This was posted 2 years 8 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LG OLED65B8STB $2396, LG OLED55B8STB $1596 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


LG OLED tvs are on sale at JB HIFI, best prices i've seen so far

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        May be your old man should tech his dog to press the green button XD

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          But you can't teach an old man and his dog new tricks XD

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    I believe these are last year's models.

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      They are, but I think they're still very good.

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        The only "real" difference with this year's models are HDMI 2.1
        If you are not a serious gamer it doesn't matter too much.

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          The AirPlay compatibility is nice too, if you have all Apple devices at home.

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            @lukebeau: Didn't know this feature was coming!
            Definitely hanging out for the B9 models now, thanks!

        • Ironically, competitive high frame rate gamers usually prefer 24" screens. I guess because they can glue their faces to the screen and still see everything going on.

          • @locknuts: Yep true for me. I couldn't play apex on my tv as I couldn't see anything in the distance.

        • The other key feature that was supposed to come in was BFI for 120Hz content, which would be nice to have for PC/gaming/future content.

          That was removed between review units being sent out and launch, and is apparently only a slim chance of being brought back with a firmware update.

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    The page does not seem to be loading for me.

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    Reminder that RACQ members can get 4% off JB HiFi eGift Cards -

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      And anyone with YouI can get 5%.

    • I'm looking at buying Lumo Ameego egift vouchers with 5% JB discount. Anyone have experience how long these take to arrive via email? Their website says up to 2 business day! :(

      EDIT: To Answer my own question, 4 minutes! :P

    • Buying with gift cards is never a good idea for large purchases. If anything goes wrong you will be stuck with $1000s in gift cards for the one retailer. Plus you cant add a credit card complementary extended warranty and 90 day security insurance for loss or damage.

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    Youi members can get 5% jb hifi eGift card

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      items like this better off using a credit card with price protection or extended warranty, benefits outweighs the gift card savings

      • Credit card purchases extended warranty is this with every bank ? I would assume depends on the type of credit card ie platinum etc…

        • yeah depends on type of card

  • Ouch. I paid over $2700 on Anzac day for my 65" B8.

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      get yourself a 28degrees card with price protection you could have claimed the difference

      • I used my Amex, and one thing is doesn't have is price protection. My commbank card does, but I couldn't have claimed it on that either as I bought mine on the internet from Bing Lee, and it only applies to in store purchases. Not sure if the 28 degrees card is the same

        • no doesnt matter if internet or in-store can still claim, worth getting for high end items as no annual fee, least you got extended warranty from amex

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            @RogueWolf: Yeah reading the terms and conditions of the commbank price protection, its almost impossible to claim. Needs to be a printed catalog. Needs to be in store purchase. Needs to be within 25km. Ridiculous. And yeah, the reason I went with the Amex is the better points, and the extended warranty.

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              @soundawake: damn thats ridiculous, 28degrees now gives you 12months to make a claim, benefits really good

  • Bought one. Thanks OP!
    I was always upset when the Bing Lee eBay deals for this TV (65”) only shipped to NSW.

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    At that price even without eBay, hope it will be cheaper from Bing Lee eBay on special again.

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    The 77" model is also on sale at $7996. See

  • I'll cry in excitement if I can grab this, missed out on the bing lee one by a few days and have been waiting for this mofo to drop for months…..(note im a tight ass and a good deal is always better than the product your buying)

    • Deal is on instore

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    Wow this deal is insane just 2 months ago I got my mate the 55inch for 2045 thinking that was a good deal! So tempting to upgrade my b6 55 to a b8 65!
    Edit: word

    • Wow can we be mates? Respect dude!

  • good deal!

  • Seem JB price error again

    We can't seem to find the page you're looking for."

    • doesn't look like it. The 65" B8 was the same price after discount at Bing Lee not long ago

  • Link is giving me a 404

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    The deal was up 15 minutes ago has just dropped off now…

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    Still live for those with access to the commercial JB discount site through their company benefits

  • I knew there was something up when I saw the 65" this morning. Thank God I got one at that price!

    I have the confirmation email.

    Thanks Levi,
    we got your order.
    Good news, your order has been confirmed.

    Will they honour the purchase at that price?

    • Is it for pickup or delivery?

  • Does this have FTA recording feature?
    Got Sony AF8 and one thing that annoyed me is that they removed the recording feature from their TVs.

    • Yup, you just need and external USB HDD plugged in.

      • No idea why Sony took away the feature. Stupid move when my x9000e has it.

    • It does, but only for the channel you are currently watching, which sucks.

      • With only one tuner that is understandable.

        So can't even you do something else like blu-ray?

        • Nope, not from anything supplied through HDMI input.

  • Thanks!! I ordered with 5% off gift cards and have the “ready for pickup” notification! Amazing!

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    This deal is still live. I've called the stores and there is 20% off these TVs at the moment :)

  • wow, great price.

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    Still active. Called up and they said it's still on.

  • Just bought the 55 from the Sydney City store. They have 10+ in stock and so does Wollongong. The salesperson couldn't believe the price when he scanned it!

    I've been wanting them to drop the price for ages so I could use my gift cards, only cost me $370 out of pocket!

  • Just rang JB HiFi and they stated this was a price error and they have taken it off the website and will not honour the price.

    • Wait what? How about those people that got the "ready for pick up" notification

      • Yeh I would push back on this.

  • I rang and they have 20% off some LG TVs including B8.

    They quote me $2796 for the 65" B8. So i'm guessing it's 20% off the $3495 (which is their usual price)

    • The guy in the Sydney City store thought it would be $1,995 before he scanned it and was shocked it was scanning at $1,596.

  • They have been $2,496 in JB for one weekend a few months back, which was unadvertised in-store only deal. So it's a believable price.

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    Just bought mine in store Melbourne Elizabeth St. Sales rep even took $50 off and then added standard $59 delivery, so all up $2,404 delivered to metro VIC.

    They had 22 left in stock in Melbourne when I paid at 11am (using 5% off discount e-gift cards). I saw his handheld device bring up the unit, and the price is definitely $2,396, not 20% of the RRP $3,495 as others have been quoted.

    BTW, thanks OP!

    • That's a great store. I bought a 65" NU8000 there a few weeks back. Absolute pleasure to deal with.

      • Yep. And that 65 NU is now $1,495 on clearance in store. It's right next to the B8 65.

    • Any chance you could please post your receipt?

    • Congrats mate, that's a terrific price for a terrific TV. I love mine. Paying $320 more like I did, stings a little bit, but that's life.

  • Wonder if the 65 inch will get any cheaper..

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    Good Guys did a price beat of $2290 on the 65" and will use 5% coupon codes through rewards gateway, so will bring the total to $2175.50

    • Could you pls upload your Reciept for me. I have some good guys voucher I can put into good use. Thanks in advance

  • I've had OLED's and always had the same issue in the end soon or later. OK if you're prepared to replace it more often, or if this doesn't really bother you:

    • Yeah I love my B8 65" OLED but am a little concerned about burn in. Especially since my wife watches the Today show every morning, with their static orange Today show logo.

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        If you want to check for burn in, open this video clip full screen and watch the first minute and see if the full colour images show any burn in.

        My C6 shows a slight burn in where a red Avast icon shield is positioned on my PC's web browser toolbar on a full red screen (which I only ever see with a Maccas ad!). I have since moved this icon off the toolbar and, after about 100 hours of use and a couple of clear panel noise runs, it is getting harder to see. I am hoping it will disappear in another couple of hundred hours.

        Unlike my C6, your B8 has the ability to dim logos and I believe it is set to low by default. You can go into settings and change it up to high if you are starting to get Today show logo burn in.

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          Using your PC on an OLED? Thats brave

          • @GossipGoat: Yeah I know, but the good thing about using a PC on your TV is that you can often relocate any offending static images, as I was able to do. If I had run the pattern checker every 1000 or so hours, I would have noticed and arrested the issue before it became more prominent. Regardless, the burn in is pretty minor, is virtually impossible to see with normal video content, and seems to be going away over time in any case, so it looks like I got to it in time.

  • Can anyone please post a receipt of a 65inch bought today

  • someone, please post the receipt, just broke my Samsung 55 inch 4k TV with a quantum dot which was great, with my DJI Mavic pro during set-up so bought a 55 4K Sonique from Amazon, this, B8 65 is in my eBay cart for a year, I think I should buy it. Please mate post the receipt and I will run to price beat.

    • +3

      will send to you this afternoon after I pick it up!

      • Would appreciate a link too if you don't mind!

      • Thank you!

      • Could I please get a receipt as well. Will try at my local.

      • Please inbox one to me too.

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    Just picked up the 55". Meant to be $1995 but they honoured it

    All up $1529 with other discounts. Very happy

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      Could you please upload a copy of your reciept to use in my JB Hi-Fi Store?

  • Could I also request a receipt for the 65" too please, thanks guys.

  • JB Elizabeth Street won't honour it, just left there

  • Just purchased the 65inch, price was honoured, probably only because of a mate working there, told me staff discounts back up to original and people will be hard pressed to get it, i'd push the point still have a screen shot of the original price if it helps as it is old stock.

    • Could you share the screenshot?

  • I did a price protection claim with 28 Degrees card before I knew it was a pricing error. I have screen shot the original advertisement from JB HIFI website. Will be interesting if they accept my claim.

    • Can you please upload screenshot?

  • Can anyone please inbox a receipt or screenshot the price before it was taken down?

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    • Thanks, hopefully it works!

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    Just got the 65 from jbhifi Osborne Park (wa) for $2348. He said the Perth warehouse has 100+ so if your in Perth you might have more luck.

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