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50% off All Rides for 14 Days @ Ola ($10/Trip) (New Users Only)


Had it come up on instagram as I was browsing. Not sure if code is targeted or not. I'm located in VIC so if other people in vic can't get it then I might be a targeted instagram thing.

Terms and Conditions: https://ola.com.au/blog/terms-and-conditions/

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    I'd rather pay more for another ride sharing company than to give Ola anything. Their deals are always shady as hell, and the customer service non-existent.

    • I've had nothing but positive experiences. Mind you I've never had to contact customer service. .

      What problems have you had?

    • +1 to this. I took them up on the airport offer, applied the code correctly before my trip but due to a 'technical error in the app, it didn't discount it. Ended up losing ~$20 and they refused to refund it!

  • Tried a couple times… both times the rider cancelled on me D: .

    When it eventually found a new person after a while, the driver rating was like 3.6 stars and still 7 minutes away so I noped out of that.

    I don't think uber has to worry.

  • Was getting a ride from Sandown back to the city (Melbourne) and Ola was more expensive by about 30% over DiDi and Uber. Found the 50% off code for first time users, applied the code and it dropped it from $68 to $58. That's not even close to 50% off and that discounted fare was still more expensive than the other 2 apps normal fare! Deleted it then and there. I like how Didi just apply coupons without you having to search and apply. Uber should do the same.
    Edit ***Ahh just saw the maximum $10 discount. Still, Ola was way more expensive than the others

    • Really? I should consider switching to didi then.

  • Ola drivers are all Uber/didi anyway.

    I’ve yet to find a sole Ola driver.

  • Contrary to the other posters here I've only had positive experiences with Ola especially their airport discount codes - used them on a recent Perth holiday both pickup and drop off to the airports for under $25 each way! Yes, the drivers are typically Indian and less likely to strike up a conversation than your regular Uber driver but happy to save a few $$$ and go with Ola time to time.

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