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[VIC] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 132.3c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Mulgrave


Lock it in now. It’s cheap at the moment for some reason

7/5 11:50AM: Back again thanks to mi5t3rley.

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    Recently the app got updated. FakeGPS no longer works.

  • Nox still works just needs an update…

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    Waverly Gardens shopping centre on Nox. Gives better results

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    98 for 91(out of stock) price.

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      agree, should be 98 for 91(out of stock) price.

      • Mia be overcrowded there this evening

  • Thanks, locked and loaded

  • Nice, locked it in Brissie. Cheers

  • Him: Actually, how did you get this price?
    Me: Nunya
    Him: What?
    Me: Nunya business

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      Sounds rude. I just say I drive through insert name of capital city

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      Always get asked that, I just shrug.

      • I always scroll down so to only reveal the barcode and not the price I locked in at.

    • I usually say that I travel a lot.

  • Woot woot thx

  • Yay, didn't miss out this time, thanks OP.

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    Up to 1.67 in my local so good time to lock

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    Fantastic Price

  • Can someone please explain and provide the app or website link to get this amazing deal?

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      If you have a Windows PC, download BlueStacks.
      Set the location within the app.
      Then download the seven eleven app and it should lock you at the location you set.

      • remember to set date/time to automatic :)

      • Nox works fine as well

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    Price gone up?

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      No it hasnt.

    • Showing 155.9 for me for some reason

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        You looking at the wrong Mulgrave location.

        • oh thanks, got it

  • Locked.

    Cheers OP

  • Too far

  • Thanks!

  • Finally!!! Locked, thanks

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    Luckily just got back from Melb and managed to lock this in before I left!…………

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    Now I have to fly to Melbourne from Brisbane for this. Huh !

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    I use Nox App player on Mac OSX. Works a treat. Even lets you choose your location from the comfort of your laptop/desktop. Don't need a modified APK.

    • link to download it for mac pls

      • nox app mac

        • from app store?

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            @barozgain: Sorry forgot to post the link.


            After you install you choose your GPS location on the left, it's a little clunky need to zoom the map out and click on the map then hit ok.

            Install the 7-11 fuel from the play store in the emulator (need to sign in).

            (This is for a computer, which emulates android. Then after you spoof and lock in, you can use your phone app to redeem. )

            • @meowsers: thanks mate so much… By saying emulates android, does that mean won't work for iPhone?

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                @barozgain: You need to use this on a PC or a Mac, it emulates Android. Then once you've done your business with the app. Use your phone and app to redeem.

                • @meowsers: cheers mate. Just waiting for Nox to open cause has been 99% for an hour

                  • @barozgain: Stuck on 99% for a while as well now..How to get past this?

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                      @sd679560: I fixed the 99% issue on Mac by installing a newer Virtual BOX version … https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Download_Old_Builds_5_2. (Not really sure what works …. but I have the 5.22 version … the newer ones might work too).

                      • @mini_wombat: Thanks, now its requesting I have an active android device before I can download apps in the emulator. I only have an iphone and mac. Any tips?

                        • @sd679560: I did not have these issues. Not sure what's going on

                        • @sd679560: Sorry … no idea … worked for me … Maybe just sign in at a friends phone with your google account.

                      • @mini_wombat: after i download the link and run the set up it says "error occurred please contact developer"

                        • @barozgain: Mhhh … I am no dev ;-). But there is lots of info about the 99% issue on the net …

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                    @barozgain: Mate watch a YouTube video for this same thing was happend with me jus type the nox99% stuk in youtube then follow the steps

            • @meowsers: Is it same as https://noxofficial.com/

              Why is there 2 NOX's ? am confudes

    • I prefer the modified APK so I can lock prices on the fly when I’m out.

      Did this on a trip back from camping.

      Mate filled up on 98 with my voucher then 5 mins later I locked in and filled up on 91.

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    Locked in :) lol let’s hope my local 7/11 guy won’t be smart and ask questions

    • who cares, no shop in Sydeny I've been to even raised eyebrow.If they do, just say you were there by chance.

      • Only time I've been pressed by an attendant was because he wanted to lock in the process for himself

    • I always scroll down so to only reveal the barcode and not the price I locked in at. Then there is no suspicion, well, not until they see the price drop from $75 to $59.

  • Locked in. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, locked and loaded :)

  • Locked in :)

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    Does anyone know how the difference is made up? I.e does the franchisee / owner make the difference? Or do they claim back from 7-11 Corporate/HQ.

    Just wondering as feeling a bit guilty after using the 95Ron 99.9 cents coupon for 95L…

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      It has been mentioned in the official thread a few times. Corporate covers the discount.

      • My memory from the franchising scandals and employee underpayments is that the franchisee gets paid around 8c/L (not having to pay for the fuel themselves, and 7/11 corporate would set the fuel prices), net profits on non-fuel, and has to cover payroll costs plus whatever the franchising expenses are

        • There's a comment in 7/11 thread that says they make 4C/L no matter the price

      • It's 4 cents per litre commission for franchisee irrespective of fuel price

    • +2

      Thanks guys. I like my local 7-11. Older gentleman been there for 15 years. So good to know they arent getting undercut from Corp promotions

  • Yeah, save about $8 on a full tank. Not bad.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • thanks OP. just wondering how do you find the Victorian fuel prices like this, what website do you use?
    In NSW there's fuelwatch.

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    Haha locked in 👍

  • Thanks :)

  • Thanks, was just in the area!

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    ahh a my second trip to mulgrave today. good times.

  • If you have already locked in a voucher, can you remove the old voucher?

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      fill up 2 litres and lock the new one.

  • Nice one - filled up the mine and the wife's car.


  • Thanks OP !

  • -1

    edit: nvm - works!

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