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50% off Next 3 P&R Home Coffee Deliveries + Free Delivery (from $12 for 500g) @ Pablo & Rusty's


Three P&R coffee deliveries at 50% Off with FREE SHIPPING Australia wide.

Use the discount code MAYWEDELIVER at checkout on your At Home Subscription! (offer ends 31/05/19, 11.59pm AEST. T&Cs apply).

All new subscription orders placed will be dispatched within 24-48 business hours (first orders cannot be delayed so be ready for some delicious coffee)

Recurring payments are taken on Tuesdays

Amendments on existing subscriptions must be made by Tuesday 5pm (Sydney time).

Existing recurring orders will be dispatched every Wednesday (depending on your frequency).

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Pablo & Rusty's

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  • Cancelled my subscription recently. Don't love their single origin

    • Yeah I did not like the single origin at all, switched back to Porter Street.

    • I prefer the single origin's over the home blends. That said, I also didn't like the 'Uraga' single origin that was included in their last 3 deliveries - too dark/bitter for me.

    • Hit and miss for sure - the Ethiopian Gera washed was acceptable at $22.5/kg, but the Colombian was sub-par.

  • Porter Street is the only one worthwhile I believe.
    Everything else the value isn't there. I tried their newest one at their tasting and it was awful.

    Looking forward to my 3 time subscription lol.

  • Charged me full time on the third month, I contacted them and they refunded the difference. I went in to the site and cancelled. Roll on this month, another batch sent out at full price. Contacted them they said I didn’t cancel. Careful not get caught out like me. Had to say I didn’t like the coffee either.

    • Ah, I thought it was just me! I assumed I didn't cancel correctly when I was charged the full amount….maybe I'll follow it up with them. Not sure how I can 'prove' it though…will need to check emails. Is this for new accounts only?

      • Yes I was adamant I had cancelled, I remember pondering over the reason why I was cancelling from the options provided. When I emailed them in the third month after they charged full price I mentioned that I had just cancelled. I don’t think I got a cancellation email.
        When I queried this in month 4 after again being charged full price that I must have been mistaken.

        • Thanks for the heads up. I've cancelled mine recently and just taken a screenshot against today's date for evidence

    • I've cancelled five times without any issues. The cancel process is simple, you will see a cross line over the subscription after cancellation.

  • Good deal. Am a fan of their Porter St blend. Tempting. But… I did 3 x 500g between pretty much just me and the misses (ok add tbe odd random person popping round). It gets a bit old / too much of the same same if you know what I mean. Something to consider if you're thinking about dropping some coin on this!

  • Interesting that they don't do 1kg anymore…I send to get the 1kg per month and this deal would last 3 months!

  • Thank OP! I have a search to notify me of P&R deals.For the past 8 months I have been getting deliveries every 2 weeks for only $12. use a code for 3 deliveries then cancel the subsription and go to a new code as they are released. Works well

    • Agree. I am following their Facebook page where they have been publishing a new code every month for the last few months.

  • hmmm disappointing to see negative comments, I'm waiting for my free beans from buying a Breville Barista Touch:

    Two months supply of Pablo & Rusty's Coffee Beans (4 x 250g bags per month)

    Hope I get this porter st blend

    • Don't be too disheartened from these comments. Coffee is one of those polarising things, different tastes and all that. Their blends are quite good quality. Personally I quite liked the trailblazer blend, and the only reason I stopped buying from these guys is they removed the ability to use these codes for the office subscriptions (larger quantity, cheaper).

  • just cancelled and resubscribed back to Porter. can anyone confirm if they've had the 2nd and 3rd deliveries also at half price without any issues?

    • Hey Garbage,

      Only ever gotten P&R through these 50% off deals. I can confirm the 2nd and 3rd deliveries also get processed at half price without issue. I order 500g/4 weeks as we only have one coffee drinker in the household.

      I am not sure what happens if you choose to skip a shipment or change the date outside the 1/2/3/4 week options.

      • Yeah had 3 deliveries at half price since nov/dec. but wasn’t sure since they changed their site checkout

  • Anyone able to direct me to where to add the code to existing subscriptions (I have a cancelled one I would restart and add the code onto)? Previously I remember seeing the code attached to the subscriptions and thought there was a + or something to add them. I can't find anything now so not sure if I'm lost, imagining things or if they changed it.

    Any help would be great, else I'll just make a new order. My page is starting to clutter up now after having tried the other blends so attaching it to the existing one would be the preference.

    • They’ve changed, easier to just cancel and make a new order

    • Yes, I have been doing the same and accumulating cancelled subscriptions on my Pablo & Rusty's account since February.

      I can't see any other way of doing it if you want to take advantage of another three orders at 50%. I've done the May code and now waiting for a June code to show up?

      They are pretty good beans at $18/500g for single origin.

  • Discount - code promo
    The discount code is no longer available


  • Any June code?

  • Give WINTERCOFFEE a try
    Their facebook page lists this code with a 30/05/19 expiry date, however that was the expiry date of the previous code so it looks to me this is the new June code but they forgot to update the expiry date.

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