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10% off Selected Gift Cards (Catch, Uber, Good Food, The Movie Card, Best Restaurants, Best Spas & Beauty) @ Woolworths


May not be available in all stores. Colours, sizes and styles may vary by store. While stocks last.

Available on all denominations of pictured cards excluding variable load gift cards from 8/5/19 - 14/5/19. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions.

PS: Catch Gift Card can be used Catch Connect Plans listed on the Catch Website - Credits to YouSunkMyBattleship

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Good Food Gift Card
Good Food Gift Card

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  • thinking of buying maximum amount

    • Anyone know what the limit is? Doesn't seem to say in the catalogue.

  • PS: Catch Gift Card can be used Catch Connect Plans listed on the Catch Website

    That's weird just bought 2 plans of $99 365 days on 2 different account's from the Catch Website with Gift Cards from 10% off Aus Post deal .

    Sold by Catch.com.au

    1 x Catch Connect 365 Day Mobile Plan - 42GB $99.00

    Subtotal $99.00
    Postage $0.00
    Total $99.00

    Shipping Address

        Payment Method

    Gift Card

    Download Invoice

    • Have you used catch for a while would like to ask a few questions as this plan looks quite good value especially if you can pay with discounted gift cards.

      Had a look at the product page and says you need to register a credit card.

      If it's prepaid do you know why we need to register a credit card? (license etc should only be required for ID check)

      Can we use paypal instead?

      If data runs out are we automatically topped up with the $10 for 1gb or can we opt out or is it a manual process?


    • Oh so you can use the voucher to buy 365 Day Mobile Plans?

  • Does anyone know if I can load uber gift cards to my account and they will work in USA? Ta

    • +1

      Gift cards don't do currency conversion (e.g. its 100 AUD wont draw down 100 USD and it wont convert)

      When I tried to use it I had to select a valid payment method

    • Does not work overseas. Had gift card loaded on Uber account and when I used in Spain it charged my CC.

  • Does anyone know if this is stackable with Wish eGift Cards (ie buy Wish eGift at 5% off from Cashrewards, then use this to pay for Uber Gift Card)?

    • +1

      Reports are that this loophole closed a while ago. You could always give it a go though. YMMV

    • Last I tried to do it, would not work,

      I think a gift card item cant be used on a gift card last I tried.

      I think it still works on the WW 10% off from the Credit Card if the promo falls on the promo weekend,

    • The system blocked it today even when I went to a staffed register

  • +3

    Choice i can get a catch of the day voucher and buy such great deals as

    • At a measly 300% of RRP

    • Is that Australian dollars? Buy two.

    • That legend seems as honest as the "SIMPLY BEST PRICES" on eBay.

  • So, what if I buy more than 1 card. Will it still be 10% off or is it only 10% of one card ever? Do I need wollies rewards card

  • Would anyone know if I buy Ebay gift cards then use them to buy let's say 1000xm3, would I get an invoice to claim gst from trs ?

    • It depends on the seller of the eBay Item.

  • FYI discount doesn't apply on the $20-$500 variance uber cards. Don't make the same mistake as me smh

    • Do you know which ones it does apply to? Thanks.

      • It should work with the ones with specific amount printed on the card. Just don't get the one that has 20-500 printed on it

  • So we can definitely use catch gift cards for catch connect (on the catch website)? I don't want to be stuck with $200 worth of catch gift cards.

    edit: Never mind. I just purchased them and can confirm it works.

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