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R5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 240GB / 16GB / B350 / 27" AOC Monitor + 2 Games: $1599.30 / PC Only $1464.30 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


The mega R5 / 2080 bundle from Feb is back for the remainder of PSYCHED.

Ryzen 5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 / 240GB SSD / B350 Mobo / 750W PSU / 27" AOC Monitor / Keyboard & Mouse
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192911324538

System only: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192911396170
$1464.30 delivered.

Also just received word that for these systems only at this stage we can provide the AMD 50th Birthday Codes for The Division 2 Gold Edition, World War Z and WWZ Weapon Skin from AMD.

Mobo is Biostar B45M2, GPU is very likely to be either MSI Ventus or Galax Dual Fan - we can't specify which system will get which card.

Go nuts.

IMPORTANTLY - I am on Annual Leave from tomorrow so won't be able to reply to PMs as normal. Please contact [email protected] for assistance/requests until Tuesday May 20th.


Original PSYCHED 10% off Eligible Items on eBay Deal Post

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  • Damn, that is good value.
    Luke you are making me feel worse and worse everyday :(

  • .. I must not open OzBargain ..

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          Just to set realistic expectations, I understand we've already been in touch today. We need time to discuss situations internally and respond. We have a large store with a lot of customers and enquiries and our aim is to reply within 24 hours. I definitely understand the inconvenience of a faulty product, but providing multiple answers to multiple questions on the same day aren't always possible.

  • Man I really wanna build my own but these are just silly good value…

    • Yeap its crazy. I have a pcpartpicker build and the estimated price is roughly $4000 and it will probably just perform 20-30% better than this build. More than double the price for only 20% performance. Such a tough choice.

      • My thought process when I bought a PC from them last year.

      I'd love to build my own PC, I'll get around to it for sure. But the value is just stupid good.

    • Ask them to ship the parts unassembled, then you can assemble it yourself and use whatever case you want

  • Well I’m in the same situation… I had the MSI Venus in my eBay cart and was about to click buy for 1516 with computer alliance sales, but I check back on OZB and then there’s this… whole comp for 1599…

    I mean sure the case is ugly the parts are basic but does it in the end really mean I should spend 2k else where for better…

  • @ luke - any chance of doing this without the KBM and monitor like the 1660TI deal?

    Im sure a lot of people dont need those as well

  • have a good holiday

  • Am after 2 like this but don't want monitors or keyboard/mice as i have gaming ones already

  • Does this come with m.2 SSD? If not, how much faster would it be if I was to install one?

  • Seeing all these Techfast deals make me feel bad for spending $2500+ on my 1080Ti gaming rig this time last year…

    • Aaah the endless upgrade cycle… Making people feel bad since the first personal computer was sold…. Lolll

    • Id rather a quality build over a cheap one put together with whatever chinese made parts they happen to have at the time…

  • Thanks Luke!

  • Hey Luke, can I have a manufacturer link for the motherboard and the monitor, please? I'm very keen on getting the full bundle. Thanks.

  • I am looking into buying this. Just have a few questions for anyone who is wiling to answer.

    is this system good for games like pubg/apex/rainbow six?nba 2k? Starcraft? Cs? Etc.

    Would this have cable or audio support for Rocksmith guitar pc game?

    is this good for photo or video editing programs? Photoshop, autocad etc?

    And what is a 12 month return to base warranty? I live in sydney,does this mean i need to ship to whole system back or just the part that has issue? And would the postage be covered? Isnt it supposed to be standard 2 year warranty here in australia?


    • Not sure about the Rocksmith thing, or warranty, but for everything else this is great. It's a very capable machine, and the price is honestly amazing. I'm not convinced I could build this myself for this price.

    • Can't comment about the rocksmith stuff, but I have a relatively similar (1 generation older GPU) build that will run anything I throw at it on Ultra at 1440p with 80+ FPS depending on title.

      Will be great for editing as well as it's a 6c/12t processor

    • Thanks for the replies.

      Based on the comments ive been reading on other threads the build quality should be alright. But just incase something goes wrong, how is this handled?

      And still curious about the warranty explanation and the rocksmith compatibility.


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        Return to base means the customer covers the postage back to us for whatever is faulty (either entire system or component if we can do troubleshooting and diagnose to identify), and we pay for repair and return postage. That is industry standard for online retail. 1 year is also industry standard, there is no 2 year minimum in Aus.

        Can't speak to Rocksmith compatibility at 6am but if you email [email protected] they can look into it
        Cheers, holiday time

        • Thanks for the reply.

          And enjoy your holidays!

          Anyone knows if i can use ebay giftcard on this deal?

          I was only able to get it on 50 dollar denomination, ive been reading different information on the limit on how many gift card can be used in one transaction.

          And also can you split pay?like pay 800 dollars worth of giftcard then pay the rest with credit card?


  • My god…the temptation….
    I must resist until next gen Ryzen comes out…..

  • Wish I had more time to play games on a beast computer like this!

  • Ummm hey OZB brains trust, I recently just got a 3440x1440p freesync monitor 100hz, anyone guess at my luck with running AAA's at close to 100fps with this…

    Personally with my own research it seems like only the Ti's can handle consistent fps at 1440p at high settings… Maybe i should suck it up and just be happy gaming at 1080p, first world probs…

    Some games go ok…

  • Deals just keep getting better!

    I bought just before Xmas and even though the wait was slightly longer due to the festive seasons, I must say the build quality is really good and the whole build is still running extremely well.

    Props to Luke and the Techfast team for their customer service and for bringing these type of deals to the community.

  • Do we need to upgrade the cpu?

  • I’m relatively new to desktops but the case appears to only have 1x USB 3.0 port and 2x USB 2.0? Is this in terms of case specific USB ports but the rear will have more USB ports?

    • Figured it out after reading the motherboard details linked above.

      Related to this though, the data sheet says:

      • 6 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Port(4 on rear I/Os and 2 via internal headers)
      • 6 x USB 2.0 Port(2 on rear I/Os and 4 via internal headers)

      Does that mean that since there’s 1 USB 3 and 2 USB 2 IO on the case, the remaining headers are unused? If I bought the upgrade to include wifi for $19, would that use one of the internal headers or just be plugged in on the outside (ie occupy one fo the four external USB ports)?

  • These are such good value builds. I might get one next time and just cannibalise the parts.

  • Has anyone who ordered this PC actually received theirs yet? I keep checking Auspost app waiting for mine to ship!