I could get the Westpac Black without issues.

  • That annual fee.

  • How much is 100k points worth

    • About $450 in Coles Gift Cards last I checked.

  • +2

    120,000 points for the Diamond card $349 fee for $6,000 spend if anyone cares..

  • +1

    Air Asia, IHG, QANTAS 2.5:1
    Airfrance, KLM, Asia Miles, China Eastern, Eva Air 3:1
    Etihad, Enrich, Qatar 3.5:1
    JAL, Miles & More, Mileage Plus 4:1
    Pretty poor conversion rates

  • Commbank will waive the first year annual fee on some credit cards if you are eligible for their Worplace Banking (through your employer). Does anyone know if this card is eligible?

  • how much is 100K points worth in dollar terms ? worth the high annual fee ?

    • 100,000 "Award Points"
      (2.5 Awards Points = 1 Qantas Point)
      (2 Awards Points = 1 Velocity Point)

      So 40K Qantas pts @ 1.2cpp = $480
      Or 50K Velocity pts @ 1.2cpp = $600

      That annual fee is pretty high for such a low earn rate..
      1 Award pt per $1 spent
      So… 0.4 Qantas pt per $1 earn rate, or 0.5 Velocity pt per $1 earn rate.

      Pretty mediocre..

      • 50K velocity with no annual fee for CBA mortgage holders aint too bad with the current offerings. I'm going to pull the trigger on this one I think.

  • Will wealth package customers still get the bonus points? Or do they hg Ave to pay the annual fee?

  • "Keep in mind, if you’ve had any Awards credit card in the last 12 months, you won’t be eligible for this offer."