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20,000 Qantas Points for Joining Australian Super


It's basically the same deal as published Here, but now valid until 30th June.

Further, this offer is valid for someone joining Australian Super for the first time. While this may/not be suitable for all, certainly for someone who already has plans to join Australian Super.

Please do your own research before joining Any Super. Cheers !

Edit as Suggested by Pepsicles: Be sure to scroll down and input your details and validate before joining.

Edit 2: Simply join AustralianSuper, contribute a minimum of $350 within 6 months and you’ll earn 20,000 bonus Qantas Points*. Offer ends 30th June 2019 extended to 31 Dec 2019.

Redeem them for flights, upgrades, hotels, wine and more, and be rewarded today while you plan for tomorrow.

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  • Be sure to scroll down and input your details and validate before joining.

  • Probably also worth adding the $350 contribution requirement. Thanks op!

  • Anyone with Australian Super if you can recommend if they are good?

    • Meantime, have a read through here

      • +2 votes

        Looks bad review. Thanks

        • Where did you get that idea from? Australian Super is the largest super fund in Australia and is continually ranked as one of the best performing super funds over all time periods.

          • @melbillmatic: I read the link above provided by PopCountry.

          • @melbillmatic: @melbilmatic, the largest the bigest doesnt mean the best … look at those big banks they are the 4 big banks but also the biggest bank who ripped off customer.

            • @MauTauAja: I agree that largest doesn't mean best. But there are lots of articles from AFR, SMH, Canstar, Finder that consistently show the industry super funds outperform for-profit and bank owned funds.

              I'm not saying Australian Super is the best fund or better than the other industry super funds but I don't think it's correct to say it's not a good fund based on anecdotal comments posted by people on Ozbargain.

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                @melbillmatic: They may rate outperformed in terms of performance, but we are also looking for outperformed customer service. There is no point to join and earn a big return but you will experience a lot of hassle in getting your money, etc. Usually their sales or enquiries phone lines will be answered swiftly, but in gets to a deeper case, according to the review, it took months if it ever resolved. But you don't know until you have experienced it.

                • @yht: that's correct. Also you only hear one side to the story - the other side might be completely different

            • @MauTauAja: the big banks aren't the biggest super providers though. This is a couple of years old but it gives you an idea


    • With them at the moment. If you're a young person and open to high risk their International Investment option is pretty good. Returned about 9% this financial year. Not sure how other funds are performing.

    • I'm with them. I've found they are great. I had multiple different super accounts and found they charged the least in fees and had the best returns. So I rolled all my super into them.

    • if you don't make any claim, they are good. I got injury two years ago, my employer stopped to pay me last October. I made a income protection claim in December. After 3 months they told me that the income protection started first date of injury, so my employer already paid me more than I should get from the claim. I said that the income protection should start from my employer stopped to pay me. They said that I was wrong. Does anyone know if they are right?

      • Sounds very dodgy. Also sounds exactly like the loophole you can expect from an insurer these days.

  • Could just contribute $350 and then rollover once you receive points.

    • Hi, my super has always been contributed by my employer. To contribute myself, do I just direct deposit the amount into the new Australian Super account, wait until I receive points then move all of it to my current super account at a different fund? Thanks

      • yup , just done it myself , got points and transferred them.
        The fees on this seem very high , after putting in my $350 (on high risk) Ive been charged $4.50 and $9 admin fees.

        • So you successfully transferred $336.50 to your 'usual' super account and walked away with 20k points?
          How long did the points take to come through? I'm concerned other people have mentioned a $35 exit fee plus other admin costs. That and if it takes a few months to receive the points it may eat up the $350.

          • @Wickadz: havent got around to the transfer yet , I started 13/3 and got points 3/5 , so far my 350 is sat at 341 so even if there is a leaving fee Ive got 20k points , for less than fifty bucks

    • And choose an investment option with the lowest investment fees - "Cash" (0.05%) or "Indexed Diversified" (0.16%).

      Plus an admin fee of $2.25 per week.

    1. Join
    2. Allocate super to here from a single payslip
    3. Switch back to your regular super
    4. Wait for your 20000 points
    5. Roll in the AustralianSuper cash back into your regular super
    • maybe worth suggesting to have no insurance on this super account, otherwise the $350 may evaporate quick.

      is there a fee to exit, and how long will points take.

    • 300 IQ acquisition of Qantas points. Is there usually a fee for moving the Australian Super money back into your regular account and/or closing your account?

    • make sure your single paycheck covers $350 contribution.

    • +2 votes

      AU super may well outperform your currant provider, they are one of the best performing super providers out there, so be sure to check it out fully

    • Doesn't the $350 need to be self-contributed, rather than employer-contributed (if I read your item 2 to mean the latter).

    • Or you can BPAY or DD

    • May not be straightforward to allocate super for just one payslip and switch back to your regular super. On the superannuation form, it mentions "Your employer is only required to accept one choice of fund from you in a 12-month period; however, they may accept more".

  • Tempted to give this a run - anyone know if you once (5+ years ago) had an Australian Super account, you'd be blocked from this promo?

    • This offer is valid for someone joining Australian Super for the first time

      So yes, you're probably ineligible.

  • i switched to Aus Super a few months ago and didn't even realise they had this deal. Should have checked ozbargain first…

    I wonder if I can call them and still get this validated.

    • Yeah me too :/
      20,000 Qantas points would've been nice. Let me know if you manage to get it validated.

    • Unfortunately, don't think so - they say in FAQ.

      Q:I’ve joined and I forgot to add my Qantas number – can I have the points anyway?
      A: No, to access the offer you must join via the Qantas campaign page australiansuper.com/qantas and include your Qantas Frequent Flyer (QFF) point’s number when prompted. This is the only way you can get this offer. Unfortunately joining AustralianSuper via another method will mean you are not eligible for this offer.

  • I recently moved to them and received 20k points. They increased their fee recently and it seems to be a little on higher side.
    Reading comments from previous thread, it looks they might not be the best.
    For now, I will try them for a year or so and see how it goes. Any

  • Looks like minimum fees work out to about $60. Step by step summary here

    • It would be a few dollars more as that is before the increase in March 2019.

      There is also a cooling off period of 14 days with money back within that time. Curious to know if the points would be allocated within that period. If so, win win.

      • bonus Qantas Points will then be credited to your account approximately 2-3 months after meeting the join and contribution criteria.

    • They've gotten rid of the $35 exit fee.

  • Anyone know if you can make a second Australian Super account to take advantage of this promo?

  • How do they compare for a balance of ~5k. I seem to lose more in fees than earned from interest with my current provider. The super scheme seems to benefit these companies more than me.

    • Mine was invested with ING on a term deposit and I lose more money than earning it due to monthly fee plus other fee. Government should revamp the super rule ASAP.

    • Unfortunately until you get a balance of around 10k this will always be the case. I think its disgusting and we should be trusted to handle our own super.

      Pro-tip, a few years ago I found out that my super had premiums / life insurances and other exorbitant costs. You can cancel these and just have a basic account low risk (balanced) and you should see an improvement. Get on this before you forget and keep losing out.

  • Got my 20k points from the last deal took around 3 months

  • How much is 20K points worth in term of money?

  • I recently took part in this. My experience, for what it's worth

    Rolled over my existing super in late February - which does count towards the $350 contribution btw - received the points at the start of April.

    Weekly admin fees have increased, however for my balance, total costs are still lower than many of the competitors, on account of other costs such as indirect costs (zero fee charged on the balance, say, verus REST charge 0.09% of your balance extra).

    The exit fee has also been removed recently as I understand, you can verify that here under the "other potential fees" section

    Performance since late February alone has been a 3% portfolio gain. Compare that as you wish - for me, that's good, albeit markets have had a good run.

    • Just to confirm, so if I move the fund from my other super to Australian Super it will count toward the $350 contribution requirement?

      • Yes. I made and have since made, no other contributions, just the switch. They even confirmed it in writing before I joined, a few days after shooting them off a query.

  • Does transferring your super from another super count as a contribution to get the points?

    • Comments above say yes. I've just done this and transferred 350 from my current super into this, ill take it back when i get my 20k points.

      • Is there a way to transfer/roll-over the specified value of $350 only from my existing super account (and then back after I receive the points), without having to roll-over my whole account?

  • Sadly one of those deal without love for existing customers!

    • Used this deal last time, now I have got left with $163 of total $350 transfered to Australian Super, they are a rip off. Did not take any insurances bit they still deducted some fees.

  • So if i join, then rollover like $400 (to account for any fees) into it, I'll be credited the points? it doesn't have to be an employer contribution?

    • Doesn't have to be employer contribution, I self-contributed $500 last time and got the points before rolling out into my regular superfund… all took about 3 months and I made $5 from it all despite all of the fees.

  • Just want everyone to be make aware. Join Australian super as personal member. That is don't provide your employment details. When you provide your employment details they tag you as industry division and you will get default insurance with it. Your premium will be deducted from the date you join as soon you add some money.

    Also good news is when you exit or rollover after 1st July no exit fee no fees. SO add just $10 of money and they can't deduct more than 30 cents.

    • I thought that they cannot charge fees for balance less than $1000? Or is it out of date now?

      • I never heard of this. In fact, when I joined they charged me fee from the date I joined. Not from the day I reached $1000.

    • I Just realized I missed $350 fact. So that means you will get refund of any money you pay in excess of 3% of 350( ~$10).

    • I presume I just got stung by this - explicitly selected no insurance, my account says "nil" insurance and "you have no cover", and yet they just deduced $105 in insurance fees from the very first payment! We've recently had a whole royal commission into the financial sector such as fees for no service, and yet here is a company still doing exactly that. I'll try to resolve with them (have made a complaint already), and will escalate to the ombudsman or equivalent if no response or resolution, but I am very deeply unimpressed with Australian Super - if they want to gain new members, that is absolutely not the way to go about it.

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