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LG B8 55" 4K UHD AI Smart OLED TV $1995 (Was $2498) @ JB Hi-Fi


There was a previous deal on this same TV, but this is the new price! I believe this deal is because of Mother's Day, so hurry if you want it!

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  • Meh..JB last price was way better even tho it was a price error

  • goodguys B8 should be around $1600 ; )

  • Possibly the worst price since it was launched lol. I got mine for $1500 after Christmas and it was $1600 last week.


  • Appliance central Ebay has it for $1773+ delivery with PSYCHED.

  • Once you see OLED you can’t go back to LCD.

    The difference in the colour, blacks especially is amazing.

    Had my LG for years and love it.

    • 100% correct. Could never go back to a LCD. QLED is getting better though.

      • well…that just aint true though is it
        2019 Samsung QLEDs are 100% a downgrade compared to their 2018 models
        but that's a story for another post

      • True. 4k and HD incredible. Normal TV though is nowhere near as good as my 6yr old Sony FHD LED.

    • Day and night difference in picture quality. Watched Infinity Wars HDR 4k last week b4 going off to watch Endgame and it was better than watching endgame in the cinema.

      If you can stretch your budget to get OLED, get OLED. The tech wont be surpassed for another 5 years and you're getting the best picture quality possible for the extra $$$.

  • Cheaper elsewhere ATM + a real deal for this item is sub $1700


    Whilst stocks last, getting sub 1700 is easy.. everywhere…

  • Alot of people want to buy from actual stores as they can give you extended warranty that covers burn in. So not a bad deal but should definitely be a $100-200 cheaper at this stage of the year.

    • You don't need an extended warranty to cover burn in as its cover by Australian consumer law like any other product fault.

      Also chance of burn in is close to zero unless watching something with with bright red logo all day every day.

    • Yea agreed a should defo be a bit cheaper now that they're stocking up on the newer models. Re-burn in, thing of the past. Current software has pixel refresh/shifter so no chance of static image ruining your screen. Unless you're the dumbest douche on the planet and elect to switch it off in-menu. Which you can. But you don't.

  • That's like general price for this one. Nothing above 1700 would make it OzBargain deal